Day 727: Guess what I did

As I’ve written about before (like here),  I have certain repeating, repetitive dialog exchanges with people, especially my boyfriend Michael (not shown, identified,* in any photos in this almost-two-year blog).  

For example, when I am telling Michael a story, this exchange can happen:

Me: Guess what I did then, Michael.

Michael (exaggerated pause, indicating thinking):  You cried?

Michael is a very good guesser. Maybe that’s because I’m a very good

Guess what I’d like to do now!

If you guessed “cry”









And that incorrect guess would show that you’re probably not as good a guesser as Michael, but that’s because

  • you don’t know me as well as Michael does and/or
  • I sort of set you up there, didn’t I?

This is what I want to do now in this post. I want you to

Guess what I did yesterday.

If you guessed “cry” there …


However, I’m not that impressed by that guess, because I told you I cried in my weird blog post yesterday morning.

Also, I did much more than cry, yesterday. How am I going to tell you, in this post, what I did?


What I Did Yesterday: A photojournalistic essay

by Ann

I wrote a blog post in the morning, sitting on a sofa with two cats and a calculator.


Then, I had lunch at a favorite restaurant in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA, with my son Aaron.

IMG_4220 IMG_4221 IMG_4222

Guess how old Aaron (not pictured) is! He’s 16, soon to be 17. Guess what I do, sometimes, when I think about how lucky I am that he still likes having lunch with his mother.

Guess how Aaron feels about my taking photos for this blog!  Like Michael, Aaron is not exactly thrilled,  but he’s also tolerant of my stopping to capture images I like.

Here are the photos I took, as Aaron and I walked through Arlington after lunch:


IMG_4224 IMG_4226 IMG_4227 IMG_4228 IMG_4229 IMG_4231

Aaron got into one of those shots above. Can you guess which one?

Then, because neither Michael nor Aaron wanted to see a movie I wanted to see, guess what I did next! (There’s a hint, about that, in this post.)

IMG_4232 IMG_4233 IMG_4234

Guess what movie I saw, happily, by myself!

There are hints about that, here, here, here,  here, and here.

Guess what’s telling me where those hints are, about which movie I saw yesterday. WordPress!

You may not guess this, but I always want to put a “?” at the end of a sentence that begins with “Guess.”  Guess who told me not to do that!

My son, Aaron.

Guess what I did when I saw Into The Woods  yesterday!

Right now, I am secretly guessing what some of the comments about this post are going to say.  Let’s see if I’m RIGHT!**

Any more guesses about what I did yesterday?

Michael, Aaron, and I went into Harvard Square  last night.

IMG_4237 IMG_4238


As I’m looking closely at that last photo, I’m guessing that somebody else wanted to capture a memory of what I was seeing there, last night.

Guess what I did, after I took that picture!

  1. Michael and I dropped Aaron off at Tasty Burger in Harvard Square, so he could join his friends for a sleep-over.
  2. Michael and I went home.
  3. I fell asleep while we were watching “Chopped” (not pictured).
  4. I decided to give my sleep machine another try by wearing one of these masks (pictured previously here and here):


Guess what I did when I had to wear machines in the hospital when I was a little kid!?!?

I never cried then, actually.

Maybe that’s why I love crying so much, now.

Guess what song I’m going to include in this post!

If you guessed a song from Into the Woods ….

You’re WRONG!**

(Did you guess I would find a live version of Seal singing “Don’t Cry” here on YouTube?)

Guess what I’m going to do now!

I’m going to give thanks, of course, to Michael, Aaron, the Madrona Tree Restaurant in Arlington, Stephen Sondheim, Into the Woods, Harvard Square,  Aaron’s friends,  Seal,  guessers everywhere,  and  you — of course!  — for reading and guessing here, today.

* Would you like to guess whether Michael is pictured, unidentified, in any photos in this blog?

** If you’ve ever been to Boston’s beautiful baseball stadium/temple Fenway Park any time in the last few decades, you might guess how I came up with that kind of RIGHT and WRONG, here in this non-judgmental blog. If not, I’ll tell you.***  The scoreboard in Fenway Park asks people to guess the number of people attending the game and it reveals, after dramatic pauses, who is WRONG and who is RIGHT.

*** If I hadn’t told you, would you have guessed?

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29 thoughts on “Day 727: Guess what I did

  1. I enjoyed this blog as usual. I “guess” in part because I lived in Massachussettes and my husband is from there. Very nostalgic for me. Thank you.

  2. Loved your post, Ann and I smiled, no crying. (smile) I hope you had a very good Christmas, and if I don’t “talk” to you, may your coming New Year bring to you, many Dreams Come True. Happy New Year, Ann!! Love, Amy

    • Happy New Year, Amy!

      • Ann, I have a post up for my sis who is taking care of our elderly Dad, and in fact, is calling an ambulance today to bring him into the hospital. Would you just stop by Petals to leave encouragement for Merry? It would mean the world to me and to her. Bless you! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Of course, Amy. My thoughts are with you, Merry, and your father.

      • Bless you, Ann. This has been a very emotional and long Journey. One is never prepared for the end. My Dad has been slowly slipping away. Today he is not able to move his legs, and really having problems with fluid retention, so my sis, with God’s guidance along with my “common sense”, is calling an ambulance to take him to the hospital my brother works in. All is good, my friend. Angels are now in place for my Dad. (((HUGS))) Amy

  3. I guess, Ann, that Michael is the unidentified photographer at Harvard Square. I also guess, Ann, that you will not tell me if that first guess is correct but you will tell me if this guess is correct.

  4. Ha, ha…Michael’s response is golden, and I too actually really like letting lose with a good cry ~ tears of sorrow, empathy, happiness ~ I think they release our good emotions 🙂

    Your photos always gets my imagination running, especially I love the photos of Fenway, because it makes me think about how I wanted to live in Boston (almost went to BC)… Take care.

    • Randall! My belief is Boston would be even better, now, if you had lived in it for any space of time. Thanks for the good-emotion visit.

  5. I love how you keep us guessing Ann!
    I’m guessing you were also a cat in a previous life … 😉

  6. Guess what I can cry a bucket of tears at time but unlike my daughter I cannot cry for no reason just saying……………when it comes to guessing stuff I suck really I suck badly also just saying

  7. Aaron got into one of the shots above? The costume and accessories shop? Or maybe the bike stop sign one, where there’s a bit of somebody’s hair at the edge (although, I thought that it was your hair there, and maybe he took that snapshot).

  8. I’m that impatient type, my guesses are generally wrong so i spoil it by saying, “I haven’t a clue.”

    Enjoy a wonderful New Year!

  9. How is your sleep machine working for you? Does it sound weird? Does it feel comforting? Do the cats notice it?

    • I am now trying a second sleep machine. I’ve tried several masks. The cats are fine with it, but it might be too weird for me.

  10. I wonder if something like this is best started in Panama with parrots. Someplace wonderful, warm, exotic, but just a bit unfamiliar so that you don’t expect to feel the same way that you always do as sleep approaches. Where having a long, hissing tube breathing into you might be just one more thing to adjust to, like the possibility of monkeys coming in through an open window, or scratchy bedsheets.

    • This comment, Maureen, is so creative and calming. Guess how grateful I am for yet another wonderful gift from you. At this point, I think the hissing machine is not a good match for me. There are other options, like a silent dental device. Although there’s no reason why Panama might not help adjusting with that, too.

  11. A silent dental device? I’m scratching my head over that. I guess that it’s better than a very chatty dental device?

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