Day 761: You don’t look flu-ish

Yesterday, my venerable and long-time cardiologist, Dr. Salem — who always looks boy-ish, to me — told me to come into the hospital to get tested for endocarditis and for the flu, because I was fever-ish.

I saw a doctor — whose first name was Ann (spelled right-ish, we both agreed) — who told me I didn’t look flu-ish. She said something like,  “Most people who have the flu cannot move, they feel so blue-ish and awful-ish.” I’m sure-ish she didn’t use those exact words, but I’m close-ish.

Dr. Ann looked new-ish, but it’s difficult-ish to judge, since (1) she was wearing a mask and (2) I didn’t take a picture of her. I did take these, snap-ish-ly, when Dr. Ann’s assistant (who collects animal statues) was putting in the endocarditis orders, test-ish-ly:

IMG_5090 IMG_5091

Is it me, or does that look very platypus-ish?

It’s true(-ish)  Dr. Ann and her assistant were new-ish to me, but I could tell they were both true blue-ish


which is one motto-ish of that hospital.

I knew-ish, from past experience, that the endocarditis results would take five days to return results.  Dr. Ann told me the flu results would come back, hour-ish-ly, after I was home-ish.

I’m going to write the rest of this post quick-ish, so I can take these:


By the way-ish, what “-ish” do those look like, to you?

When I was home-ish, I got a call from Dr. Ann that the first-ish flu test said I did NOT have the flu.

To be true-ish,  as I remained fever-ish last night, I got anxious-ish, since my fear-ish-ness then went to endocarditis.  The phone range twice-ish, but I didn’t answer.  Later-ish, I picked up a message, to find out that Dr. Ann had called back-ish, to tell me that I DID have the flu, based on the second-ish result.


So am I, since I got a flu shot at work and I still don’t feel or look horribly flu-ish.

In any case-ish, I hope-ish this music is cure-ish, for whatever ails us:

You can find that blues-ish St. James Infirmary, performed by low-down-ish Eric Clapton and Dr. John,  here-ish at You-ishTube.

Thanks-ish to you-ish, for being so true blue-ish (here and now-ish).

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53 thoughts on “Day 761: You don’t look flu-ish

  1. You probably tested negative for one strain and positive for another strain of flu. Regardless, I hope you are well-ish soon. 😉

  2. There are so many kinds of flus – and all too often the shot offered doesn’t cover the strain we end up with here! I have never (yet) had a flu shot. My doctor always reminds me I am “of the age” and recommends it, but so far I have declined.
    I have not felt even a little flush for about fifteen years, and my last biggish flu was close to forty years ago.
    I hope you recover quickly, Ann! Wish I could package up and send you some of my good immune system – tho since I am “of the age” perhaps I should hang on to all I have.

  3. Hi Ann,
    You are a riot. Hope you feel better-ish soon!

  4. I hope you’re feeling better soon! There are so many ick-ish things going around now, that its no wonder that you’re feeling yuck-ish!

  5. You opened the window, and influenza. That’s silly-ish, I know, Ann, but better than endocarditis, I figureish.

    Life waiting for that last test coming in, and the group and song playing on CBS Saturday Morning Newsish right this second, Ann.

  6. I hope you’re feeling top shelf soon Ann and I love Eric Clapton. I still wonder how it is he never tracked me down and proposed… ❤
    Diana xo

  7. Wish that you will heal soon without any extra problems Ann 😉
    At least you have some great doctors to help you.

  8. A flu, what to do, shut the door, look at the moon, the stars will twinkle, inside your room, sleep tight, as the sun will rise, to the bird’s tune, that will make you laugh, and get up soon, to greet the morning’s path…

  9. Feel better soon and take special care of yourself!

  10. Platy!!!!! 😀
    No isn about it. I love it 🙂

  11. It sucks to feel flu-ish and it sucks more when you see the doctor and the first thing they say is you don’t look flu-ish but you know you feel it

  12. No ish about it, I hope you feel better soon.

  13. I hope the flu flies away soon. You may be the person who has shown up earliest for testing for flu, ever. Hope that makes for the speediest ever recovery.

  14. I like the platypus, but the rest of the news is leaving me blue-ish thinking that you are flu ish. Hope you’re feeling better sooner than later ish ❤ ❤

  15. Crawl under those covers and get lots of rest and don’t forget large doses of chicken soup. Blowing you kisses over the internet. Get well soon.

    • I just crawled out from under those covers to get these kisses. Thank you! Now I’m going to continue following your great instructions to have some chicken soup.

  16. This seems strange to say that upon feeling flu-ish, I am happy you have the flu…as it is so much better than the alternative endocarditis. I absolutely wish you the best…and I hope come Monday you get everything you wish for (need I remind you why Monday and not Sunday ~). 🙂

    Also, thanks for this great piece of music as it is what I need to listen to this evening ~ wish you well.

  17. kellie@writingmoment

    Take care Ann and get well soon (not ish, just soon).

  18. Good to see you still happy-ish despite your condition-ish, hope you feel top line soon but continue entertaining us in the meantime 🙂

  19. I had flu about three weeks ago and trust me had you had flu when your doctor asked you to come in to be tested you would have just stared at the phone wondering what planet he was from as moving anywhere other than one side of the bed to the other is pretty impossible lol

    • I don’t get a flu shot so when I get it it is the full blown version don’t want you to think I was suggesting you didn’t have it just that I know when I told my boss I wasn’t going to work because I had flu he said you mean a cold and I had to qualify no it is certainly flu lol

      • Bosses need to believe us! It’s more than great-ish to see you here, Paula, and commenting, twice! After I published this post, I felt and looked very flu-ish, all day long.

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  21. This is a great post – I read it last night but didn’t have time to comment. Such fun to read, but I hope you’re feeling much better by now.

  22. Your test result indicate no flu-ish ? I hope that condition is from milder case of infection. Overall, I think I am glad that you have the Dr. taking care of at the early state.

  23. Flue is pretty rottenish, but perhaps you are in time to forestall the endocarditis. I hope you still get your holiday.

  24. It is frustrating when Doctor fob you off, or give you an uneducated opinion, but we are often vindicated by the blood tests/xrays, at some point…. You know your body best, after all. Excellent blog, by the way, I am following you on this journey. Love the platpypus….

  25. That was great – incredibly funny – especially for a woman with a fever! I am useless when that happens . . .
    Love Eric Clapton & had never seen that video – really enjoyed it!!

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