Day 720: How much is enough?

Do I ever have enough ….

  • chocolate (or marshmallows)?


  • gifts?
  • warmth?
  • connections?
  • sweetness?
  • security?
  • readers?
  • color?
  • storage space?
  • mittens, gloves, scarves, or other cold-weather protection (especially since I’ve lost enough of those)?


  • animals?
  • people?
  • solitude?
  • thoughts?
  • feelings?
  • possessions?
  • patience?
  • preparation?
  • truth?
  • worth?
  • music?

(Is Jean-Luc Ponty‘s “Is Once Enough” enough,*  here on YouTube?)

  • time?
  • ways to pass the time?
  • food?
  • ideas?
  • air?
  • water?
  • guarantees?
  • hope?
  • data?
  • validation?
  • photos?

IMG_3763 IMG_3811 IMG_3813 IMG_3815

IMG_3817 IMG_3816

  • products?
  • moments?
  • humor?
  • safety?
  • resolve?
  • organization?
  • cleanliness?
  • exercise?
  • sleep?
  • awareness?
  • peace?
  • love?
  • understanding?
  • seasonal spirit?

IMG_3821 IMG_3823 IMG_3822

  • acceptance?
  • attention?
  • freedom?
  • structure?
  • work?
  • appreciation?
  • expertise?
  • courage?
  • dreams?
  • motivation?
  • reassurance?
  • space?
  • fun?
  • questions?
  • answers to questions?
  • confidence?
  • news?
  • light?**
  • words?


The answer to all of that is …..












Yes (despite my mind telling me I need more, more, more).

Is it enough (or more than enough) for me to request your thoughts about “enough” (or anything else you can or cannot get enough of)?

‘Nuff thanks to all who have had enough for now (including you!).

*If jazz isn’t for you, here‘s another song:

And another one:

Is that enough?

** Starting today, there’ll be more light every day. That’s enough for me.

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48 thoughts on “Day 720: How much is enough?

  1. If you never have enough of things….. you can never be happy, practice gratitude and you know you have enough! There is one thing though… you can never have enough which is love and hugs. Have a big cyber hug from Ute x

  2. No Marshmallows….Reddi Whip!!!!

    Let’s be honest…with rare exceptions, more of your list will beat less any day.

    Jean Luc Ponty has been a favorite of mine since the “Imaginary Voyage” LP came out…many years ago. If I ever became a radio talk show host, “New Country” would be my theme song.

    • It’s true that I can’t get enough of your comments!

    • Apparently I didn’t write enough in my first reply. If you search my posts for “Ponty” you’ll find more, more, more.

    • One more!

    • I concur~! Marshmallows get messed up in my beard and moustache. Reddi-Whip (or whipped cream made from scratch) does, too, and has the added benefit of evening out the sweetness of hot chocolate instead of compounding it the way marshmallows do.

      • Now I know more than enough about Reddi Whip (or whipped cream made from scratch) (one of those would be more than enough for me) vs. marshmallows.

        Perhaps you have said enough here to change my hot-chocolate-topping behaviosr. And every change, no matter how small, is enough to count and make a difference.

        Have I written enough in my reply to you? No, because I haven’t thanked you for taking enough time to read and also comment today!

  3. I can’t have enough Jean-Luc Ponty. I haven’t heard this before but love it. It seems to be someplace between his Zappa influenced King Kong and his more ambient Cosmic Messenger and yet the actual violin playing reminds me of his later Storytelling (my favorite). Thanks and bye – I’m off to Amazon on a shopping trip…

    • Thank you, muchly, for this comment. Have fun and be careful in the Amazon!

      • I dusted off old CDs and found this (Aurora) but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as the live version you posted. I need to see if there’s a CD with this version. My guess, from the violin sound, is it is late 80s or early 90s.

      • Actually, went to youtube – 1979

      • I had never heard that version until today. I’ve already gotten enough from blogging here every day, but I keep getting more!

  4. I’m with Trent — can’t get enough Jean Luc Ponty!

    and I can’t get enough of your musical contributions to your blogs! Love it.

  5. We just have to be grateful for what we have

  6. If I go online and find a post from you, dayenu.
    If I go online and find a post from you, and good music and good questions, too, it is more than enough.
    Happy day of increasing light — though we never stop making our own.

  7. Janet H

    Enough is sufficiency, I say (h/t The Miracle at Morgan’s Creek). Can’t thank you enough for our family cameo!

    • As if there weren’t enough cool abbreviations for me to know, here comes the amazing Janet (creator of more-than-cool-enough Christmas cards, comments, and cameos) teaching me another one. Hat/tip to you and your family; can’t get enough of you!

  8. c’mon mind
    enough is enough!
    just one more 🙂


    Everybody has a different explanation to the meaning of enough // Ketut Rudi

  10. Enough is an interesting question to me. I’m reminded of a story that I don’t quite remember, but the main point sticks with me and it goes something like this:

    An author (may have been CS Lewis) is at an event. A young man points out a young rich man to the author and says, “that man has made more money in the last year than you have made in a life-time of selling books.”

    The author seems to give it some thought and then says, “Maybe, but I have one thing that man will never have.”

    “Oh yeah? What would that be?”


    I think the person who has enough is the richest and happiest person in the world Ann!

    Diana xo

  11. More than enough… although this post made me hungry! I will meditate and then cook supper, thank you for putting me in the mood.

  12. The answers are: Yes. No. Sometimes. On a rotating basis, Ann.

    Hooray to the coming of longer days. I have had enough of short days. I never have enough daylight in my life.

    • Yes, no, sometimes, on a rotating basis says it all, doesn’t it, Mark? For now, this comment is enough for me (but I’ll be eagerly anticipating another one from you tomorrow).

  13. Enough of most on your list. What I need more of (right now) is sunset time on the beach, and that’s about it.
    I, too, celebrate the slow lengthening of days. I really celebrate about mid-February when the difference is more apparent and I can finally have real sunlight coming in my kitchen door.

    • I like forward to that sunlight in February too, Emilie. Today, I’m appreciating the real and sufficient sunlight you brought with you to this blog. Enough of most everything here, too.

  14. I’m with Mark on this one. Yes, no and sometimes, on a rotating basis.

    I’m glad I took a moment to stop in here. It made me think about what I do and don’t have enough of. All of things I feel I don’t have enough of, at the moment, are not things. Interesting.

    • I can’t tell you enough how glad I am that you took that moment today, too. Thanks, so much, for sharing your interesting thoughts.

  15. I do like marshmallows in my hot chocolate lots of marshmallows that is all I have for this comment have a near 2yr old granddaughter demanding my attention

    • It sounds like you have more than enough to deal with, Joanne. Thanks so much for taking enough time to make this sweet comment on my post.

  16. It seems there’s never enough time when it comes to being with those you love. But, some things, like indulgences of sweets, a little is often more than enough to truly enjoy. Thanks, Ann, for reminding us that we really have enough of “things” … 😉

  17. I am grateful for all that i have, but i want more for those in need; peace for those who have lost understanding. I’d like what each of us wants, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men.” But i realize we must learn to accept our differences before we can walk into the sunlight.

    • I agree with you. We could use much more acceptance of differences, peace, and good will. Thanks for showing your good will here.

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