Day 757: Serenely blizzarding

Here’s an exchange I had with my boyfriend, a little while ago:

Me: Michael! Is the house still standing?  What’s it like out there?

Michael: Yes, Ann. It’s serenely blizzarding.

Soon after that, I checked things out for myself. As far as I can tell, Michael is right.

IMG_4908 IMG_4909 IMG_4910

Now, what to do with all my serenely blizzarding thoughts, to create a post for me and you?

I know. I’ll share a blizzard of images and experiences, from yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday, a lot of people cancelled their therapy appointments at work.  The first person who showed up in my office paused — in the midst of a blizzard of feelings and thoughts — and serenely said, “Look what your computer monitor is sitting on.”


Somehow, I’ve been blinded, for three years, from really seeing that ream of white paper.

Later in the day, somebody else worked on seeing through and reducing a blizzard of regrets from a change not chosen.


Most people in Boston left work early, in preparation for the coming storm.  I heard a not-so-serene blizzard of concerns about traffic, so I waited until almost everybody else was gone. Here’s what I saw on my way to my car:

IMG_4903 IMG_4899

The ride home was serene, with no external blizzarding. Here’s what I found, once I reached home:


I’m interested in what you might see here, among all this serene blizzarding.

Here’s everything you need to know about some music that blizzarded serenely through my headphones yesterday:

“Everybody’s Party,” performed live in serene-blizzard style by John Scofield and Pat Metheny, is found here on YouTube.

I shall now deal with my serene blizzard of thoughts about the permanency/effects of (1) the blizzard outside and (2) YouTube videos in these posts, by showing you one more photo …


… and by including another serene-enough blizzard of a song.

The Bangles do that great live cover of Simon & Garfunkel‘s “Hazy Shade of Winterhere on YouTube. Here are the originals:

It’s time, time, time for me to end this post.

What do you think about all this serene blizzarding?  Feel free to leave a blizzard of comments; that would be serenely cool.

A serene blizzard of thanks to Michael, the people I saw yesterday, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, the Bangles, Simon & Garfunkel, and you for making my blizzard more serene, today.

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53 thoughts on “Day 757: Serenely blizzarding

  1. I’m a wee bit envious of your serene blizzard…we haven’t seen a single snowflake yet this year. *sigh*

    • How far away are you from Boston? You could probably get here, somehow, before it ends.

      I am more than a wee bit happy to see you here.

      • I consulted my dear friend, Google Maps, and was told that Boston is nearly 14 hours away (899 miles). I suspect if I got in my car now, I could certainly get there before the snow is gone. Of course, that would mean I’d have to drive in snow at some point, but I’m Southern…we don’t do that. 😉

      • I enjoyed this serene and informative answer from you, which is helping me maintain my serenity now!

  2. So does that me you get to stay serenely at home today while the blizzard howls outside?

    We’ve had unusually serene winter weather here — warm and balmly and all the snow has melted!

    Stay serene.

  3. Great subject! Here in New York it was all intense preparation and little to justify it by daybreak. It’s still snowing heavily here in Brooklyn, but if we got 10″ so far, that would be generous. I didn’t go in yesterday and won’t today because public transportation is either off or just starting up again and most of my people don’t do well on slippery sidewalks, but thankfully it’s not the nightmare they predicted when they closed the whole city down, right up to the bridges and tunnels. Makes our anticipated snowbirding a year and a half or so from now very appealing! Btw, if you have Amazon Prime, must try the Amazon music feature with awesome playlists, great sound on the little Flip2, which I got for Hanukkah. Saw yours in one of your pix awhile back. ❄️❄️❄️🎶 😎

    • Great comment! And this speaks to something I was not so serene about yesterday, when I heard the hospital-based primary care practice where I work was closing down for today AND tomorrow. After living through SO MANY experiences where the meteorologists have been off in their predictions about disaster, I was amazed by that decision. Time, time, time will tell about what happens here.

