Day 625: Where am I?


Where am I?


Right here.


Where is here?


  1. In my kitchen.
  2. On my laptop.
  3. At WordPress.
  4. In Massachusetts, USA.
  5. In the midst of my life.
  6. On my path.
  7. At a specific longitude and latitude, which I don’t know.
  8. Wait, there’s an app for that!
  9. I can’t remember my password.
  10. Where is the password?
  11. I found my password.
  12. I actually knew my password. I just typed it in wrong, the first time.
  13. I typed it in wrong, again.
  14. Got it, that time!
  15. “Cannot connect to iTunes store.”
  16. Who needs longitude and latitude, anyway?  It’s not like I’m friggin’ lost at sea.
  17. Exactly where I’m supposed to be.


Where else am I?


Happy that the list, above, had 17 items, since

  • today is the 17th and
  • 17 is my lucky number.


Where else am I?


At the beginning of a day where I expect to:

  1. Publish a good-enough blog post.
  2. Help my son (if he needs any help) leave for school.
  3. Be as present in the moment, as possible, for him and for myself.
  4. Go to work.
  5. Orient and register somebody for the therapy groups I do.
  6. Facilitate a therapy group of people who have chosen to be wherever we are and wherever we go together.
  7. Drink enough water.
  8. Eat something.
  9. See my cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem.
  10. Meet all my son’s new teachers, at his high school, which is such a friggin’ labyrinth with so many stairs and confusing room numbers that I’ll probably wonder, “Where am I??” several times.
  11. Ask directions, at my son’s school, from people who will help me get to all the right classrooms, on time.
  12. Find my car, in the school parking lot.
  13. Drive to a house in Arlington, Massachusetts, for the remainder of a Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy board meeting.
  14. Drive home.
  15. See my boyfriend Michael.
  16. Find out about my son’s day. (Where will Aaron be? With his father, at that point on this Wednesday.)
  17. Be in the moment as much as possible.


Where else am I?


Wanting to give myself and my readers some gifts.

First, some photos of where I’ve been recently:

IMG_9291 IMG_9292 IMG_9294

Finally, some music.  Where shall I find something

  1. appropriate to today’s post,
  2. that I love,
  3. that you might enjoy, also?

Here’s the best I can do, where I am:

(Question: Where is that YouTube video of Buffalo Springfield‘s “Questions”?  Answer: Here)


Thanks to everybody reading this, no matter where you are.

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29 thoughts on “Day 625: Where am I?

  1. Naming where we are opens up so many options!
    p.s. I’m sitting right next to you 🙂
    Val x

  2. I like sitting right here where I am reading your words and pondering your questions ( and Buffalo springfield’s too) — that black cat looks just like Marley the Great Cat! 🙂 He’s here too!

    • I’m so glad that you and Marley the Great Cat are there, Louise! By the way, that cat’s name is Mambo. He’s been around a lot, lately.

  3. How many of us are in the NOW moment? I am here “talking” to my friend, Ann. Good morning, Ann! (((HUGS))) Amy

  4. Anxiety over anxiety – LOL – that I totally get! 🙂 Have a great day and enjoy open house! Mr. T and I attended his last week and he wanted to go “in order”, so that I would see how far he has to walk every day!

  5. Go to google and type “map coordinates for …” in the search box or go to Wikipedia’s entry for your town, and you’ll find it there, too.

    42°21’29″N 71°03’49″W are the Boston map coordinates.

  6. Some of your answers or more “When am I” than “Where am I”. No matter where you are right now, you are in the midst of your life and trying to appreciate the moment. 🙂

  7. I’m right here with you Ann, reading your post and smiling. Happy 17th!
    Diana xo

  8. that got me too, anxiety over anxiety. I so get that. I also loved reading all the thoughts streaming through your head about your day and where you are at.

  9. yeoldefoole

    another wonderful post!

  10. Well, Ann, for what it’s worth, it’s time to stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down. That’s where I’m at after you’ve gone and placed a Buffalo Springfield song on your blog today, thank you very much. I hope I’m exactly clear.

  11. Little story: I have been getting anxious about not hearing from the person at the printer handling my book. She failed to answer crucial questions in two emails, she was in a meeting whenever I tried ringing, and in spite of promises never rang back. This has lasted a couple of weeks. I know I’m just a pipsqueak author, she has far bigger fish to fry and more important things to attend to. She finally phoned today. She didn’t make excuses (as in a previous phone call), she answered all my questions fully, she will personally check something that worried me about the cover and my books will arrive THIS Friday. Whatever is happening at her end it has absolutely nothing to do with me or my status as an author. My relief is out of proportion, but that’s entirely because my self-doubt was so absurdly disproportionate too.

    • Thanks for sharing that story, Hilary. I’m thinking that’s an excellent example of how we human beings can personalize and so quickly expect the worst.It’s a story I can really relate to.

      Wouldn’t it be great to have out-of-proportion relief without going through the step of out-of-proportion self-doubt?

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