Day 768: Are you OK?

A few days ago, at the hospital where I work, it became obvious that it was OK for me to cancel some conference room bookings for my therapy groups. These OK conference rooms had been booked several months ago by Chris, a much-more-than-just-OK administrator in the Social Work Office.  Last week, I realized it would be OK to hold the groups in my office instead of the conference rooms, and I didn’t want to take those OK-ed rooms away from someone who might want to OK them for a different purpose.

I cancelled the bookings by emailing the people at my hospital who OK and un-OK room bookings, and who have the OK title “Service Response.” To make sure this cancellation went OK with no complications, I copied/cc’ed Chris on that email, because I thought Service Response might not OK cancellations without the OK of the person who had booked the room to begin with.

Are you OK with this explanation, so far?

After I cc’ed Chris, I decided that wasn’t OK enough, because I realized Chris might be confused by my email (which I didn’t think was OK) and she also might get KO‘ed by other emails from Service Response. So the OK course of action, I decided, was to write Chris an OK email explaining the situation.

First, I composed a long email. Then, I decided that was NOT OK to send, because wasting Chris’s time would not be OK, since she and everybody else who works at our hospital has too much to do and not enough time to do it. So, instead, I came up with what I thought was an OK solution. I sent Chris an email with this subject heading:

subject: in case you were wondering about that Service Response email I cc:ed you on …

The email itself was very short, an OK three words:

… let me know.

I didn’t hear back from Chris, and I thought:

That was a very OK solution!  I didn’t bother Chris too much and I took care of the possibility of a confusing communication between Chris and Service Response. OK FOR ME!!

Yesterday, I got an equally short email back from Chris:

Are you OK?

I thought that was OK AND hilarious, because:

  • I had spent so much time and energy over-thinking an OK-enough resolution for this trivial situation,
  • It obviously would have been OK for me to do NOTHING (saving Chris and myself some OK time and trouble), and
  • I wasn’t sure how to answer Chris’s question.

Why do you think Chris asked me that OK question? And, what do you think would have been an OK answer back from me, as a serviceable response?

Here’s the email I wrote back to Chris:

I think so.

Do you think that was OK?

Yesterday, I was feeling OK AND not-so-OK because:

  • The outdoor temperature was a non-OK 7 degrees, Fahrenheit.
  • I felt OK enough after walking for more than 30 minutes through that cold, yesterday morning.
  • The weather report OKed a forecast of MORE SNOW over this entire weekend.
  • I feel more OK every day, as I recover from the flu.
  • Jackie — who has helped me feel OK at work for the last three years — wasn’t at the front desk when I walked into work.
  • Two other more-than-OK people WERE at the front desk, and they greeted me with very OK smiles.
  • I’m still waiting for the OK from several different Boston-area cardiologists, regarding lots of recent tests on my I-hope-OK-and-very-unusual heart.
  • I tried my OK best to help people feel more OK about themselves, through my work as a psychotherapist.
  • After another OK week here in MA, my much-more-than-OK son, Aaron, and I will be flying westward to CA, probably over OK, USA:

(Hugh Jackman is OK with me, singing OK, OK! here on YouTube)

Here are some photos I took yesterday, which I hope are OK:

IMG_5221  IMG_5222

IMG_5220 IMG_5225   IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5226 IMG_5227 IMG_5229 IMG_5231 IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5234 IMG_5235 IMG_5236 IMG_5248 IMG_5247 IMG_5250  IMG_5252 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5258 IMG_5273 IMG_5275

IMG_5277 IMG_5280 IMG_5282

Judging from all those photos, do you think I’m OK?

Actually, are YOU OK enough, right now, to realize what’s NOT OK about this photo, from yesterday’s post?IMG_5216

There’s a word missing, on that white board. I’m OK to wait, while you look again.

Are you OK, right now? If you saw that photo in yesterday’s post and missed the missing word, are you OK with that? Was I OK when I wrote “There’s something with me” on that whiteboard, two days ago in my office?  Is it OK or not OK that I left out the word “wrong”? Nobody in the therapy group mentioned it. Were they OK?

Whether you think all these questions and the rest of this post is OK, here’s another OK song on YouTube.

This Annie is OK with that version of “Smooth Criminal” performed by cast members from Glee. And here‘s the original Smooth Criminal, MJ, performing that OK song live from Munich:

What is OK and not OK with you, in this OK post? Annie will be OK with whatever you write, below.

