Day 610: See the world

I think that’s great advice, don’t you?  “See the world.” That could mean:

  • go out and travel,
  • pay attention to what’s around you,
  • be aware of global issues, and
  • some other meaning  you might see, in the world of that phrase, that I’m not seeing now.

“See the World” is also the title of a Pat Metheny tune  (like many of my previous post titles) (like here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). “See the World” is on the 1992 album “Secret Story” (which was almost the title of my post, yesterday).

Here’s a YouTube video of Pat and his band performing “See the World,” back in 1992, in the world of Brunswick, New Jersey, USA:

Earlier in this post, when I inserted a link with information about Pat Metheny — for those readers who might not know about my favorite musician — I did NOT do my usual thing. That is, I did not link to the Wikipedia page about Pat.

Instead,  I decided to take an extra moment, this morning, to see the world of Pat Metheny references, online. As a result, I found that recent article about  Pat, from The Economist . When I saw the world of that article, I learned new things about Pat, including:

  1. Pat said (about the more than 50 albums he has added to the world, so far), “To me, it’s one long story, one long record with a revolving cast of characters.”  This quote might indicate that, like me, Pat Metheny is a fan of Narrative Therapy. That’s something I see, in that quote, but there’s a world of other possible meanings, there.
  2. Pat is younger than I am.
  3. He just turned 60, this August!

Happy birthday, Pat!

When I was in the world of my 40s,  I got to speak to Pat in person, when he was signing autographs at an event in Boston, USA (which is the world I’ve lived in, since birth).

I don’t often rehearse what I’m going to say to people. Usually, I like to be spontaneous.  But that day, I rehearsed my 7-second  (but who’s counting?) speech.

Let’s see if I remember it today, a world of years later.

Pat, I  wanted to thank you, for all the music, the solos, and the beauty you have added to my world.

I don’t know if that was EXACTLY what I said to Pat Metheny. I hope I communicated, that day, even a glimpse into the world of appreciation I have for him.

I remember his reaction, too. He smiled and said some gracious things (as he always does, which you’ll see, if you watch the entire world of that video above). He also signed the album I had brought with me.

images (45)

Pat said to me,  about that 1979 album, something like, “That brings me back. I remember those days.” I can’t remember the exact words, as usual. But I do remember the tone of his voice. It held a world of kindness and patience.

I love those kinds of worlds, don’t you?

One more thing, before I end this post. Here’s something I saw in my world, yesterday:


That’s a  flying pig, at my Ex-Sister-in-Law Deborah’s home. That would be one way to see the world, wouldn’t it?

Thanks to Pat Metheny, to The Economist, to my dear ESIL Deborah, to creatures that fly, walk, and/or swim,  including these


and to you — of course! — for seeing a little of my world, today.

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11 thoughts on “Day 610: See the world

  1. What a great memory to have!

  2. Happy memories Ann 🙂 The flying pig reminds me of the one I was given by my girlfriends when I got engaged …. I had said I would marry again when pigs would fly!
    Thank you for sharing your favorite moments with us.
    Val x

  3. You have talked to Pat Metheny, you have listened closely to his music and words, and now you have seen the mode for pigs to fly, Ann. Yes, See the World is the right title for today’s post!

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