Day 758: Tests

How do you feel about tests, dear readers?

Feel free to comment with an essay, below. You can also skip that essay question and

a. answer the rest of the tests in this post,

b. answer some of the tests in this post, or

c. ignore every friggin’ test in this post.

Test #1: How did this exact line


appear on my computer screen?

a. My cat did my homework by stepping on my laptop.

b. I was experimenting with different keys, to test my knowledge of special characters.

c.  Somebody was showing me a math equation, much like somebody else tested me at work last week.


d.  I’m not sure, because that string of characters suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

e.  None of the above.

Test # 2: Put the following photographs — taken yesterday during a blizzard — in order, chronologically.

Photo A:


Photo B:


Photo C:


Photo D:


Photo E:


Test #3: If a cat were to type on somebody’s keyboard, which one would it be?

IMG_4926 IMG_4939

Cat A


Cat B


Cat C

Test #4: The writer of this post is taking some tests this afternoon. What kinds of tests will those be?

a. Math tests.

b. Tests of strength.

c. Cardiac tests.

d. Tests of patience.

e. Driving tests.

f. English tests.

g.  All of the above.

h. None of the above.

Test #5: These boots


a. Are made for walking.

b. Are made for shoveling.

c. Look like a bunch of layered socks.

d. Are waterproof.

e. Are found in fine department stores everywhere.

f. Are to die for.

g. (a) (c ) and (d) only.

h. (b)  only under duress and depending upon results of other tests.

i. Usually sit in a closet.

Test #6: One of these songs fits this post best. Which  is it?

a. Crash Test Dummies‘ “MMM MMM MMM MMM”  (found here on YouTube).

b. Loudon Wainwright III singing  his composition “School Days”  (here on YouTube).

c. Stanley Clarke playing his composition “School Days” (on YouTube here).

d. “ABC” by The Jackson 5  (here on YouTube).

Extra Credit: The writer of this blog saw a live performance of one of those songs. Which one was it?

Thanks to all humans and cats helping me write, test, and publish this post. And thanks to you — of course! — for taking the tests you choose, here and now.

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38 thoughts on “Day 758: Tests

  1. Ann-As funny as ever! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this a lot thought I am not sure I passed the test.
    Love the boots!

  3. NotAPunkRocker

    I feel like such a guinea pig with all these tests! 🙂

  4. Ann… have made my day. Love this post even though I abhor tests. You really got snowed in. I hope you’re all right in all ways.

    • I am all right and here’s another test. Where do you think I’m typing this?
      a. At home
      b. At work
      P.S. The answer is b and you made my day, too.

  5. ha! I was only sure about the answer to one of your tests Ann. Have you ever used the WP poll gadget thingy? You should try it. It’s pretty cool! 🙂
    Diana xo

    • Was it Test #3, Diana? I’ve never tried the poll gadget thingy; in some ways, I’m very Old School.
      Ann xo

      • I can’t tell you exactly which test, in case I am wrong. I’d rather just keep telling myself that I was right. 😉

        I’m not even sure I could do the poll now with all the changes WP has made… don’t get me started on that!

  6. I’m calling in sick today. 😉

  7. Sunshine Jansen

    Because I always suspect a trick in any test, I’m compelled to answer Test #3 as Definitely Cat C. But Cats A and B put him up to it! They look like they collude on shenanigans rather frequently….

  8. Did you see a live performance by Loudon Wainwright III?

    Are those rubber boots waterproof AND to die for?

    How did you get to work today (or how will you get to work soon)? Who is shovelling out your car? Did your windshield wiper strategy work? Was the stuffed cat setup to be the fall guy? Feel free to answer this in a short, one-paragraph answer, making sure to include supporting evidence as well as proper grammar.

    • No. Yes. I was able to leave for work today around 9:00, after the guys who are supposed to plow out our driveway arrived this morning. The same guys also shoveled out my car. My windshield wiper strategy survived the test of the blizzard. Nobody is the fall guy or fall cat in this household.

      How did I do?

  9. PS. I wish that there was an “edit reply” option for responders! I never see typos until after I post.

  10. Stay warm and safe during you travels for the test taking!

  11. I hate tests … Good luck with yours.
    Testing patience right now may be needed!
    I hope you had help digging out to get to work!!
    Val x

  12. Question#1-(e)
    Question#2-as they appear
    Question#3-not cat(c)
    Question#4-I’ll take a guess(c)?
    Question#5-it’s not on the list-(j) WHY?!
    I don’t need extra credit-Igot ’em all.

  13. I don’t tests, I choke then a throw up and make a mess and the person giving the test gets disgusted with me for making a mess and leaving without cleaning said mess up so no I don’t do tests well.

  14. If it were anybody but you, Ann, all these questions would make me rather testy.

    Since it is you, though, I will say 1) b and 2) b or not 2) b. That is the question?

    I think you saw a live performance of Chick Corea playing “School Days” with his buddy Stanley Clarke because I think I have insider knowledge to snag some extra credit.

    I hope you are well, Ann, driving in those awesome boots, Juno?

    • Is it illegal to act on insider knowledge, Mark? If so, somebody is going to get testy.

      I am well enough, as I write this, and your contribution to that is beyond question.

  15. I personally do not like doing test of any kind 🙂 I would like to answer the test #3. Cat A is my answer.

  16. I thought it was cat C, those cats can do almost anything! Loved the boots too 🙂

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