Day 672: Care

I care to start this way, today:

What are your associations with the word “care”?

I often think about caring for others and caring for self,  and yet I’ve only cared to feature the word “care” in three previous blogs posts:

If you  carefully look at those titles only, you might assume this blog is written by somebody who is care-less. I don’t care to see myself that way.

In yesterday’s post,  I elaborated about two things I care about:

  1. Friendship and
  2. Work

In addition, I care for what I see in the world around me. Here are some images I cared enough to capture with my iPhone recently, but haven’t taken the care, yet, to show you:

IMG_1645 IMG_1665 IMG_1697IMG_1701 IMG_1715

Yesterday, I was at a day-long retreat with people who care about group therapy and how it can improve lives. During the morning, we talked about ways we can slow down while trying to take care of everything that needs taking care of, in our lives.

During lunch, despite the care I take during eating, I started choking on the very excellent and spicy bouillabaisse Marc (appearing previously here) had taken great care to prepare for us . My instincts — about caring for myself and others — caused me to get up, leave the room, and go into a corner of the kitchen by myself, as I waited for the choking fit to stop. Joe — who was hosting the retreat at his home (and who has appeared, dancing, in this blog post) — cared enough to notice me and asked:

Are you okay? Do you need anything?

And in case you care to hear the ensuing dialog, here it is:

Me: I’m okay. Something went down the wrong way, and I’m one of those people who, when I’m in pain, I go off by myself, like a wounded animal.

Joe: You mean, kind of like bunny rabbits that go under the porch to die?

Me: No. I mean, kind of like a tiger that’s not dying.

And because writing this blog every day is part of my self-care, I was picturing this:

a4939b91ad16b5247a354571a95cbb82 (2)

Who cares?  I do, as best I can.

I guess I learned something from the retreat yesterday, because I am allowing myself to slow down, now, and think about songs, poems, and other memories I have about the word “care.”

I remember this poem that my late, funny father told me about somebody in his high school:

Jerry is a drummer rare.

If he didn’t play, we wouldn’t care.

When I allowed myself to think about songs with “care” in them, this was the one that came to mind:

(Carmen McRae singing “Bye Bye Blackbird” found here on YouTube)

I care enough about that tune to include another version, here:

(YouTube video of Julie London singing “Bye Bye Blackbird” found here)

There are so many great versions of that song on YouTube! If you care, you can click on the link in that previous sentence.

Does anybody care if I include one more favorite —  Miles Davis  — here?

That song reminded me of this: When I left the retreat yesterday, somebody cared enough to say:

Bye, bye, blackbird.

Thanks to those I saw yesterday (and all other days, too) and to you — of course! — for caring enough to visit today.

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39 thoughts on “Day 672: Care

  1. The world is a better place with caring peeps like you Ann!
    I care about you 🙂
    Val x

  2. You do seem like quite the caring individual! 🙂 Being a former teacher, I love the picture of the sign outside of the school! I also like that you see yourself as a tiger not who’s not dying–I’m fairly tiger-ish myself! 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. You do caring work and seem to be in a caring work environment. What more can one ask?

  4. Oops! Haven’t finished my coffee yet! “a tiger who’s not dying!”

  5. Thank you for caring, Ann. In all that caring, don’t forget to care for you. It is so not easy to slow down, and every day I must have a self-talk with me, pace yourself, slow down, and take time to care for me. Thank you for the reminder. Love, Amy

  6. yeseventhistoowillpass

    You help us remember to look around and read inscriptions. I do it now.

  7. It s(care)s me to hear you say you go off in the corner when you’re choking, Ann. Stay in the spotlight so people can thwack you on the back if that’s what you need! Or Heimlich, if more serious. Goodness, smart person going Tiger on the retreat.

    I am not a fan of things “going down the wrong pipe” as I put it. S.O.S. Seriously Overstuffing Something with liquid or food in my case. OK. We both lived!

    I care to say, have a great Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday … Nano Poblano!

  8. Nice post tiger 🙂

  9. Glad you didn’t die!

  10. spartacus2030

    I started reading, but I’m so hungry now, my stomach feels like a deflated, wet, balloon! You sound so much like me, that maybe you’ll be back to finish reading your post. There’s no time in cyberspace, so you won’t miss me at all :O)

  11. spartacus2030

    Hi! It’s the pest again! I had poached eggs on burnt toast crumbs and my balloon feels much better now. I like to feel balloons. I hope that’s not a felony! I take it you’re a Jazz fan. Smart people like Jazz, smart people say. I like to guzzle cold water and choke on it virtually every time. My rhythm goes off for some reason, so I always wind up spraying my cat. Poor thing…

    I’m not easily intimidated either. I concentrate on being nonjudgmental about myself. That way, I’m not afraid to say whatever’s on my mind. Some people don’t like that, but I blurt it out anyway. I care very much for people; to the point of night sweats! That’s the thing about people. ‘You say come here, come here!’ and like cats, they run away from you. Say: ‘Get away from me!’ and they flock to your side… I’ve never understood that. Maybe people in general are just gluttons for punishment. I’ll be back to visit you again and hope you’ll visit me…

    • Even though there’s no time in cyberspace, I hope I get the time to visit your blog, soon. Does that mean I’m a glutton for punishment?

      • spartacus2030

        Of corpse not! I’m harmless… I noticed your handle Ann. Do you run a Day Care center? That’s a tough job!

      • I’m back from my visit to your space. Thanks for being so caring.

      • spartacus2030

        I always care for my viewers Ann. I know how extremely difficult life can be for us sometimes… Sometimes we don’t even understand why, but troopers that we all are, we keep trudging along. I’m just tickled purple with orange pockadots (Crumby dictionary!) that your such an honestly real friend… Well, not brand new :O)

  12. Where somebody waits for me,
    Sugar is sweet, so is she,

  13. I love the word ‘care’, I’m glad you used it – and found it – today.

  14. I think you have “care” in the right order – self care and the others. The first one is not to mean a selfish kind of care.

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  16. I have literally been thinking about the same word, “care,” for the past few days. We’re on the same wavelength! RJ

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