Day 628: Where do you get your ideas?

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of wonderment, amazement, surprise, and disbelief — from people in the Blog-o-Sphere and in the Non-Blog-o-Sphere — about the fact that I blog every day.

I, in response, have a lot of wonderment, amazement, surprise and disbelief that this seems so incredible to people.

Honestly, though, if I had not started blogging on January, 2013 and kept that going daily, I would also find such once-a-day, long-sustained blogging … wonderful, amazing, surprising,  incredible, and — probably — beyond my capabilities.

We never know what we can accomplish until we do it, right?

While many people have told me they are impressed and surprised that I have maintained a streak of Six Hundred and Twenty-Seven posts in a row,  nobody has asked me this specific question, so far:

Where do you get your ideas?

If they did ask that, I would probably answer — in my usually digressive way — by telling this at-first-seemingly-unrelated story:

When my son, Aaron, was born 16 years ago, on February 23, 1998, almost everybody I knew expressed wonderment, amazement, surprise, and disbelief that Aaron had red hair. Why? Because both I and Aaron’s father had dark brown hair.

As Aaron was growing up, he (and we) heard this question, over and over again:

Where did that red hair come from?

I taught Aaron to reply to that question a certain way, which I shall reveal momentarily, in my usual digressive way.

Before I do reveal that, I want to let people know that I stole this answer from a social worker who went to graduate school with me and who just happened to be working in the hospital where Aaron was born.  This nice, red-headed social worker (whose name I cannot recall, in the moment) told me that her family taught her to answer the above question, as follows:

It came with my head.

Now, with just a little re-writing, I think I can use that same response — which Aaron said many times as he was growing up — to answer the title question of this post.

Hmmm.  But what IS the best way to rewrite that, now, to:

Should the answer to the question “Where do you get your ideas?” be:

  • they came with my head?
  • they come with my head?
  • or something else?

Geesh! Rewriting, to make something fit perfectly, can take a lot of time and effort.  It’s a good thing I’ve let go of any dream of perfection, here.

If I hadn’t, how could I possibly blog every day?

While I don’t include perfection here, I do include photos. Let’s see if I have any recent shots stored on my iPhone that might fit this topic — if not perfectly — well enough.

Aha!  Here’s a photo I took at the Teacher/Parent Open House at my son’s high school, a few evenings back (when I was looking for C words for this post):


That suggests — to my brunette head — another possible answer to the title question of today’s post:


One final question, today, before I publish this post: How might you answer today’s post question, for yourself? In other words, where do you get your ideas?

Hmmmm.   I’ve just looked at the time and realized I’m finishing this post earlier than I expected. Is it okay to publish this post on 7:17 on a Saturday morning?  Or, would that confound, confuse, or otherwise craze my regular readers, who might expect me to publish this at a later time today?*

Just in case, I shall stall the publishing of this post, one more time, by searching for a piece of music that fits this post — if not perfectly —  well enough.

I just went to YouTube and searched “where do you get your ideas song.”  This is what I found:

That’s American singer-pianist-songwriter Billy Joel explaining to school students, in 1983,  the answer to the question, “Where do you get your ideas?”

While that video IS interesting, it’s not meeting MY needs, for a music-related video. (And, believe me, I write these posts, daily, to meet my own needs.)

Here’s one that does meet my needs:

(Bee Gees performing “Idea” found here)

Okay!  It’s time to publish this Six Hundred and Twenty-Eighth (but who’s counting?) post!

Thanks to my son, to my son’s teachers, to nice social workers everywhere, to Billy Joel, to the Bee Gees, to ideas (and idea-generators), and to you — of course! — for doing your best to understand all these ideas, today.

* New readers might not recognize this, but I’m “mind reading” here.  For more about mind reading and other CBT cognitive distortions, see here.

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17 thoughts on “Day 628: Where do you get your ideas?

  1. Great post 🙂

  2. Perfect answers, Ann. Red hair from Aaron’s head. Your ideas from your brain! Me, too. Not the red hair, the diminishing and graying blonde-brown hair and the ideas. But first … It’s a matter of looking at life and feeding my brain. As Porky would say … That’s All, Folks. Thanks, Ann.

  3. I also began blogging in January 2013, but not daily. I figured I would try to blog weekly for a year. Well we are close to 2 years now and I average about 2.5 posts a month ( I used a calculator here to estimate). Anyway, my everyday life informs me even more than my “planned” ideas. I was concerned I would run out of ideas. Turns out, I have more ideas than time to write. 🙂 I so appreciate your down to earth style Anne. BTW, I know mind-reading is a poor coping strategy, distortion, yet it is quite wonderful if you use your psychic abilities, which I do from time to time.


  4. Ann … I am amazed, surprised and … well, you get the idea … that any one can post once a day. Sometimes I sit here, frustrated, wondering what I’ll write for next week’s post. The fast-approaching deadline usually spurs me to action and WHEW! saved by the bell, I have a story idea. Keep up the great work. 😉

  5. findingmyinnercourage

    Plain and simple, excellent Blog! I found this to be extremely thought provoking in my own blogging world. You amaze me Ann!

  6. Hi Ann, wow it took 10 minutes to find “C”omment boxes! Dialectic therapeutic development – great for Boarderlines!!! I do wonder how you put out a daily blog. If I can write 3 to 4 blogs monthly and the two books, plus meetings – groups – speeches and write a column on LI now in one month I think that is more than full time. Well also the ARabians take time and the dog and cat. All precious hours each day – seems to be speeding up, what to do since time is speeding up – ADD MORE STUFF! to accomplish! ;~) As in 3-4 email accounts LOLOLOL
    “It came with the head” Your son is brilliant and I hope he does not mind if I borrow that phrase. Why us red heads are ask “where did you get the red hair” ??? is odd to me. Do blondes and brunettes get asked this question? Hardly ever. Your son’s comment is perfectly logical – is a Spock type as well?
    Back to your blogging daily, you are right up in the narrows with Tim Ferris and Seth Godin!! They are both A D D and make it work. A blog article for me takes from 3 days to at least a week. My hat is tipped in appreciation to your writings. Enjoy the reunion! Are they any fun, never been to one! Cheers MicheleElys

    • Thank you, MicheleElys, for all the great ideas in this comment. Being a redhead is something special … I hope you enjoy that! I will let you know about the reunion. Guess who is going with me to a reunion party, tonight. My redheaded son.

    • Redheads are a genetic defect, as in Hybrid and a becoming an endangered species. Is that special, well I suppos, it is, what we do with- what we have to make it successful. Of course your son is Special, he is your son. Thank you Ann!!

  7. Among the people I follow, there have recently been posts about imagination, suggesting that it may be a bad/good thing. I don’t know about you, but it’s built in to my head. I know this is off-topic, but my blonde brother and his brunette wife have a daughter with bright red hair (I have ginger hair…).

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