Day 700: Night fly

As you’ve been flying through your days and nights, have you ever heard the term “night fly”?

I just googled “nightfly,” “night-fly,” and “night fly,” and this was the only definition that came flying back (from Webster’s 1828):

NIGHT-FLY, n. An insect that flies in the night.

I expected a definition like this:

Somebody who prefers to stay awake during the night, as opposed to the day.

But, apparently, I was thinking of “night owl,” whose definition flies back immediately, from Google:

night owl
noun informal
a person who is habitually active or wakeful at night.

My boyfriend, Michael, is a night fly … I mean, night owl. I used to be one of those night-preferring creatures too;  as I get older, I love being awake during the day.

Yesterday, when I was walking– and pretty fly (for a white non-guy) — in an unseasonably warm day in the northeastern USA, this song flew through my headphones:

(Donald Fagen‘s title song from the album The Nightfly flies here, night and day, on YouTube)

I shall now fly to you the lyrics of “The Nightfly” by Donald Fagen (with some  interruptions for images that flew through the sunlight and the night into my iPhone, yesterday):

I’m Lester the Nightfly

Hello Baton Rouge
Won’t you turn your radio down
Respect the seven second delay we use

So you say there’s a race
Of men in the trees

IMG_2654 IMG_2656 IMG_2678IMG_2728

You’re for tough legislation


Thanks for calling
I wait all night for calls like these
An independent station

With jazz and conversation
From the foot of Mt. Belzoni
Sweet music


Tonight the night is mine

Late line till the sun comes through the skylight


I’ve got plenty of java

And Chesterfield Kings
But I feel like crying
I wish I had a heart of ice


Heart like ice

If you want your honey

To look super swell
You must spring for that little blue jar
Patton’s Kiss And Tell
Kiss And Tell


An independent station

With jazz and conversation
From the foot of Mt. Belzoni
Sweet music
Tonight the night is mine

Late line till the sun comes through the skylight


You’d never believe it
But once there was a time
When love was in my life

I sometimes wonder
What happened to that flame

The answer’s still the same
It was you, you, it was you


Tonight you’re still on my mind

An independent station


With jazz and conversation
From the foot of Mt. Belzoni
Sweet music
Tonight the night is mine

Late line till the sun comes through the skylight


Not too bad, for matching words and pictures on the fly, don’t you think?

Whether you, dear reader, are a night or day owl or a day or night fly, you’ve probably noticed that the nights and days have been flying from autumn into winter, from November into December, from Day 1 to Day 700 (or however else you number your days). Lately, in this blog, I’ve sometimes wondered what happened to the flame of

  • warmth,
  • energy, and
  • health

as those flames have seemed to flicker, back and forth, day to night.

However, a true detective might look more closely at this photo (which flew by above):


That’s me, your respectful blogger, in the light of day, flying and dancing in the street. My having the energy to do that yesterday, for way more than seven seconds of sweet music,  made my heart fly with hope for the future.

While The Nightfly says

I wish I had a heart like ice

I wish my heart could stay the same, like it is, without surgery.  I shall fly through several more nights and days before I know more about that (as I fly to consult with several cardiologists, one of whom I KNOW is a night fly/owl).

Am I being too obscure, oblique, or mysterious (like the Nightfly, perhaps)?  If so, please let fly with comments or questions, during your night or day.

In the meantime,


the sun’s come through the skylight.

Many thanks to all night and/or day flies, owls, moths, cats, snow-people, reindeer, and humans (including you, of course!).

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19 thoughts on “Day 700: Night fly

  1. Congratulations on making your 700th post, Ann! And, thank you for posting my favourite “Year of Living Non-Judgmentally” photo ever. (Can you guess which one it is?)

    Tomorrow, will be your 701st post. Do you know what is special about 701? I don’t know how to make this work with WordPress comment box fonts, but 101 is 1 to the power of 0 + 2 to the power of 1 + 3 to the power of 2 + 4 to the power of 3 + 5 to the power of 4.

    Your question today is “What happened to the flame of warmth, energy, and health as those flames have seemed to flicker, back and forth, day to night?”

    Flames flicker when people are moving close by, Ann; and your flame of warmth, energy and heart-health burns and flickers brightly on this blog.

    • Thank you for this power-ful comment, Maureen, which flied to me, beautifully, during the day. When you asked me to guess what your favorite photo was, my mind flickered to a photo in yesterday’s post, which had the word “pi” in it (in honor of you). Could it be you love the trio, today, involving two cats and a human?

      • Dang! I missed yesterday’s pi. I saw pie…. but everything else flew by. But — thank you! I do feel honoured. Oh, and I also noticed a guy crossing the line and two cats yesterday. (I always love cats and never look further for a story.)

  2. I used to be a night owl, probably still am, but life and work has forced me to be otherwise. Good thoughts and prayers being sent your way regarding your beautiful heart. ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Ann,
    I’m a night owl myself. I often find that time best when alone to do some reading. One whom I read often is Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen- deceased and addressed a Venerable, in the early stages of sainthood.
    He once wrote of the human heart in this way; (which I will paraphrase)
    “A human heart is not in the shape of a valentine’s heart. It has a piece missing. It is the piece torn from the heart of all humanity at Calvary. We are sent into the world to love all that we can, yet we cannot, because we don’t have a whole heart to love with. That missing piece will be returned to us when we return to God, who has been keeping it for us from all eternity.”

  4. Day fly, day fly. That is me. I am somewhat miserable as the days get shorter. I love long, sunny delicious days.
    However, I have a sleep disorder and there are nights I don’t fall asleep until midnight yet still awaken around four. Sometimes. I fall asleep early but wake up at midnight. This plays havoc with a real life, which I attempt to have.
    GLAD you danced awhile! I shall now go do a dance of joy for you.

    • Emilie! I don’t know how this comment from you managed to fly by me before. Day is going into night, nineteen days after you wrote this, and here I am finally replying. I now dance a dance of joy for your dance for me, at the beginning of this month.

  5. I thought the Christmas lights in our village were pretty over the top, but I think you have found an unbeatable display.

    • Yes, Hilary, and the house next door is almost as unbeatable (although it wasn’t lit up yet, when we walked by yesterday). I’m sure you’ll be seeing more photos from that location, as we fly back there on future nights.

  6. My life is much happier as a day fly than it was as a night fly, Ann.

    It’s like Night and Day. I’m glad you were Steppin’ Out yesterday with more health and hope.

    Hooray for Donald Fagen, Frank Sinatra and Joe Jackson for their musical hits and you, Ann Koplow, for 700 posts without a miss.

    • Another great comment, flying here to Boston from Syracuse. I’m glad you never miss, too, Mark. Hooray for how we all keep stepping out! And did you know that “Stepping Out” is from the album “Night and Day”?

  7. yeoldefoole

    I suspected that picture was you!!!

    • Great to see you! I don’t know whether you’re a night fly, but you’ve proven yourself a true detective.

      • yeoldefoole

        I used to be – but these days I wake up early (4-5am) and crash early.

  8. Congratulations on Post 700!

    I fly by day. Dark Shadows and the shortening days bring on lethargy, which increases my SAD.

    I’m anxious for your doctor visit to come. I want you to have the power of knowledge to rest your soul. The anxiety of ‘the wait’ is sometimes heavier than the results. I hope you dance again today. My spirit, along with many others, rejoices at your eagerness to dance, the ability to do so, and the joy we find in seeing it reflected through your post. Enjoy a beautiful day, Ann!

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