Day 644: Magical

Today’s post title was inspired by this Jaco Pastorius tune, magically playing as I walked around yesterday, during a magically beautiful Sunday.

(YouTube video of Opus Pocus by Jaco Pastorius found here)

Jaco Pastorius was a magician of a jazz bass player, who apparently had bipolar disorder and who died way too young.  He played on several of my favorite albums of the 1970’s, like Jaco Pastorius (where “Opus Pocus” appears)

download (33)

and Weather Report‘s Black Market

download (34).

To demonstrate for you, ladies and gentlemen, the magic of Jaco, I looked for videos on YouTube of him playing live. And I found something very magical, for me:  the full Shadows and Light concert from 1979, with many of my favorite magicians/musicians, including:

If you wish to see that musical magic (and how Magicians Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays looked and sounded when I first saw them at the Paradise in Boston), click on this magical link.

I am not imbedding the video of that concert into this post, because I’m concerned about how blog-posting magic might be working for me, these days.  I’ve heard from some of my magical readers —  Mark Bialczak and LadyPinkRose — about my posts loading too slowly.

Technology can seem like magic to me.  When I am doing something new, I tend to learn only those spells I need to get some magic started. If there are problems later (in blogging and elsewhere), I can forget my ability to learn anew, to keep  enchantments coming.

I’m working on improving the magic here. For now,  I’m wondering how these images from yesterday are going to magically appear, for you:

IMG_0192 IMG_0197


IMG_0212 IMG_0217 IMG_0222 IMG_0228 IMG_0240 IMG_0253IMG_0244 IMG_0209 IMG_0255 IMG_0262 IMG_0284 IMG_0263 IMG_0275 IMG_0278

Did you notice anything magically new there, in any way? (I’m going to reveal my behind-the-scenes trick: I tried to improve the WordPress Photo Witchcraft today, by scaling down those images in my media library.)

Now that I’ve magically altered my state of mind (if not my photos) — by summoning up that joyous performance  of “In France They Kiss on Main Street” (starting at the 2:00 minute mark of the Shadows and Light concert) AND by sharing some personal magic with you — I’m ready to publish this post and start my work week.

I wonder what other magic I’ll encounter today?

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29 thoughts on “Day 644: Magical

  1. kellie@writingmoment

    It’s like there is always something for everyone in your posts and this one is no exception! Love the Roald Dahl quote! Love the pics too!

  2. I saw Weather Report live in London back in the 80s and was mesmerised by Pastorius’s bass playing – real magic. I didn’t know he had bipolar, or that he was dead – what a shame. This world needs all the magic it can get!

    • I agree this world needs all the magic it can get, Annabelle. I’m glad you caught some of the magic that was Jaco (and the rest of Weather Report, too). I think your comment today is going to magically affect tomorrow’s blog post.

  3. Desperately sad death. Genius with the bass.

  4. “Those who don’ believe in magic will never find it” ~~~ Love this!! It’s true. Believing supports receiving! 🙂

    Thanks for your light, Ann.

  5. Love this post and especially the quote. It could be my personal mission 🙂
    Never heard of this musician, will click later.

    Also am curious about the photos, I am intrigued!

  6. I just love the idea of looking for magic, Ann. It is still really quite early in my day, and I’m going to follow that lovely lead. I didn’t know the artist Jaco Pastorious, but thank you for this splendid introduction. I will enjoy learning more about his music, which I find in this brief listen to be very enjoyable. I’m a Pat Metheny fan, too, Ann, so glad to know we have some musical tastes in common. Your photos are wonderful and inviting, and I never find anything you share to be repetitive, and instead, you seem to always share with a fresh eye to the everyday. That’s what sets you apart. Have a wonderful–and yes, magical–day…week. 🙂

    • It was lovely to read your comment in the middle of my day. And I am so happy we share an appreciation of Pat Metheny! Many thanks for your kind, thoughtful, and magical words.

  7. It’s probably an issue here at my end, but your photos did not load at all Ann 😦
    Diana xo
    Enjoy the music and magic today my friend!

    • I think that’s happened before with you and my photos and then — poof! — the next time, the photos loaded like magic. I hope you get to see them.

      Today, I enjoyed music, magic, and your visit, friend Diana.

  8. Well, at least you always know how to spell, Ann.

    The photo magic, however, had no effect on my load time. Almost a Return to Forever minus a great Jaco jam. I think it’s the sheer number of photos you place on your posts. Maybe. Still guessing.

    Thanks for sharing nevertheless, my friend. Weather Report! Sunny and fantastic.

  9. Always an informative post. Lovely photos, too.

  10. I think you have few pictures of black cats 🙂

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