Day 641: Lots of freakin ____

Yesterday, there was lots of freakin

  • rain,
  • pain,
  • dark,
  • doom,
  • disinterest,
  • discontent,
  • detours,
  • distortion, and
  • data.

Yes, I experienced and witnessed a lot of freakin freakin!

I don’t mean to

… but I wasn’t alone in this.

Do I have proofs about that?

Of course!  For example, I could tell you stories I heard in my therapy office yesterday (if I made sure to protect confidentiality and completely hide identities) where people talked about

  • shame,
  • jealousy,
  • challenges,
  • strengths,
  • interpersonal issues,
  • focusing,
  • interrupting,
  • choices,
  • cognitive distortions including mind-reading,
  • the antidote of reality testing,
  • taking risks,
  • being vulnerable,
  • roles and expectations,
  • self esteem,
  • safety,
  • self-confidence,
  • compliments,
  • fitting in,
  • finances,
  • isolation,
  • venturing forth,
  • fear of being alone,
  • fear of the new,
  • fear of the unknown,
  • balancing listening and talking,
  • and jealousy.

And that was just in the two groups I freakin facilitated!

Or, I could tell you about a freakin misunderstanding between me and one of the doctors I work with, in a large primary care practice in a major Boston teaching hospital. Here’s an email I sent her, before I left work:

Another misunderstanding! I wasn’t upset. I just sound that way sometimes in email when I want to make sure providers understand my limits.

Let’s talk in person!!! Email sucks!

However, I’d rather show you two photos I took, at the end of the day:




Are you experiencing lots of freakin _____, where you are? (It wouldn’t freakin kill you to tell me, would it?)

To help promote a less freakin Friday, here are two freakin disco tunes I danced to in the 1970s:

(“There But For the Grace of God” by Machine found here on YouTube)

(“Le Freak” by Chic found here on YouTube)

Thanks to freakin everybody — including you, of course! — here and now.

Note: I just re-read this post after publishing it, and I wondered if I might have miscommunicated  (like I did with that doctor).  Therefore, I would like to balance things out, with another photo I took yesterday:


It’s freakin churros with freakin chocolate (among other things) on my freakin desk!

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29 thoughts on “Day 641: Lots of freakin ____

  1. yeoldefoole

    today I’d like Reality a little watered down…

  2. Out of all the freakin’ things, Ann, you remind me today of how in my disco days I used to dance with my feet planted firmly on the floor. Or so I was told by amazed dance partners. Ha!

  3. Churros with chocolate look really good! Have a great Friday!

  4. yeseventhistoowillpass

    This post was freakin funny. I’m freakin out.

  5. Le Freak ~ love it! A little freaky out here, but it is good to be a freak now & then isn’t it.

  6. Freakin communication breakdowns freak me out! The Tesco delivery man has been trying to call me to tell me he’d be late with my food order but claimed he couldn’t get an answer – as far as I know I’ve been sitting next to a fully functioning phone all morning and it hasn’t rung once. Could it be that the phone is broken? Or is it just Mercury in retrograde? Or – surely not! – was the Tesco man delivering pork pies?* Answers on a postcard, please.
    *Cockney rhyming slang – pork pies: lies

    • I love all your freakin comments, Annabelle, but this one might be one of my favorites. And I am not delivering pork pies! (But i hope that freakin Tesco man gets there SOON.)

  7. The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers offer our freakin’ condolences. Hope we’re not too late. 😉

  8. The last two freaking things at the bottom of the posts are good ones 🙂 I am surprised to see jealousy is listed twice.

  9. Well it seems I’ve had a string of those freaking day all linked to data deadlines at school. So, thanks, Ann, for getting my heart pumpin’ and my feet movin’ to Chic’s “Le Freak.” Great danceable tune.

  10. No freaking here that I’m aware of here in the UK so far, but I’m not exactly in the loop.

  11. Your post is freakin awesome 🙂 .
    I thought no one would freakin ask about my freakin experiences today 😉 . I was freakin angry at myself for feeling down and for over-analyzing thing that has happened in the past and I could not change them . I am freakin tried of feeling this way . I have alot of university work to complete and no freakin time for that . Now the freakin good part of my day , I am freakin motivated to write two posts , I have decided the titles and am very excited to write something on those topics and the best part is that that would be for me as it will make me happy .

  12. This post is freakin awesome. I had freakin rain and my freakin ipad is not handling the freakin iOS upgrade and patch. And that freaks me out. And im out of freakin rum, so I’ve got to put on my big girl panties and freakin handle it.

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