Day 767: Obvious

Let’s start this Obvious Post by stating the obvious:

  • This post is in English.
  • The Northeast USA is experiencing a cold, snowy winter in 2015.
  • I like lists.
  • I publish a post here at WordPress every day.
  • Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Some things are more obvious than others. For example, I saw this on my way to work yesterday morning:


That is obviously an auto.

IMG_5185 IMG_5186 IMG_5187 IMG_5188 IMG_5189 IMG_5191

I was obviously following that automobile. If you’ve read yesterday’s post, I was obviously on my way to my co-worker Jackie’s goodbye party at work.

If you saw yesterday’s post, it was obvious that I do NOT like saying goodbye to people I love.  I hope it was also obvious that I hope and wish all the best for Jackie.

Was it obvious to anyone I was going to take photos at Jackie’s goodbye party?


IMG_5193 IMG_5195 IMG_5199 IMG_5202


In that first obvious photo, Jackie is obviously wearing a t-shirt (which she made herself) that obviously shows she realizes what’s obvious to everybody else (including my readers yesterday): Jackie has GREAT hair.  (If the words on that t-shirt aren’t obvious to you, they say “Don’t ask to touch my hair.”)

The other obvious t-shirt — “The Queen of Absolutely Everything” — was an obvious going-away gift for Jackie.

I’m obviously spontaneous, because at the last minute, I also gave Jackie this obvious gift:


If it’s not obvious to you what those are — they are, well, gee, I obviously don’t know the official name for those sticky things you attach to other things at work. Obviously, I need to call them something, so I’ll try this: sticky memos.

Whatever you call those things, I have a bunch of different ones I use at work. Obviously, I’ve exchanged these with Jackie before.


Is it obvious there that Jackie sent my own sticky memo back at me,  to welcome me when I returned to work after a vacation, quite a while ago?  I’ve obviously kept that sticky memo tacked up in my office since then, as an obvious reminder of how much fun Jackie is.

If you know me, it’s obvious I can lose things, temporarily and permanently.  Yesterday, after Jackie’s party, I dropped my pager, and couldn’t find it. It was obvious, to me, that the pager was somewhere in my office. As late and great comedian George Carlin said, in his routine about losing things:

I’ve looked EVERYWHERE!

Well, obviously not.

Yesterday, I thought of an obvious way to find my lost pager, after I had “looked everywhere” in my office: I paged myself.


Obviously, that worked.

At this point in time, it’s probably obvious to some and not obvious to others that I’ve lost track of Penny the Pen. Here’s a photo of Penny’s last appearance in this blog:


In case it’s not obvious where Penny and I are, in that photo from over a week ago, we were waiting to have a new cardiac test, called a CT scan, at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Here’s an exchange — from the comments section in this here recent post about my recovering from the flu — with obviously wonderful blogger Val Boyko:

Val: So glad your temp is being itself again. You are a sight for sore eyes Ann! How is Penny’s eye by the way?…

Me: Val! I hope this doesn’t make you or your eyes too sore. I actually have not seen hide nor hair of Penny, since I got sick. I fear the worst but hope for the best.

Val: She’s a survivor 🙂

Me: No matter where she is!

Val: Yep!

Obviously wonderful, Val.

What other obvious things should I include here, before I obviously publish this post? Obviously, I have to finish every post, some time (is it obvious that’s usually during the morning?). Today, I have to go into work early to make up the time I obviously missed being sick and also due to

IMG_5128 IMG_5129


Are there any other obvious photos I’d obviously like to include here, obviously from yesterday?



IMG_5212 IMG_5216


It’s obvious to me that it’s not immediately obvious what’s going on in all of those photos I took yesterday. The last two obvious photos are from therapy groups I facilitated. The final obvious one shows some results of a group exercise about replacing obviously automatic and painful negative labels (like “fool,” “lazy,” “unworthy,” “stupid,” “weird,” “unlovable,”) with positive ones. If it’s not obvious what I’m describing, here‘s a link to a more obvious description of that group exercise.

I hope it’s obvious to those who obviously read this blog that I like to include obvious and also HELPFUL things here. Is it obvious I’m going to do that, today?

How about this obvious thought:

Since each of us only truly knows our own personal experience, what’s obvious to us might not be obvious to others.

Obviously, I need to include some obvious music in this obvious post.

The obviously great Paul Simon is obviously singing “The Obvious Child” here on YouTube.

Here’s one final obvious thought, from Captain Obvious, your humble blogger:

Does Paul Simon mean “Why deny the obvious child” and/or “Why deny the obvious, child”?

What’s obvious to you, here and now?