  4. I serenely read your post while lounging in bed, keeping an eye on the heavy clouds that are threatening to spill rain. I am retired, so I can lounge in bed awhile if I want to, but truly, it is only a little after seven here.
    I thought about your blizzard and realized I have not seen one in twenty-five years. I think I would like to again, so, drawing a blizzard of inspiration from one of the other comments, I used mapquest to find out how far Boston is from me.
    I found that I am 2606 miles from Boston, with a driving time of a little over forty hours. That is four good days, but as I mentioned, I am serenely retired and don’t push myself any longer. I could probably be there in a week if I didn’t stop in Louisville to see my sister. Then, who knows when I’d make it.
    I suppose I will have to pass. Your blizzard will be long gone before I could get there.
    Enjoy a serene day off, Ann.

    • It would be great to see you, though, Emilie. And you could be here in time for my birthday! However, I serenely accept and appreciate your decision and this wonderful comment.

  5. I’ve certainly been thinking of all of my Bostonian blogging buddies! I’m glad you and Michael are weathering the storm serenely! We only got 4 inches where I live in WV, but it’s not uncommon for us to get a few feet with some storms. I’m about to go shovel now–great exercise! 🙂

    • Thanks for thinking of us. That helps increase my serenity.

      I hope you enjoyed the snow-shoveling exercise. I’m about to go exercise on my new elliptical upstairs and binge-watch American Idol!

      • I thoroughly enjoyed shoveling; I even did my two neighbors’ sidewalks. I love exercise that accomplishes a task in addition to burning calories.
        Have fun on your elliptical! need to catch up on American Idol, too!

  6. Hope you stay safe and warm!

  7. Sorry it missed us and dumped on you Ann! May you snuggle in with American Idol!!
    Val xo

  8. “serene blizzard” I like it haha. Always love the audio options on your posts too.

  9. Not too serene in Ct. We are looking at 20 inches or better. The plow fellow just got here. More serene knowing we’re no longer trapped. Slept easy last night, though. The full house generator I had installed last year will have that kind of serene effect.

  10. Man I’ve been thinking of you ever since I saw the news about the weather coming to Boston. Stay safe and warm Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  11. The more I read about the latest new england blizzard, the happier I am to live in Florida.

    I’ll take the 3 inch long roaches over a blizzard any day. 🙂

  12. I will serenely plow ahead about your good sense to pull your wipers up off your windshield upon arrival at home last night, Ann, which is what I noticed in your photo. You are a planner. And though I am a Bangles fan, I like Paul and Art’s Hazy Shade original better, still. Hunker through Juno, Ann.

    • I will plan my reply, Mark, and plow ahead with letting you know the surprising fact that I don’t remember this video (although I’m very familiar with the song, of course).

      Thank you for helping with my serenity on this Tuesday, as my windshield wipers remain visible, for now.


      • I didn’t know that wipers could be pulled up like that! Not having much snow to work with, I don’t really see how it helps. Can you or Mark help me learn about wipers in the snow?

      • The pulling up of wipers appears to be somewhat controversial, Maureen. It helps to prevent the wipers from freezing to the windshield BUT there’s a chance that they might get hidden in a huge drift of snow and accidentally damaged when the car is cleaned. I am wiping all worry about them from my mind. That, and your visit, keeps me quite serene.

  13. Looks like a dusting and not a blizzard Ann 🙂

  14. “A Blizzard Blew my Bunny ears, as winter’s Bluff Began this year. A Blog with Blizzards also Brought, Biting winds, but inner Bliss, that spring will Bring”

  15. Even here in the UK, people are talking about the serene blizzards you’re having over there. Few people envy you and know how difficult you must all be finding it – travelling must be a nightmare in some places. I’m sure warnings will tell you to travel as little as possible. Take care, Ann, when it’s serenely blizzarding.

    • Hi, Millie! It’s more serene here, knowing that you’re out there, thinking of us. Also, the blizzard warning was just lifted, which makes me even more serene.

  16. Love the word, “serenely.” It’s what we humans strive for, no?

  17. You are such a caring person, Ann, to wait in the hospital in case anybody wanted to see you for comfort, while you were feeling so anxious about the impending blizzard.

  18. I think every thing that is too much (as blizzard) is not a good thing 🙂

  19. LOL and here we are having a serenely windy heatwave!

  20. All these blogs with pictures of snow, and here it is just cool and wet

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  23. We’ve just had our first snowstorm of the winter here in the UK. In the meantime a few days ago WordPress decided I wanted to block all my emails… So I’ve missed a few.

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