Day 618: Holes

The title of this post was inspired by this comment, yesterday, by Sitting on My Own Sofa:

The tree must be down by now. It’s probably left a hole in the sky. How are you feeling about that?

I am not sure how I am feeling, but this is what I am seeing out back, where the tree used to be:

IMG_8906 IMG_8908 IMG_8909

When I am not sure how I am feeling, it sometimes helps to free-associate. Here are some of my thoughts — without self-editing, judgment, or other barriers to flow –about the word “holes”:

  • When I was born, the doctors speculated I had a hole in my heart that had closed, leaving not a trace of the heart’s natural pacemaker.
  • There are no other posts I’ve written, so far, with the word “hole” in the title.
  • When I searched my old posts for word “hole,” it showed me Day 361: That whole bad day/good day thing, again, which implies that WordPress, like me, enjoys playing with words.
  • I think I’ve heard the word “hole” used, derogatively, about women.
  • “Holes” is a book people seem to like, which I haven’t read:



(Image found here)

… which was made into a movie


(image found here)y

… which, according to Rotten Tomatoes, 77% of people surveyed like, and which I also have not seen.

  • There are holes, in this post today, regarding formatting and many missed opportunities to re-use the word “holes.”
  • Swiss cheese has lots of holes in it. I wonder why?


(image found here)

  • Strangely enough, my Google Image search for “holes” did not return a photo of swiss cheese. However, there was a whole category for “Fear [of Holes]” which included this image:


(image found here)

  • Now I’m wondering if I should be afraid of lotus flowers.

I’m realizing I need to wrap up this post, holes and all, because there are no holes in my schedule at work this morning. AND, I don’t have my usual room for my therapy group at 10 AM, so I there’s some extra work for me to do.

As far as I’m concerned, are there any holes in this post I need to fix, right now?

Well, I did want to show you these images, of two more treasures I found in my recently retrieved box of memories:



I’m afraid I’m going to leave holes where explanations should be, in this post, rather than be late for work.

However, I want to show you JUST ONE MORE image:


That’s the plate my son just left behind, when he left for school. What’s missing from there?  One thing: Avocado slices.

How about some music?  I’d like to fill a hole about that, right now. Some Beatles music, for the first time in this blog. Let’s see if I can.

(YouTube video found here)


Thanks, everybody!

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27 thoughts on “Day 618: Holes

  1. Harry Belafonte and Odetta have something to say about holes too! 🙂

    May your day be filled with holy opportunities to explore all the holes you never need to fear!

  2. Ah, Ann, you come through with a Beatles song with lyrics that point out what your posts never, ever do for me: “To keep my mind from wandering …” No, you write for us so we can leap off and go wherever we want. Holes included. You write Holes and I think of what Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle has left our backyard littered with. That dog digs digging! You write Holes and I think of what I always searched for while reading through my and any reporter’s newspaper story before publication. What did we miss? What information gap still needs to be plugged? You write Holes and I think of watching the Syracuse football team playing defense on third down in the home opener against Villanova, another completed pass in a seam past the yard stick.

    Thank you Ann, for giving me this chance to think about Holes.

  3. Oops, a hole in my reply! That check would have been pretty wonderful for real but is awesome nevertheless, and that show poster is really wonderful, awesome and not to be overlooked!

    • And this additional comment of yours, Mark, gives me the chance to reply about a hole in my post. I wrote that I had never posted a Beatles song before today. That is incorrect. I wrote a whole post about “A Day in The Life.”

      I guess, we all have afterthoughts, don’t we? I’m glad we both feel the room to add those thoughts here, Mark.

      Oh, and to repair a hole in your reply, Mark: that’s not a poster. It’s a program from a great play I saw, live in New York, before “Saturday Night Live” filled a hole in NBC’s late-night programming schedule.

      • What a great play that must have been, Ann. You are fortunate to have seen these folks before that iconic TV fame.

      • I have sought and seen many funny people before their iconic TV fame, Mark, including two holy grails of observational comedy: Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld.

      • Jerry is my fave, Ann. He is my Bruce Springsteen of the stand-up world. His Massapequa and my Stony Brook are 20 miles apart in Suffolk County, eastern half of Long Island, and we drank the same water. I think he’s two years older than I.

  4. Ann, would you be able to help? You successfully add video to your post. Something I do not seem to be able to do. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated! Many thanks, Kestrel

    • All I do, Kestrel, is this: I copy the link/address from YouTube and then I paste it, into the blog post, ON A LINE ALL BY ITSELF. That’s the key: it needs to be on a line by itself. Try it. If you have problems, let me know. Thanks for reading!

  5. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Holes are exciting mysteries………….let’s explore the depths!

  6. yeoldefoole

    I so much appreciate your wholistic approach here!!!!

  7. Sometimes I think there are people roaming the earth with loose screws or holes in their heads.
    I know – that’s bad. But – I do think that sometimes. Actually – maybe more than sometimes.

    Avocados – YUM!
    All the rest of the stuff on the plate looks good too.

    Hope your day was more holy than hole-E 🙂

    • RoSy, I don’t think that any of your thoughts are bad. Does that sound like I have a hole in my head? And my day was excellent, thank you.

  8. I always thought holes were for looking into and poking …. Who knew what else I was missing.
    ( this is from a young innocent girls perspective!)
    Val x

  9. Annal response here Ann ;D Typical introvert writers’ response
    The holes in Swiss cheese come from bacteria that form during the aging process. This specific type of bacteria is unique to Swiss cheeses due to the type of starter used and the specific temperature the cheese wheels are stored at during aging. This bacteria gives off carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide forms bubbles in the cheese and when the bubbles “pop” holes are created. LOL seriously

  10. Love this free-association mixture, it is not only perceptive, but also creative.

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