Day 732: Bragging Rights

I don’t know if this is bragging, but in the full two years of my daily posts here, I’ve written only one post with the word “bragging” in the title, and that was 517 days ago.*

As I mention in that past post — “Bragging, Fear of Envy, and Healing” — bragging does not come easy to me. I actually have some fears about it.

I just skimmed that past post. I think it’s good.

Is that bragging?

I didn’t read it carefully because I assumed it was good enough, because I wrote it (as I write all my posts) with heart-felt authenticity.

Is that bragging?

Here’s what my long-time friend Gene wrote in the comments section of that long-ago post:

This may be my favorite of all your posts, especially the first half which was so movingly personal and at the same time pointing to universal concerns.

Is that bragging?

I’m thinking about the title I chose today — “Bragging Rights” — and how human beings can express concerns and needs to have a “right” to certain actions and feelings.

As a psychotherapist, I constantly witness people saying things like:

  • I (or they) did not have a right to be angry.
  • I don’t have a right to feel good about this.
  • I got upset, and it wasn’t justified.
  • I had no right to be crying like that.
  • I’d like to challenge that person, but I don’t know if I have a right to do that.

As I tell people over and over again (and I have a right to do that), there is no “right” or “wrong” about feelings. Feelings just are.  We have them, as human beings.  If we don’t interfere with those feelings — by judging them — they will flow through our lives, naturally — like the weather.

I stole that emotion-weather metaphor from my friend Carol and her friend Eric.

Is that bragging? Do I have a right to do that?

Here are some specific things I’d like to brag about today:

  • I’m taking a day off from work, BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!!
  • Three days ago, one of the primary care doctors I work with came to get me in my office, in response to my telling him (and everybody else on my teams) that I was committed to and passionate about being available to his patients and to him if anybody ever seemed upset, overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious during a doctor’s visit.  The doctor told me he was seeing a patient who could not stop crying. Without taking much time to hear or find out more about this patient, I went into the examining room with him, met her, heard her story, listened actively, expressed my authentic reactions, and told her about possible supports where I work and elsewhere, including the groups I offer there.  My time with this patient was, approximately,  fifteen minutes,* including walking her over to another part of the enormous hospital where I work, where an expert on violence prevention and recovery was eager to speak to her, also.
  • Two days ago, I ran into the doctor who came to get me. He told me the patient had called him, expressing gratitude, and had said, “I felt a spiritual shift, when I realized that you people cared about me.”
  • I recently received this email, from the Northeast Society for Group Psychotherapy:

Dear Ann Koplow:

We are very pleased to accept your workshop proposal entitled, “ Come One, Come All, Whenever! A new model for open access groups.” for the June 2014 NSGP Conference. This year’s conference is entitled Getting Real: Vulnerability and Effective Group Leadership and will be held June 5, 6, and 7, 2015 at Simmons College.

  • I’m especially bragging about that last bullet point since (1) two years ago I tried to give a workshop there and it was cancelled due to low registration** and  (2) there are very few workshop slots available this year, because of changes to that organization’s yearly conference schedule.
  • I was recently elected to the board of the organization giving the conference. Does that give me more or fewer bragging rights?

Is it bragging if I tell you that I think the photos I take with my iPhone are worth posting here?

Is it bragging if I tell you that I didn’t take many photos yesterday and I’ve decided to repeat some photos from yesterday’s post, which was about the possible small change of my changing my profile picture here at WordPress?

So far, here is the photo with the most votes from my readers:


Eeeek!  While I appreciate the votes for that picture of me, I’m probably NOT going to use that for my new profile picture, since I personally feel nervous and a little scared when I see people wearing medical masks.

Here are some images that I am seriously considering for my profile picture:

IMG_0880 IMG_1100

10710918_10204094063745145_4011312662341043331_n IMG_4383

Is it bragging to tell you this?  I am currently leaning towards one of those, because when I showed the candidates to my boyfriend Michael yesterday, he said

Wow.  If somebody showed me that and asked “Who does that look like?” I’d say … “Ann!”

Would anybody like to guess which one that might be?  And, please, do not be afraid to brag about your preference for a better choice (or anything else, more important and personal to you).

I’m not sure what music to include here, that fits today’s topic of Bragging.

I know! Here’s me, singing and playing Steely Dan’s “Pretzel Logic,” previously  appearing in a post I wrote 117 days ago.*

That video is found here on YouTube and it has 66 views and no (critical) comments!

Is that bragging?

Many thanks, from the bottom of my bragging and very special heart,** to all my very special readers, ** including YOU, of course.

* In previous posts, I’ve  written “But who’s counting?” after I refer to something with numbers from the past. Today, I’m going to brag about who’s counting. It’s me!

** And I’m not bragging!

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51 thoughts on “Day 732: Bragging Rights

  1. I’d love to be in one of your workshops. I would say it’s pride instead of bragging, but a pride coming from genuineness, from being genuine.