And one more OK thought, before I end this post:

Last night, my soon-to-be-17-year-old son, Aaron, looked at yesterday’s post AND the draft of this post and told me that my blog is … OK!!!

More-than-OK thanks to Aaron, to Chris, to OK OK, and to every person, place and thing that contributed to ME being OK with this post today … including YOU, for reading it!

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39 thoughts on “Day 768: Are you OK?

  1. You are A-OK in my book because you write such clever pieces. I continue to be KO’d by your wit! Great post.

  2. It is all more thank OK with me. I am very very OK because I leave for my little spot in Kino on the ocean in an hour.

  3. This post is more than OK, Ann!

  4. It is super OK that you are leaving all that snow for California!

    And it’s OK too that wrong is missing when there is always something with me. 🙂 Though it’s not OK that anyone would think it was their fault!

    And I always come away feeling over the top OK after reading and listening to and seeing your more than OK posts!


  5. thinking it’s so ok to be alive
    at moments to thrive
    and feel more alive
    than when i had
    a licence plate that said OK 🙂

  6. I’m OK. Glad you’re OK. I saw nothing with your note on the white board. Michael Jackson is a master performer, but it’s OK with me if others perform his songs, too. 😉

  7. Wow, I would love to work on a team with you. You are so considerate of other people’s time and feelings!

    I didn’t see any of your photos today because photos won’t load in my barely internet-permeable garret, but I did see that comment “there’s something with me” in an earlier post. I thought that you were leaving it open for people to fill in individually. There’s something up with me. There’s something going on with me. Those are the two that came to mind for me. I thought it was very clever.

    • Thank you, Maureen, for your open and thoughtful interpretation of my sentence on the board. I am not completely okay with your not seeing today’s photos, because I always look forward to your responses. But I am okay with the way it is, for now.

  8. More than okay.

  9. It’s OK to have had everything okayed before commenting today, as I had to okay the grammar, okaying each and every word before the final OK to respond OK while okaying my comment, which turned out to be OK with me. I like your images as they look so surreal.

  10. Damn you are so funny, did you know that

  11. OK. So glad OK I didn’t have to wade through the just barely OK logic of all those OKs. My just barely OK gut was laughing its little OK heart out from the OK beginning to the OK end. I hate OKs. The remind me of OKra. Which I deplore. OK? NOW. One not OK thing. Your so-so photos did not live up to the OK standard. Very OK sub-par, though. Now I must go ponder why I spent so much non-OK time writing this barely OK response.
    OK. Over and out.

  12. Okie-Dokie, Annie Oakley. Tissue ghosts and shadow selfies. Nothing wrong or left out with that.

  13. OK, where to begin? That bicycle and the icicles are not OK. The amount of snow piles are not OK.I needed to read your board TWICE before I realized the word wrong was missing, I am sure I saw it there the first time I read it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful wit,you are certainly A(o)K 😀

  14. kellie@writingmoment

    This post is definitely ok!

    I smiled at your email because I too have spent time on emails that may not have been needed, however we don’t know if it’s ok to send or not as we are all different, and what you thought was needed may not be the same as what Chris needed. Is that sentence even ok? ha ha, not sure it makes sense!

    Very funny response by you with the ‘I think so’ too 😀

  15. I’m Ok now that I’ve had my Oklahoma treat. Thank you.

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  17. Chris may have thought you cancelled the rooms due to illness, your “I think so” answer may confuse the situation even more. OK?

  18. I’m playing catch up again and glad I am. I really enjoyed your OK post with all its OK funny bits, photos and film clips. Enjoyed the Oaklahoma clip – I haven’t seen that version. Saw the old 1950’s one when it came out (Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae). Loved that for years. Good to know your son approves of your posts. It’s so sood to have familial support in these matters! What exactly is that floating about on that tree? It looks like the scrappy bits of a supermarket poly-bag to me. It takes a good photo though – poses very nicely.
    So glad you’re over the flu and feeling OK. 🙂

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Millie. Your comments get many OK’s from me.

      I’m not sure what that was, floating about on the tree. It looked like a verrrry long string of plastic. Quite dramatic it was, blowing in the wind. Because it was outside a dry cleaning place, I imagined that some plastic cover from there had escaped and then gotten stuck and shredded by the wind and weather. It was making the most amazing shapes while I was watching it. It made the traffic OK with me.

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