Day 781: Jeepers

Yesterday, I wrote about keepers. Today, I shall attempt to write a post that’s deeper about keepers, non-keepers, sleepers, peepers, creepers, etc.

Yesterday, I saw these keepers with my peepers at my college-roomate Marcia’s home, after my son and I had both been sleepers:

IMG_5721 IMG_5746IMG_5732 IMG_5720IMG_5735 IMG_5751   IMG_5759 IMG_5760IMG_5758

Most of the artistic keepers we saw there, with our peepers, are by Marcia’s talented son and daughter, Owen and Ellen.

Here’s a keeper of a story that Marcia told me about her daughter Ellen (who created that last beautiful creature, above), when Ellen was very young. Cast your peepers on these:


There used to be a baby bear next to those adults,  but the grim reaper of breakable objects (actually a live animal) knocked it over. Jeepers!  No more baby bear. Marcia then witnessed, with her peepers and her ears, her little daughter Ellen creeping up to those two bear parents and breaking it to them gently: “I have terrible news.”

The rest of this post will show photographic peepers of keepers I saw when two of my favorite keepers — Marcia and my creeping-up-on-17 son, Aaron — and I got deeper into Palo Alto and  Stanford University:


IMG_5764 IMG_5765

Do your peepers peep anything special about that sleeper of a house, above? Jeepers, that belonged to Apple-keeper Steve Jobs.


Jeepers!  Somebody in Palo Alto likes to ask a lot of questions.

IMG_5767 IMG_5768

I don’t think you can get much deeper than the keeper motto in that second photo, do you? 

IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5776 IMG_5774 IMG_5781 IMG_5782 IMG_5785 IMG_5786 IMG_5790 IMG_5793

Jeepers!  Does anybody REALLY think that Love Sucks?

As always, dear readers and post peepers, let me know if you have deeper questions or comments about anything here.

Jeepers! I’m so glad I was able to leave behind, in the Northeast USA, the following:

  • any on-call beepers at work, so I could be more in the moment with my peepers and  all these keepers and sleepers in sunny California and
  • deeper, deeper, deeper snow.

Keepers of this post (pssst! that’s you!)  might go deeper, now, to remember something they read with their peepers at the beginning of this keeper/jeeper/peeper/sleeper/creeper of a post:

Today, I shall attempt to write a post that’s deeper, about keepers, non-keepers, sleepers, peepers, creepers, etc.

Is there anything missing here, all you keepers and peepers out there?

Jeepers!  I didn’t include non-keepers, so far.

For me, the non-keeper is THIS constant creeper:


I’d like to give worries, right now, over to the reaper of unhelpful thoughts.

Jeepers!  Wouldn’t it be great to let go of all creepin’ worries about:

  • not doing enough,
  • pleasing everybody,
  • sleep,
  • perfectionism,
  • illness,
  • death, and
  • everything else that looks scary to these peepers?

If I did that, fewer weepers from these peepers, for sure.

Let’s do it, peepers and keepers!  Join me in letting go of those creepin’ non-keeper worries!

To help us do that in a deeper way, here’s a keeper of a song:

Jeepers Creepers” sung by keeper Ethel Waters is deeper into YouTube, here.

Here‘s another keeper of “Jeepers Creepers,” by keeper Louis Armstrong:

Jeepers!  Look at the time! Gotta leave the keeper home of my keeper friend Lawry and his lovely wife Patty, to cast these peepers (and the 20/15 peepers of my sharp-eyed son) on the keeper city of San Francisco.

Thanks to Aaron, Marcia, Owen, Ellen, animals real and fantastical, Steve Jobs, Palo Alto, Stanford University, Ethel Waters, Louis Armstrong, Lawry, Patty, and every other keeper, peeper, creeper, weeper, or sleeper who helped me write this post. And Jeepers! Thanks to you for casting your peepers on this here post, today.

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34 thoughts on “Day 781: Jeepers

  1. Fantastic photos. Especially the larger one you put up. Those bears on the windowsill are adorable too. You always make me smile when I read your posts. I hope my latest one returns the favour 🙂

  2. Love the art and the story of the girl ‘breaking the news’ to the adult bears Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Until I read this post and saw your marvelous photos of Palo Alto, I thought my high school years were non-keepers. But no! Now I see that my time spent there at Castilleja School-just down the street from Stanford-is a keeper.
    Thanks for the trip, Ann-it’s been too long!

  4. I really like the enlarged image because you used the arch to frame it really nicely against the blue sky, and you also did it with another one in there also. It also seems you were at a Mission church because I saw frescoes, all so well exposed, and beautiful architecture. Thanks for the music too, jeepers!

    • Jeepers! Remember the images travel faster through WI-FI than through regular celular data speed, that’s another thing. I would wait to get a strong WI-FI signal to then send them to the Mac.

      • “Memories sent through email; Don’t complain about sleepers; But they do arrive as peepers”
        That song “Jeepers Creepers” sung by Ethel Waters is brilliant, thanks for sharing that! This is one of your best posts ever! 😊

      • Jeepers Creepers, Maria! You gave me THREE keeper comments to delight my peepers today. The church was on the campus of Stanford University. It was very beautiful.

  5. Love all the photos Ann! The cello just hanging out in the corner is my favorite. And you gotta love Ethel Waters! Thanks!

  6. I’m thinking all those photos posted mean you not only saw Steve Jobs house but you got some Apple advice. I’m thinking Aaron is so smart and cool he’d be a great addition to that wonderful university in Palo Alto I’m thinking I like the positive flow here, by jeepers, Ann.

  7. Oh how I loved all these photos

  8. I think Ellen’s painting of the anteater? sloth? is the most beautiful piece of work.

  9. Jeepers, what a post. My peepers enjoyed the photos a lot, and I agree with Hilary regarding the artwork.

  10. So many wonderful keeper – peeper – sleeper-type words and images in this post, Ann. I love all the art work around your friend’s house and the outdoor photos are beautiful. I can’t get over the blue of the sky in the largest photo.Yes, you should be ditching all your weeper-from-the-peeper-type thoughts! I definitely enjoyed casting my peepers over your post today. 🙂

  11. I like the pics and The Ethel Waters song is interesting. I mostly remember the first lines from an add run here in Australia sometime ago; ‘ ………….where’d you get those sneakers?’ Does anyone say ‘golly gee’ anymore?

    • Golly gee, Bruce, I don’t know. I’m very glad you shared your Jeepers Creepers and other keeper perceptions here today.

  12. With my peepers I saw so many keepers. The murals, the church(?) and the wonderfully eclectic artwork at your dear friends home.

  13. I love the signs!

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