  2. My vote goes for the last one!

  3. Yay!!! Xox CG


    • Yay back at you, Carol! I assume you don’t mind that I stole that metaphor from you. I like to brag about your being my friend, as you can see.

  4. Emy Will

    We must take pride in what we do – a sign of good self esteem, I think ?
    I like the weather metaphor for emotions. Can I also “steal” it?
    All the best for 2015.
    Emy ❤

  5. I believe you are shining your light so others can see in the dark – and that’s not bragging, it’s just doing what you are born to do — be your most incredible self. And that inspires all of us to be so too!

    My vote is for the tiger in the hat. 🙂

    • I vote, Louise, for the image that most indicates synchronicity, whichever that one is. I haven’t decided yet, but I mention that because I was commenting on your post as you were shining your light here!

      • How cool is that? And as you were typing a response to me, I was typing one to you! That happens a lot with you and me Ann — must be the universe telling us we’re in sync!

      • That universe is pretty smart. I wonder if it’s bragging?!

  6. I vote for the little drawing (blue pen). The likeness to your photo wearing the mask is remarkable, based mostly on the eye brows. It also reminds me of Little Lulu whose comic books I loved as a kid.
    Happy , healthy and hearty (sic) New Year, Ann!

  7. I wouldn’t use the picture of you wearing the mask Ann, but I would vote you use a picture of you. ❤
    Diana xo

  8. Sunshine Jansen

    First of all, you aren’t bragging if everyone else also thinks you are the cat’s pajamas (and we do!) I realize I’ve become attached to the tiger with the glasses, which says something about my resistance to change… So resisting that resistance, I vote for the most radically different choice: the line drawing, without glasses! Funny thing though; I was thinking of changing my profile photo into one without glasses, because I felt it was bragging about my nerdiness. But, the thing is, without my glasses, I can’t read and THat’s not me at all! 🙂

    • I love reading your thoughts about your resistance, glasses, nerdiness, and other things, Sunshine. As much as I like being a change agent, I resist change, too, and am attached to the tiger with glasses. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I appreciate your vote, very much.

  9. I really really like the blue ink drawing Ann. I get a feeling it captures you … and I’d want to find out who the person is behind the drawing.

    .. Bragging is in the eye of the beholder!

    • Hi, Val! The person behind the drawing is my long-time friend, Ada. I think she captured me pretty well, there.

      My beholding eye tells me that you have a lot to brag about!

  10. Such a justified brag. I love that you went to the aid of the distressed woman and made things start to get better for her and I am very thrilled about your workshop application going through. Which profile picture? The last one made me smile instantly, I like the glove puppets, but they are a bit sad. I don’t really go for the tiger in the hat, he looks a bit fierce, the little ink drawing is very sweet, but I think I prefer the last one.

  11. It’s okay to do some bragging, Ann!

  12. This is not bragging…I would rather call it sharing some happiness, joy and success… 🙂

  13. Gosh, I’m not sure what happened to my response!

    You and Oscar make a great musical duo, Inquisitive Dragon, and I look forward to more of your music in 2015. Wish I could sing like that!

  14. Kentucky Angel

    You have a great singing voice Ann. I used to sing with my little sis and our guitars and real live microphones back in another lifetime. For your profile picture, while it’s not on the list, how about your shoe, the one with the song? And put the song up with it. You deserve bragging rights to that one. You have the only blog I’ve read where the author has put herself singing on the post. So brag on Ann. You certainly have that right!

  15. I love that you mention Steely Dan! WOOP! Great post, dear Ann.

    Happy New Year to you! Wishing you oodles of peace, love and joy! 🙂


  16. You make me laugh…I bet you are a good counselor.

    • I was thinking about you today, as I was reading some old posts and wondering how you were. It is WONDERFUL to see you here. Now I can brag that you comment on my blog, again!

      • I fell off the grid a bit. With my being laid off in 2009, and trying in vain to find employment, I ended up in a domestic violence women’s homeless shelter for six months, then a Mitchell for another month before my daughter could secure employment. The exposure to the shelter environment set off my Complex PTSD and I spent the last couple if years trying to get a handle on it. The nightmares still plague, but I’m not jumping out of my skin anymore, and I’m managing the anxiety triggers. It’s good. Better now. It’s nice to see you are still bringing light to the blogosphere.

        Much Love ❤

      • Love back at you. Thanks for bringing your beautiful light here.

  17. It is always fun and an literary adventure to read your posts. And often, like today, the comments are just as good. Happy Saturday.

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  19. If you’re not using the picture of you with the mask than I have to say I like the last picture best. It makes me smile and reminds me of your posts (quirky and fun with a dash of seriousness).

  20. Pingback: Day 735: Monday matters | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  21. You are right to brag, Ann. And I have already complimented you on your singing performance 120 days ago. The Penny profile shot is the one because she is your obvoius doppelganger, according to your BF Michael.

    • Well, Mark, you have bragging rights to many, many things, but not so much your guesses on my posts. Michael thought something else was my doppelganger, not Penny. But none of that matters to me. Welcome back!

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