Day 778: Getting back to each other

Yesterday, in beautiful, non-New-England-ish* Southern California, my son and I had fun in the sun and mild weather while we were waiting for Ron Lynch to get back to us.

If you don’t know who Ron Lynch is, let me get back to you about that, right now. Getting back to my 20’s, Ron Lynch was an amazingly funny stand-up comedian in Boston and an incredibly great teacher of stand-up comedy to me and many others. Getting back to  August 2014, Ron Lynch did his midnight Tomorrow! show daily at Scotland’s Festival Fringe, which Aaron and I got back to after spending August 2013 at the (getting back to Wikipedia) “world’s largest art festival.” (Getting back to clarity, Aaron and I first visited Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe in 2013 and returned there in 2014, during which we saw Ron perform there, several times.) (Getting back to previous blog posts, you can read about our experiences at the 2013 Fringe here, here, and here and then get back to our 2014 Fringe experiences here, here, here, here, and there.)

Getting back to yesterday, here are some photos  I took in the Los Angeles area while Aaron, Ron, and I kept getting back to each other about our plans to spend some time together later in the day:

IMG_5614 IMG_5622 IMG_5623  IMG_5625 IMG_5621  IMG_5627 IMG_5628  IMG_5631 IMG_5632  IMG_5633 IMG_5636

One thought that’s getting back to me when I look at those photos: Aaron borrowed my boyfriend Michael’s sunglasses for this trip, and I know he wants to make sure to get those sunglasses back to him, in Boston.

While Aaron and I were at the Griffith Observatory, Ron got back to us with finalized plans to meet for dinner and a comedy club, where Aaron might be able to perform, getting back to doing Open Mic. We picked Ron up  in Glendale and met his girlfriend’s cat, Eric …

IMG_5639 (1)

… who got back to us, for a moment.

Over dinner, Ron told us that somebody at the Conan O’Brien Show had just gotten back to him, hiring Ron to get back to impersonating Abraham Lincoln on tonight’s show.   Ron, who is always funny, generous, AND kind, asked us if we wanted him to try to get back to us with two tickets for tonight’s show.

I  said Aaron and I would get back to Ron about that, because our original plans were to leave Los Angeles today and start driving up to the coast to see friends in the San Francisco area. Ron said he would get back to us this morning about whether (1) he would be appearing on the show live or on tape and (2) people from the Conan show could actually get back to him with two of these in-demand tickets.

Also during dinner, I followed my own recent blog post advice of “Just Ask” and just asked Ron why he always got back to us so quickly when Aaron and I asked to hang out with him. Ron got back to us immediately with this: “Because I like you guys.”

Getting back to the comedy Open Mic plans for last night, when we got to the comedy club in Echo Park, there were already 90 people signed up to get back to the audience with three-minute sets. While we were waiting for people to get back to us about whether Aaron could perform, I took this photo:


I can’t get back to you now with the name of the club, but I CAN get back to you with why I noticed that art work: I’m waiting for cardiologists back in Boston to get back to me about possible future surgery for my very unusual heart, where my ventricles and arteries  face in a direction that is backwards to yours.

Soon, people got back to us and Aaron was able to get back up on a comedy stage:


After Aaron’s performance, Ron got back to us with this analysis: Aaron was one of the best we saw last night.

Now, I have to get back to preparing for the day, including getting back to my friends in Northern California about different possibilities of getting back to seeing each other after we leave LA and before Aaron and then I get back to Boston.

I hope you get back to me with comments or questions about this post, including your thoughts of what “Getting back to each other” means to you. And, I want to get back to sharing some favorite music with you, too:

You can get back to the Beatles performing “Get Back” here on YouTube.

Thanks to Aaron, Michael, Ron, Conan, the Beatles, Los Angeles, cats lost and found, comedy clubs with hearts, James Dean, rebels with or without causes, anybody who has ever gotten back to anybody in any way, and — especially! —  to you, for getting back here today.

* In case there’s any need for me to get back to you about this, I’m in no hurry to get back to New England.

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35 thoughts on “Day 778: Getting back to each other

  1. Deborah

    Aaron looks like a natural on stage! Too cool!

  2. Wanted to get back to you right away because I am leaving for work, but I had to tell you how great it is to see shining sun once again and no snow, which you will have to get back to after the vacay. But not to think about getting back, just going forward for more fun in the sun and with your son. Who sounds pretty talented.

  3. Wow!!!!

  4. Getting back to all the good things in life! So cool Ann 🙂

  5. Getting back to some great times, and fab memories of The Beatles! Keep the good times rollin’ 🙂

  6. yeoldefoole

    I wouldn’t be in any hurry to get back here if I were you…

  7. Aaron really is one of my favourite names

  8. It would be exiting to see your son on stage performing.

  9. Thanks for that Beatle’s song, which I love! About ‘getting back’:
    “Silence is the guardian of unspoken words; Sealed in a time capsule for protection; When having slept in cocoon-like chambers of oblivion, Now tickle to awaken and come to fruition;
    The rendezvous, the getting back to these decisions, to awaken thoughts, to culminate this transition…
    Or let silence be the warden; for too many harvests have seen their winter; and have slept around too many neighborhoods, which frosted blankets and dormancy hinder;
    Are they words, or murmurs that circle? Which only Nature allows; But only to those who listen; these muted callings that in the distance revolve around the sun, and glisten.
    Let the spring guard your utterances, As only time will scratch the surface of knowing when; The readiness to sing and be present to moment; Rise to meet you once again.”

  10. Stand-up day, Ann, getting back to Conan O’Brien or starting the drive to San Fran. Either way.

  11. How did I miss knowing that your son, Aaron is a comic? Oh mom, you must be so proud.

    I sometimes don’t get back to people. It occurs when I am depressed and not at my best. But I am always working on trying to get back. Depression is heinous. Enough about that.

    I love your photos and I am celebrating all the fun you are having. Head north and enjoy SFO. We will be waiting for pics. We are a greedy bunch. 😉

    • I understand the not getting back to people when you are depressed. But remember that they are not judging you the way you’re judging yourself and might be glad and helpful when you do get back to them. I look forward to getting back to you and the rest of the greedy bunch.

      • We collectively are sending you good vibes, sweet moments and memories of you and Aaron having the best of times.
        Thank you for your thoughts. ❤️

  12. Glad Aaron got back on stage. How fun! And I hope you get back out into the sunshine.

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  14. Great to see aaron starring. It sounds like you are having the right kind of holiday.

  15. Mary Knuth

    Wow , what a trip. You are a stand up Mom and general all around stand up person.


    • I’m so glad you got back to this blog, Mary! I’m not looking forward to getting back to Boston but I am looking forward to getting back to seeing you.

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