Day 784: Spilling

Yesterday, when I was in San Francisco Bay area with my friend-since-single-digit-ages Lawry, I spilled some things.

I spilled:

  • olive oil,
  • water,
  • thoughts, and
  • feelings.

Much to my relief and delight, Lawry and his wonderful wife Patty did not seem to mind any of those spills. I hereby award them Best Supporting Oscars for supporting me in my spilling during the Oscar Ceremony.

Sometimes, I have spill-o-phobia (mentioned before in this here post). As with any phobia and fear, I would like to let go of that, especially since I’ll be attending a group psychotherapy conference in San Francisco, starting tomorrow.  During that conference, I will be learning about group therapy by participating in group therapy with other group therapists. And, like any other group therapy member, I will benefit greatly if I let go of the fear of spilling in front of strangers.

Here’s something else I want to spill:

It’s my son Aaron’s 17th birthday, today!

This is the first time Aaron and I have spent his birthday away from each other. And we are VERY far away. Right now, he is spilling in the land of ice-and-snow on the East Coast and I am spilling in the land of warmth-and-beauty in California.

More spilling, from me:

No matter how far apart my son and I might be, I love and respect him, very much.

Now I’d like to spill, in this post, some warmth and beauty from yesterday:

IMG_5934 IMG_5946IMG_5949 IMG_5952IMG_5959 IMG_5969 IMG_5971 IMG_5972 IMG_5977 IMG_5978 IMG_5983 IMG_5990

IMG_5995 IMG_6001 IMG_5998 IMG_6012 IMG_6016 IMG_6021 IMG_6025


I hope you know you can spill whatever thoughts, feelings, and other reactions you have, in the comment section below.

Gotta go spill in the Bay Area, during another beautiful day!

A huge spill of thanks to Aaron, Lawry, Patty, San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, all the people and creatures I saw  yesterday, and an extra spill of gratitude to you, for whatever you’re spilling, wherever you are.


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43 thoughts on “Day 784: Spilling

  1. Happy birthday to Aaron! And enjoy the conference!

  2. Happy birthday to your wonderful son and for bringing him into this world! Glad you are enjoying great weather!!

  3. Happy birthday to Aaron! What you didn’t spill was a video. I don’t know if I ever visited and there wasn’t one here. But then, it’s nice that a fellow New Englander is in a place not buried to their eyebrows in snow. Hope your time in California goes well!

    • Trent! If you click on the birthday link within the post, there is a GREAT video, created by Aaron, spilling in that old post. Thanks for spilling this cool comment.

  4. Happy birthday to Aaron!!! 😀

  5. Thank you for spilling the beans about Aaron’s birthday. Happy birthday to him.
    I hope you continue to enjoy your time in the sun Ann 🙂

  6. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Welcome to The West Coast!!!

  7. Such a gorgeous day yesterday! Beautiful pics.

  8. Sunshine Jansen

    A birthday “huzzah!” to Aaron! And I don’t know about spills but the sight of that bridge against the beautiful blue sky and bay always gives me chills. I do trust that you will spill all sorts of wonderful things you’ve learned at the conference sometime soon!

  9. Ann,
    On spilling-welcome to the club. I’d be elected president.
    A HAPPY B-DAY to Aaron! And a continued good trip.

  10. Happy birthday to Aaron, the genius of misheard lyrics. (Hope that chicken pie is off the floor.) Looks like a beautiful day in San Francisco.

  11. Happy Birthday, Aaron, one stand-up 17-year-old. May your talents and dreams take you far, young man.

    Thanks for spilling to us today, Ann. How many group pyschotherapists does it take to change the lightbulb in the overhead fixture? Twenty. One to hold the bulb and 19 to turn the room. I just made that one up for you to take with you to the conference, Ann. Bada-bing.

  12. Your images are lovely and depict beautiful light and weather. Happy birthday to Aaron, and please spill the beans about the conference, as you’ve got me learning secrets about group therapy here! Forget about the spill-o-phobia and spill it over here!

  13. I am concerned when you said you were going to spill in the Bay area. I will not spill anything here 😉

    By the way, Happy Birthday to Aaron.

  14. I love that your friend is standing next to the sign of a man holding a little girl’s hand and looking like he’d like to hold yours.

    • I love that you noticed that. He actually held my hand for part of the time because I have some fear of heights. But then I got used to being up there and was fine.

  15. Happy Birthday to Aaron! I know you two share a special bond; it radiates every time you mention his name.

    Thank you for spilling, and especially amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sadly, too many people find it impossible to ‘spill’ the anger, rage, pain, sorrow, betrayal and numerous other fears and concerns in their life. They lose all hope, are unable to remember or find their faith, their way, and despairingly they jump from that beautiful, gorgeous bridge because they have nothing beautiful to call them back from their edge.

    Sergeant Kevin Briggs, a former San Francisco Police Department officer, gave a TED talk about his years of service, dedicated right there at that bridge. His talk is the most inspiring that I have ever heard. I urge everyone to listen to his words. The eloquence, beauty and the heartbreak he witnessed at that bridge will move anyone who listens to it. “The Bridge between Suicide and Life.” You can locate it on TED or on YouTube.
    Thank you for allowing me to “spill the beans.” As a survivor of suicide, I simply want to offer hope, to remind others that life is difficult, but not always. Each of us is special, unique and worth loving. Begin by loving yourself, in spite of any failures, faults or harmful things that try to tell you that you are unworthy. Love yourself for your own being. Love yourself, and forgive yourself. Take a bridge and build a connection to the world and life that you are so deserving of, simply because you are important. Everyone is.

  16. Eleanor

    You have more hours left today than we do so continue your fun.
    Thanks for the turn-on to TED talk.
    Happy Birthday to Aaron — You are two really wonderful people.

    And sorry to hear someone else was claiming Presidency of spill club — I do my best every day to unintentionally spill something.


  17. Spilling? I’d not heard of that term before. I don’t spill much about me either. I was raised to believe it wasn’t what was done. It’s why I write about my dog instead of myself. There, I just spilled! Go me!

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