Day 665: Smiles

I am smiling as I’m writing this, remembering moments from my presentation yesterday, in a room full of people interested in the group therapy I do.  There were smiles there, as well as lots of other feelings and facial expressions, too.

I’m also smiling as I’m remembering how encouraging and helpful my readers have been for me here as I’ve prepared for this presentation (which went well enough to make me and other people smile).

“Smiles” could have easily been the title of many blog posts before today’s, because I’ve written many times about joy (here, here, here, and here, for example). But smiles have never shown up in the title before.

That makes me smile, in wonder.

Here are some other random thoughts I have, right now, about smiles:

  • When I interact with people who never seem to smile, no matter what, I can feel nervous and unsettled.
  • Yesterday, right before my presentation, I made note that the day was special for another reason: the wedding anniversary of my late parents. Then, part of my presentation preparation included looking at these smiles:


  • When I look at those smiles, I can smile back and also cry. As I’ve oft tried to communicate (including in this post here), all feelings — not just smiles — are important, honored, and welcomed.

Here is Judy Garland, smiling (and showing other things, too) as she sings “Smile” (music written by Charlie Chaplin).

Here are some smiles from yesterday:

IMG_1403 IMG_1406 IMG_1410 IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1420 IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1429 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1432 IMG_1436 IMG_1437

If you express anything in a comment (including a favorite “Smile” song of your own), what do you think I’ll do?

Thanks to everyone who reads, smiles, cries, expresses, and does whatever else helps each person cope, heal, and grow. If you realize I’ve thanked you … big smile.

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43 thoughts on “Day 665: Smiles

  1. monalee2usa

    Smiles to is one of my favorite smiling songs..copy and paste please

  2. Judy Garland’s voice and several of her songs give me memories that are mixed and sad, this one and Over the Rainbow bring me to tears. I loved the couple photo, wish it were someone you knew and could share their story with us, Ann. Also, people who have low or no affect are disconcerting to me, too!

    • Hi, Robin! As always, I smile to see you here. I am also thinking my writing this morning wasn’t very clear. That couple photo shows my parents, both deceased.

  3. It makes me smile just to get over here to your non-judgmental blog. I know some people are, you know, afraid of nonjudgmentalists, and the whole nonjudgmentalism thing and its extreme light-wing policy tendencies. It has come in handy for me lately, that’s all I can say. And sometimes just seeing the word “smile” is a lightening thing, isn’t it? And seeing a smile, that’s another thing altogether. Thanks for sharing some.

  4. Ann,
    “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Saint Mother Teresa.
    When my mom was in grade school her teacher would have her stand in front of the class to show her bright smile. At her funeral mass the pastor’s first comment in his eulogy was about that same smile. It was an outstanding feature of hers’ that was simply a manifestation of her loving heart.
    By the way: her name was Ann, also.

  5. If you’re smiling then the presentation went well! Congratulations! I’m smiling for you and your success! And I love the picture of your parents and that they could be there with you and for you, even if just in spirit!

  6. smiling
    sadness 🙂

  7. This post makes me smile Ann! And hopefully this song, one of my all-time favourites, will make you smile today Ann.

    Diana xo

  8. You make me smile in some way, shape or form, every day, Ann. Today it was because looking at the wonderful smiles of your parents, I can imagine the smile on your face, my friend. Which, of course, you never show to us in this day and age, just from when you were a little girl at the piano. In any case, I picture a perfect mix of those two smiles up above. And that made me smile.

    Also, because today my dear wife Karen and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, here’s another smile for you. This is No. 6, a special one for the fact that it’s the first that falls on a Monday, the very day of the week that we hopped into our car and drove from our home in Syracuse to City Hall in Niagara Falls, U.S., side, eloped like two happy kids, to make it official.

    • Happy Anniversary to Mark and Karen! I can picture both of your smiles, right now.

      My friend Krystal wrote this about that photo of my parents: “I just love your parents’ smiles. What I really love, Ann, is how I see you in both of them!” So I think you were doing a great job imagining my smile, Mark, and I hope you can imagine it, right now

  9. agwink1942

    Ann, I have found the only way to cope with MS is to find something to smile (or just have a big belly laugh at) every day of my life. It occurred to me one day that I could either laugh or cry and laughing is so much easier to do than cry, makes better wrinkles, and doesn’t cause headaches, so I started laughing that day, and haven’t stopped yet. Hard to find things some days, but when you look hard enough there is always something silly going on, even if it’s just stubbing the same old big toe you’ve been stubbing every day for the past 6 months. So, keep on smiling, or just give a big old belly laugh at something. IT sure helps pass the day.

  10. Glad your presentation went well – I knew it would!
    And this post made me smile. Smiling still.

  11. The happiest song i know is “Zing Zing, Zoom Zoom”, by Perry Como. Now how many of you can profess to remember that one?

  12. How about Shanice’s song “I Love Your Smile.” Thanks for the smiles, Ann.

  13. So many smiles and big grins today Ann! Thank you for being such a light wing catalyst.

  14. I am enchanted by the little circle of figures. A smile song? That’s tricky we just been watching Zeffirelli’s film of Verdi’s Otello – wonderful music, but not much smiling. I remember a big smile when I found this song

    In my father’s memoirs he mentions performing this song in one of the prison camp plays when he was a Far East POW in WWII. Performing as a female dancer was one of the things that kept him sane.

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