Day 773: Getting warmer

I am so looking forward to flying to California in two days to get warmer.

California will definitely be warmer than Boston, these days.

Here’s an unexpected way I’ve been getting warmer.  I’m running another fever.

Sometimes when I’m upset and  having catastrophizing thoughts, like “I won’t be able to fly to California on Saturday!” I feel warmer, too.

I’m trying to stay cool about all this, by letting my doctors know, staying home from work today, and letting go of worst-case thinking.

I’ve also been feeling uncool this morning, because none of the photos I took yesterday on my iPhone are loading to my laptop. I thought I’d be getting warmer to fixing that problem by using a new cable, but the photos still won’t load.

That’s okay. I’m staying cool about that, too, by including these never-before-blogged photos, demonstrating how Boston is a long way from getting warmer:

IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5388 IMG_5405 IMG_5413 IMG_5418

What song would help with getting warmer today?

(This cool scene from West Side Story found here on YouTube.)

Thanks to all who keep their cool when things get warm and to you — of course! — for the warmth of your visit here today.

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43 thoughts on “Day 773: Getting warmer

  1. Cool photos. Cool song. Cool you’re leaving in 2 days.

    Not so cool you’re not feeling warm and right.

    Not so cool you’re photos won’t load.

    Glad you’re cool with it all and staying home!

  2. I love West Side Story… Don’t know if it’ll warm me up, though!

  3. West Side Story is very cool Ann.
    I hope you feel better soon so you can travel with ease to warmth and sunshine 🙂

  4. As in the lyrics: “Stay cool boy, real cool.” In your case; “Stay cool girl, real cool.”
    Put some quiet time aside today and tomorrow, and see youself in sunny California.
    Faith is believing that God is going to take you places before you even get there. – Matthew Barnett
    California included.

  5. I love California Ann! I’m so happy you get to go? Are you going to Southern California? LA? Venice Beach is one of my favourite places. If you go there, take lots of photos! Have fun lady! ❤
    Diana xo

    • I am going to LA with my son, Diana, and we’ll be driving up the coast to SF. I’ve been to Venice Beach and we’ll see if we can go to that very cool place.

  6. You are sometimes just too cool for your own good ~ so good for you and your California plans. A little warmth in February may just be what the soul needs…I sure could use some, but figure such sunshine will just have to come from your post 🙂 Cheers and safe travels when the time comes.

  7. Sorry to hear that your fever’s the only thing warming you up. It seems odd telling you to keep cool, considering the temperature outside. I’m sure everything will be wonderful once Saturday arrives – not long now! Have a lovely, warm holiday in the glorious Californian sunshine. 🙂

  8. Ann, I also made that drive on US 101 when I was a teenager, my father was a visiting professor at UC/SLO. The coastline is beautiful, you’ll be able to get great pictures; but you already are, a great photographer!
    The lyrics of this song are so funny, yet it’s one of those oldies, hope you like it:

  9. I’m very sorry and worried to hear that you’re running a temperature, Ann. I am sending cooling thoughts you way (but only gently cooling, not blizzard-enhancing cooling).

  10. No fevers, please, Ann, you’re too cool, Top Cat.

    • Mark, you are the COOLEST. I loved “Top Cat” when I was a kid and even wrote my own script for an episode! Not as good as this one, obviously. Or maybe better. I can’t tell, Mark! I’m running a fever!

      • You wrote your own script, Ann, because you’re the most tip top, Top Cat, leader of the gang. Better than Officer Dibble, even.

  11. West Side Story is very cool. But Tony is hot. I hope your temp is no longer hot – it is not cool timing!! Sending warm thoughts to cool your hot temp

  12. Hope you are doing better!

  13. I think it is cool to fly to Ca. to get warmer 🙂 I hope you cool your body down before the traveling day 🙂

  14. ‘Hot Town Summer in the City,’ by Lovin Spoonful.

    Sure hope you are feeling better. Is there a possibility your medical doctor would prescribe an antibiotic as a prophylactic measure? I understand it may not be bacterial or fungal, and that no antibiotic is good for viral infections, but immune compromised conditions can lead to secondary infections that do respond to added measures. (I underwent that treatment for pneumonia and was given an additional antibody during my second course of treatment.)
    Thinking only good thoughts for you. Wishing you wellness and a wonderful vacation.

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  16. I really, really want to crowbar More than a Feeling into my reply haha.

  17. Wonderful treat for us with the West Side Story Cool. I wish we could send you the right kind of ice to make you well enough to travel.

    • This comment seems to be doing a good job, Hilary. I think I’ll be ready to travel tomorrow (unless more ice and snow on the way cancels our flight!).

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  19. Gene Phillips

    Warm or cool…you are the one and only you, and that is more than enough for me.

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