Day 607: The Other Side

Two mornings ago, my GPS system, Waze, brought me to work in a different way.

For the first time in three years, I drove to work on the other side of the Charles River, so I saw this:


When I took that photo, the title for today’s post suddenly appeared, from another side of my mind.  From then on, I’ve been noticing the theme of “The Other Side,” everywhere I go.

Something else, in a different side of my mind: on the other side of this weekend is September, which contains the beginning of autumn. On the other side of autumn?  Winter.

While I can fear the lowered temperatures of winter, I dread something else even more,  in New England — the lessening of color, all around.

However, I’m working on embracing all sides.

Here are some other sides I’ve been seeing:

IMG_8390 IMG_8394  IMG_8399  IMG_8402  IMG_8404  IMG_8418 IMG_8413 IMG_8424  IMG_8426 IMG_8429

IMG_8438 IMG_8439 IMG_8441 IMG_8442 IMG_8446  IMG_8447 IMG_8459  IMG_8460IMG_8472 IMG_8475 IMG_8477 IMG_8480 IMG_8490 IMG_8492 IMG_8493 IMG_8495  IMG_8496  IMG_8497 IMG_8502

I’ve taken a lot of photos, since that one from the other side of the Charles River. I could have shown you any — or all — of them, since everything has an other side.

Okay, you’ve gotten my side. Now it’s time for yours. What associations do you have with “The Other Side”?

I also want to invite another side to make an appearance. What images would Google choose, for “the other side”?

Here’s one:

chickenotherside (1)

(image found here)

And one other side:

images (44)

(image found here)

What’s missing for me, right now?  Music, which is playing in my head.  Here’s a Stephen Sondheim song from “Into The Woods” (which made a previous appearance, in Day 247: No one is alone, in another version).

(YouTube video found here)

This post started with an other side. What’s the other side of the start?  The end.

Thanks to Stephen Sondheim, Rosie O’Donnell (for the video), savage chickens (and other creatures), to those who are open to other sides, and to you — of course — for visiting this side, today.

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23 thoughts on “Day 607: The Other Side

  1. Gene Phillips

    For me, the Doors song, “Break on through to the other side (if that is indeed the title)” immediately comes to mind. It reminds me of all the mostly naive, but fondly remembered, beliefs, ideals, and hopes of the 60s, which seem to lie on the other side of a ocean of experience.

    • I remember those, Gene. They seem like they are just across a river, to me.

      Thanks for this great comment. it’s always so great to see you here, on this blogging side.

  2. Seeing things from the other side is very refreshing! 🙂

  3. The other side makes me think of the transition from this life to the next… Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of the other side Ann. (I especially loved the first!)
    Diana xo

  4. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    When I walk with my camera in hand, I always see a new perspective when I return. I don’t know why…but the other side always looks different..catches my eye….makes me think.

  5. I like your version of “the other side,” Ann. The river, she is wide, but the view, she is gorgeous.

    Those words to me will always be about viewpoint, too, from my newspaper days, when a news story was never deemed ready to be presented to the public until a reporter had reached out to get the “the other side.”

    Two sides, always, Ann.

    Great thing, that is.

  6. Ann … Looking thru the camera lens, as you do, there are things you notice that others never do.

    For me, the “other side” is the other person’s viewpoint. One that I have to consider to see the bigger picture. The “other side” is also the path you choose … one that looks at the positives in life or one that focuses on the negatives. I’m trying to look for the positive in each day as that will be a happier, saner choice. 😉

  7. The ‘other side’ to me means the time before I started ‘living’ my life – the other side was just getting through it. Wish I had gotten here sooner!

  8. Super pics, particularly rainbow light on carpet.

  9. I love Waze…enjoyed your new route.

  10. Your posts are always so ingenious… Lovely,,,

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to hear a song from ‘Into the Woods.” I have heard many comments about his shows, but have never seen one. Now that I know a little about the other side I can appreciate him.

    • Hi Ronnie! I don’t know why it took me so long to get over here, by your side, and reply to your comment. As always, I appreciate your visits here, very much. I hope you get to see a Sondheim show, soon.

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