Day 687: This reminds me of that

“This reminds me of that” is:

  1. A description of my writing style.
  2. The way human brains work, making connections.
  3. A good enough title for this post.
  4. A topic that allows me to pretty much say or show you anything I choose.
  5. The artistic impulse that guides the way I take photos for this blog.
  6. The phrase that was on my mind when I woke up a little while ago.
  7. A title where I considered emphasizing different words, including “THIS reminds me of THAT” or “This REMINDS me of that.”
  8. What people often say (or imply) when they are telling important stories in therapy sessions.
  9. A function of the mind that can cause all sorts of feelings and reactions, including joy, anxiety, pity, sadness, fear, depression, jealousy, and annoyance.
  10. How people often respond to each other in conversation.
  11. All of the above.
  12. All of the above, plus many more things I could add to this list, if I had more time to write this morning.

That reminds me of this:


This reminds me of that other post where I showed you the “What Helps” lists I use in group therapy. Actually, I think I did that in more than one previous post.

This reminds me of that thing I do in most of my posts, where I look for relevant links (and then wonder if they’re helpful to anybody). Right now, I can find references to “What Helps” in:

That reminds me of this: when I search WordPress for previous posts, the resulting list is often too long for me (and you, too, I would assume). It also reminds me of a comment faithful WordPress reader and writer Mark Bialczak made in a previous post of mine (which included the words “here, here, here, here, here, here, and here”) (give or take a few “here’s”), but damned if I’m going to look for that comment now, people!

That reminds me of this: I need something to eat, at this point in my post-writing process.

That reminds me of this: Self-care (including getting good enough nourishment and sleep) is very important, for all of us.

My 16-year-old son Aaron’s alarm clock just rang for the third time since I’ve gotten up this morning. That reminds me of this: he is perfectly capable of getting himself ready for school, without any assistance from me, these days. That reminds me of this: I’m going to parent-teacher conferences at his high school, tomorrow.

That does NOT remind me of this, but I want to write it now anyway: It’s time for me to show you some photos I just took!


That reminds me of this: I went to a 80’s dance party where I needed leg warmers for my costume  and — despite my assumption that they would be difficult to locate — I easily found them at T.J. Maxx!


That reminds me of this: I haven’t shown you photos of our two cats recently. That’s Oscar.

That reminds me of this: I thought I took a photo of both cats, including Harley, right after I got up this morning, but apparently I didn’t.



reminds me of


that and




That reminds me of this:

  • I attended lots of stand-up comedy shows in the 1980’s (when I was NOT wearing leg warmers) and even performed once or twice, myself,
  • My son and I saw Emo Philips (included on the cover of that book) this past weekend,
  • I’ve seen five of the comedians listed on that cover in person, and
  • I appeared at an Open Mic night in the 1980’s (when I was NOT wearing leg warmers) with one of the comedians listed on that cover.



reminds me that it’s time to get ready for work (even though that photo doesn’t show the current time).

Does any of this remind YOU of anything?

Thanks to Aaron, Oscar, Paul Nagano, Emo Philips, T.J. Maxx, people I work with, and everybody else (including you, of course!) who is reminded of anything else, ever.

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26 thoughts on “Day 687: This reminds me of that

  1. And this whole post (and you) reminds me that there is always something to smile at, to relate to, to find joy in!

  2. I agree with Louise. This reminded me to smile. I’ve been up a few hours (anxiously awaiting your post). I haven’t smiled this whole time but I smiled through all of this. As usual!

    • This reminds me of times when I’ve waited for something anxiously. I’m glad you smiled, Emilie … you deserve to smile!

  3. Nice post, good article and a beautiful photo of a beautiful cat of yours Ann…..

  4. You are a naturally warm person, Ann, so leg warmers would be superfluous. But if you ever need a bit of warmth, Oscar looks like he will happily oblige with a cuddle.

    It’s’ been a while since you’ve written about your sunflower seed supply, and seeing Oscar reminded me that your cats used to stand guard over the stash. I hope that Oscar’s position by your keyboard doesn’t indicate that you’ve run out.

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Very good. Wonderful insight…

  6. That reminds me, this is my chance to reverse things and ask if you have any assignments for me, Ann?
    Referring to my comment here yesterday, which may or may not have startled you into packing luggage and purchasing a plane ticket to Hawaii.
    Your magazine cover mentions Bobcat Goldthwaite, who grew up in East Syracuse and forged a stand-up path to fame that led to that place on your coffee table. He saw me in the crowd at one of his shows and made a crack about the local paper and then riffed off the top of his head, local joke after local joke. My face reminded him of that!

    • Here are my assignments for you, Mark:

      (1) That is a book cover, not a magazine cover.
      (2) Bobcat Goldthwait, live from New York, was the comic who appeared (seen by most of us for the very first time) the same night I did my stand-up routine at an Open Mic night at the Charles Playhouse in Boston, in the 1980’s.
      (3) Discuss.
      (4) Remember to accept thanks from me for your comment.

      • That is one heck of a book you have there about stand-up, Ann. I bet it’s made for interesting reading several times over, for you and subsequetnly, Aaron.

        How serendipitous and marvelous that you got to appear on the very same state at the Charles Playhouse in Boston that night in the 1980s when he made the trip from New York to entertain the good folks in Beantown, most of them for the very first time. I bet his over-the-top style was an eye-opener for all, Ann. How do you recall his set, and how do you recall your open night performance that special night?

        And you are welcome for my initial comment regarding Mr. Goldthwaite and his Syracuse ties, as well as my tendency toward assigning tasks instead of making kind suggestions.

        Thank you and good night.

      • Bobcat really stood out, Mark, with his unique style. Your questions also reminded me of this: my performance went quite well in front of strangers, friends, and my stand-up comedy teacher Ron Lynch (who’s appeared in posts guess where). I’ve rarely done something that scared me quite that much, so I’m reminded that I was relieved, proud, and happy that night.

      • I think stand-up would be very scary indeed, Ann. If Ron Lynch that you wrote about you know where was happy, you did very well! Way to go. Why did you stop?

      • More good questions, after you said good night, Mark! I stopped because I had reached my goal of trying something that scared and fascinated me that much. Who knows, though … this might remind me to try it again.

  7. Emo Phillips is very funny.

  8. Pingback: Day 688: Multiple times | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  9. I am wearing bed socks with the feet cut off as leg warmers, but I’d prefer the ones in your picture.

    • I thought I was going to have to cut something up to make leg warmers Hilary; I was so pleasantly surprised to find those at a local store.

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