Day 651: What have we got?

What have we got?

The beginning of yet another post

made up as I go along.

Starting with me, I hope it will be,

A way we might all belong.


What have we got?

This song by Sting

I’m pleased to bring.

(Now hear him sing.)


What have we got?

Tasks galore,

Fears and more,

Sleep machine,

Things to clean,

Ebola threats,

Other frets,

Cold and heat,

What to eat?

Change is there,

What to wear?

Child who grows,

No one knows,

Hopes and dreams,

What it seems,

What it is,

Therapy biz,

Cope and heal,

Okay to feel,

Scarves and hats,

Humans and cats,

Yay! and meow,

Then and now,

Now is best,

For the rest.


IMG_0634 IMG_0674 IMG_0678  IMG_0691IMG_0694 IMG_0708 IMG_0714 IMG_0722 IMG_0728 IMG_0736 IMG_0754 IMG_0756 IMG_0764 IMG_0806

That’s the lot.

What have you got?

Thanks to Sting and everything that helped me say my piece today. And special thanks (it’s true) to you, for who you are and what you do.

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27 thoughts on “Day 651: What have we got?

  1. You inspire me to do better, more creative, posts!

  2. I find nature incredibly therapeutic. Looking at your autumn images I think I would head out there PDQ. Ponds and boardwalks are usually very healing.

    • I find nature incredibly therapeutic too, Andrew. I headed out there PDQ yesterday and I’ll see what I can do today. It’s wonderful to see you, enjoying the ponds and the boardwalks here.

  3. Aw, thanks to you and what you do, Ann!! Loved these words and photos – thanks for uplifting my Monday morning 🙂

    Blessings to you!


  4. Looks like you have a lot! I hope you also have a great day!

  5. We’ve got Monday off for Thanksgiving!
    Diana xo

    • Yay, Diana!! We’ve got Monday off, for Columbus Day.
      Ann xo

      • That’s great. I’m going to suggest to the Canada department of holidays that we should have a holiday on the 4th Thursday of November then – it’s only fair – we could call it Jacques Cartier Day or the Vikings land in Newfoundland or something… 😀

      • You’ve got a great idea, Diana!

  6. Wonderful . I have got a big decision ahead . I am thinking about accepting the things that I love and enjoy .There are topics that I like to explore and read about and I want to share it with others so that they can learn from my experience and search . I discuss this with my friend and she has been very supportive and has asked me to share this idea with one of the teachers who is also a counselor . I really want to take this step and see how things work out but I am also very nervous and want support.

    • I hope you feel support here, too, mk. The best to you, as you consider decisions, self-acceptance, and changes (all of which can make human beings nervous!).

  7. Your verse was just the topic for what autumn was giving me today in Syrause, with alternate rays of sunshine and shadows of gray, Ann. Thank you for your meter and gallery.

  8. Gene Phillips

    Wonderfully fun, charming post.

  9. Hi Ann 🙂
    This is quite a poetic post!
    I’ve got lots going on. That’s what I’ve got.
    Hope you are doing well.

    The pic of the car is very artistic.
    The outdoor images of fall are beautiful!
    This is definitely a picturesque time of the year!


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  11. I have to laugh, beside me is a list of things to do which has strong echoes of yours. I hope that abandoned house is truly abandoned and there isn’t some poor soul behind the curtains and I love the lake picture.

    • What have we got? A great comment by Hilary. I think we’ve also got a non-abandoned house in the photos (as far as I can tell).

  12. The Sting music accompanied by your excellent photos and commentary is what we have to be grateful for!

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