Many obviously grateful thanks to everybody who appeared in this blog today and — OBVIOUSLY! — to you, for obviously being kind enough to visit here today.

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46 thoughts on “Day 767: Obvious

  1. In case it is not obvious to you, obviously I love this post, and look forward to seeing you in my reader every morning. Obviously I love your “post its” – which is what I call those sticky memos, just like I used to call all copy machines “xerox machines” and my husband always called the refrigerator the “frigidaire” (yes, he is that old)
    Here’s another obvious for you….
    Have a great day! 😀 (and I sure hope Penny comes out of hiding!)

    • Obviously, I love YOUR “post its” on WordPress and not just because I am that old, too. It’s obvious to me that is a GREAT Joe Jackson song.

  2. I also love (besides her hair) Jackie’s t-shirt that she made herself.
    I have to tell you I had been wondering about Penny. I feared you’d set her down and she had been pen-napped. I am guessing that this is true. I hope she has wonderful adventures in her new home.

    • It’s obvious to me you are kind and creative, Emilie, especially with your concern about Penny and your use of the word “pen-napped.”

  3. I’m obviously blushing and grateful to be so obvious. I didn’t think it was so obvious, but obviously I am. I obviously enjoy your posts Ann 🙂

  4. I love Paul Simon and that song! It wasn’t obvious to me that people still carry pagers Ann, I have not seen one of those in a very, very long time! ❤
    Diana xo

    • I’m obviously not the only person to carry pagers, since almost everybody in the obviously huge hospital where I work carries them, too. I hope my love for your comments is obvious to you, Diana!

  5. Hey! You gave us a HUGE gift in this post. I’m so thrilled. Thank you. Its obvious that you really believe in us.

  6. Strange how the obvious solution is so often the last one we think of. Not long ago I lost my phone; I searched the house, the car, and called friends (on the landline, obviously) in an attempt to locate it, and only when I’d exhausted all possibilities did I try CALLING the freakin thing – at which point, obviously, I found it!

    • I’m glad I thought of the obvious solution of paging the the freakin pager, Annabelle. I hope it’s obvious how much I love seeing you here.

  7. You crack me up. It’s obvious to me that you are a hilariously spontaneous and loving person.

    what’s not so obvious is where is Penny in all that snow?

    Wow — that is obvious. A lot of snow.

    Love the red t-shirt. Obviously, I want one!

    • As always, Louise, it obviously takes one to know one. I wonder if Penny will show up after all the snow melts? That’s not my expectation, but it’s obviously possible.

  8. I love your former colleagues hair. And if I were her? I too would guard it with much care.

  9. It is obvious Jackie will be sorely missed. Love your posts, so spontaneous, obviously. Briliant post-it notes, the cat obviously knows who is boss; don’t we all ! 🙂

  10. NotAPunkRocker

    I love those shirts!

    I wonder if the automobile was an automatic or a stick shift? 😀

  11. It’s obvious that this is a great post, but also that it’s about a lot of obvious things. You’re obviously going to miss Jackie like crazy and no doubt you’ll miss Penny the Pen, too. (Let’s hope she turns up somewhere obvious!) It’s aslo obvious how much you use post-its. They’re such obviously useful things. You obviously like Paul Simon’s song, too. I obviously hope you keep in touch with Jackie – and that you keep writing these obviously great and uplifting posts. 🙂

  12. I think you are the last person in the world with a pager, Ann. I wish that Penny the Pen had one, too … or a Lo-Jack … or a pet-chip.

    Tonight my dear wife Karen and I are going to the Beatlecuse show! All the great Syracuse musicians playing all the great Beatles songs in our beautiful Landmark Theatre!

    For dear Penny the Pen:

    • I wish Penny had a pager too, Mark. Again, we agree! And, obviously, we both love the Beatles. I hope you and your dear Karen enjoyed the obvious Beatle imitation show! (In case it’s not obvious, your song for Penny made me obviously smile today.)

  13. This post is the most obvious thing I have seen all day today and I am glad.

  14. A bloody marvelous post just saying……………….

  15. Thank you for the obvious gift in picture number 12. You make me smile.

  16. Obviously, an obvious post about an obviously known truth about things not being so obvious sometimes, so therefore obviously grateful for providing the obvious truth, obviously, a grand lesson for the seemingly obvious.

  17. Obvious? The reward of finding your post each day! 😘

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  19. OK Ann. It’s obvious there’s something with you.

  20. Lovely mixed post. I am always needing and losing post-it pads. Hope Penny turns up – probably somewhere obvious.

  21. Pennnnyyyyyy!!!!!’

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