Day 622: What we keep

As I mentioned in Day 616: Nostalgia, I recently recovered some old papers from the basement of a home I occupied with my ex-husband, Leon, for many years. Since then, I’ve been going through cards, letters, photos, and other memories, deciding what to keep from now on.

How do we ever make decisions, like those?

Today, I’ll show you some things I’ve kept so far.

A card that a very kind doctor — whom I’ll never forget — sent me, soon after I got my first cardiac pacemaker at age 10.


A letter that a dear friend (and her dear mother) wrote me, during one of my many return trips to the hospital after that.IMG_9198

A letter that several of my classmates worked on, while I was spending time in Children’s Hospital.IMG_9200

A letter from somebody I met during one of my early hospital stays:


More Get Well wishes from people I knew way-back-when (and some I know here-and-now).


IMG_9208 IMG_9107 IMG_9174  IMG_9204

Stuff from my late parents and their friends:

IMG_9095 IMG_9148 IMG_9211 IMG_9098

Stuff I received from nice guys (including a forgotten gift from a musician appearing in many of my blog posts):IMG_9158

IMG_9167IMG_9151 IMG_9186 IMG_9170IMG_9143 IMG_9184  IMG_9140 IMG_9183IMG_9218 IMG_9171IMG_9212 IMG_9188 IMG_9097



Stuff I received from nice gals:

IMG_9169 IMG_9099 IMG_9101 IMG_9138 IMG_9219 IMG_9182 IMG_9132 IMG_9090IMG_9131 IMG_9130  IMG_9086  IMG_9233 IMG_9234IMG_9235

Things from people I met at various work places:

IMG_9114 IMG_9156 IMG_9229 IMG_9220IMG_9179 IMG_9139

Things I created that came back to me:


IMG_9180  IMG_9226 IMG_9228 IMG_9168IMG_9230



What do I keep?  What do I share?  Does it matter?

And if these things matter, whom might they matter to, besides me?

What should we preserve, from the scribblings of one life?

No matter what I decide about these buried treasures,  all of them are preserved, for now, in one heart.

Thanks to everyone reading these scribblings and ramblings, today.

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22 thoughts on “Day 622: What we keep

  1. Keep them all Ann. Very touching.
    Diana xo

  2. amusez798387

    Hi Ann, You have scanned them all into the computer for this Blog. I have some of the same issues with paper and am working toward going digital; however there are some things too precious.

  3. Wellie

    I think it’s memories like these that ought to be treasured. It reminds you that you have been loved and cared for especially at times when you may feel anything otherwise. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Fantastic memories.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. Don’t you dare part with one single thing, Ann, if you can help it. Keep the paper, pretty please. Digital crashes and this stuff is too dear to trust to the cloud. My opinion. Just a suggestion. I would assume that every cherished old pen stroke on yellowing paper means something to you, still. What a beautiful life they mark, my friend.

    • I will keep the paper, Mark, don’t you worry. I was upset when I retrieved these memories, at first, because there was some water damage. So far, everything’s been salvageable. Thanks for yet another beautiful comment.

  6. What great feelings of love and happiness in those memories…makes me feel good about all the letter/scraps/mementos I have stored in a closet back home 🙂 Such a great set of memories and happiness you have with you ~

  7. Thanks for sharing your life experiences Ann 🙂

  8. This must have been so heart warming going through such loving memories and photographing them for us. It fills my heart too 🙂 I have a draw in a bureau for my “memories”….. The idea was to contain them as we moved houses.
    I also have an attic that is probably a fire hazard …. 😉
    We all have our stories and having momentos lets us remember them
    Val x

    • I like the idea of having a drawer for these, Val. I have several more of these memories to go through, and I’ve been wondering about how to contain them. Thank you, as usual, for a loving and heart-warming comment.

  9. These are just amazing and how much better that you spread their warmth on the internet than keep them shut up in their box for evermore.

  10. Keep them in a box, such nice memories!

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