Day 614: Pretzel Logic

Tonight, my son Aaron and I are going to see Steely Dan in concert.

(YouTube video found here)


That image — which I found (thanks to a Google Image search) here and which is part of the documentation of a logical, painstaking, and amazing quest by Bob Egan of PopSpots to find the NYC location for the Steely Dan “Pretzel Logic” album cover —  reminds me of things I try to capture with the pictures I show you in my blog, like these I took yesterday (as I thought about the words “Pretzel Logic”):

IMG_8684 IMG_8704 IMG_8706 IMG_8707 IMG_8712 IMG_8713 IMG_8715  IMG_8721 IMG_8727   IMG_8731 IMG_8733  IMG_8742   IMG_8760 IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8767 IMG_8771 IMG_8773

Was my connection between Bob Egan’s photo and my photos logical or illogical?

Was it twisted like a pretzel?


(found here)

Was it untwisted like a pretzel?


(found here)

I just found out that April 26 is National Pretzel Day.

Aaron and I have been hearing Steely Dan music — through the pretzel-y shapes of our outer and inner ears — for many years. (43* for me, 16 for him). The first concert Aaron went to was Steely Dan, when he was about three years old (if my twist-and-turn-y memory serves me correctly).

Was it logical or illogical for me to write that last sentence, considering I went to a Pat Metheny concert when I was pregnant with Aaron?

Sometimes, when I make plans to attend a concert, I lose track of the time. For example, I scheduled Aaron getting all four twisty wisdom teeth removed today, before I realized, last weekend, that the Steely Dan concert was on the same date.

I wonder how logical/illogical Donald Fagen and Walter Becker — the founding and enduring members of Steely Dan — will be tonight?

Maybe they’ll serve pretzels at the concert!!**

Thanks to Donald Fagen, Walter Becker, Bob Egan,  Phil David Fine, Wen-Ti Tisen, and Aaron;  to Wild Willy’s in Watertown Massachusetts USA (for the frappe and the cowboy mural); to people who try to capture the logical and the illogical; and to you — of course! — for making your pretzel-y way here, today.

* Actually, 42 years of listening to Steely Dan for me, but who’s counting?

** My enthusiasm there wasn’t exactly logical. I never buy pretzels.

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31 thoughts on “Day 614: Pretzel Logic

  1. That is very exciting (The concert). What a timeless sound. Please report back after te show.
    BTW…great photos.

  2. Oh, Ann, this of course is my favorite music-themed post of your ever. You know me and Steely Dan. Could Aaron’s wisdom teeth puller possibly be named Dr. Wu?

    On some days at the U of Maryland when my roommates Greg and Mike and I needed to get particularly psyched up for classes or otherwise we would rise early enough to play our Steely Dan albums in chronological order before going out to meet the world. For some reason following along to Donald and Walter’s lyrical and musical pretzel logic helped ours.

    It’s just freeing to me still, Donald’s solo albums, too. Have a great night at the show, both of you.

    • Wow, Mark. I would have to use all my powers of logic AND illogic to pick my favorite comment of yours ever. However, this historic comment definitely gets a loud WU-Hoo! from me.

  3. I love Steely Dan and started listening in high school yet back then they didn’t tour much ( or at all?)
    Have a great time and please report back. Dirty Work, My Old School, Haitian Divorce, Kid Charlemagne are among my favs.


  4. Enjoy and thanks for sharing Ann 😉

  5. Steely Dan! Enjoy….

  6. I love your twisted sense of humor, taste in music and creative photos. I also love pretzels with mustard on them. Enjoy the concert, Ann. 😉

    • And I love and enjoy what you see in my posts. If there are pretzels with mustard at the concert tonight, Judy, I shall have one in your honor.

  7. Enjoy the concert Ann and Aaron!
    Diana xo

  8. Wonderful series of photos, and the photo that took up so much of my attention was the one of the phone booth…it took me back to the Steely Dan days 🙂

    • Thanks, Randall. The compliment means the world to me, coming from you. The phone grabbed my attention, too … I see so few of those these days. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the word “cats” on it!

      • I didn’t even notice the writing “cats”, that is funny. Looking at the photo, I just saw the “collect calls” sticker and loved it. In my house, when I young and was out somewhere and eventually needed to be picked up, I’d make a collect call ~ Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Love the photos and the band! Have fun you two 🙂
    Val x

  10. findingmyinnercourage

    Steely Dan is one of my all time favorites! Enjoy the concert. Have a great time. I enjoy your creativity photos especially the one with the word “cats” and the phone booth.

  11. Love the superimposed photo, so the past meets the present head-on.

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  13. Ann, I do not know how you write a blog daily with all the photos, points made and answer people! One blog (Transforming Limitations) took me 3.5 days to write – then a seminar, and meetings, and dog and Arabians – and sleep and coffee to start again. KOODDOOOSS to you!! Did you find to triplicate yourself? Cheers

    • Good question, MicheleElys. And thanks for your appreciation of my efforts. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you and to answer your comments!

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  15. Twisted, for sure. Loved the images.

  16. It is twisted how long it took me to find this comment, Emilie! Pretzely, logical, and belated thanks!

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