Day 602: Absolution

In this blog, I often write about letting go of guilt, shame, and fear.

I am not an expert on absolution, but I’m pretty sure that absolution is one way people let go of such things.

Here’s one thing  I do know:  “Absolution” is part of the title of one of my favorite Pat Metheny tunes:

(If you can’t play that YouTube video of Half Life of Absolution, try clicking here. If you don’t want to play it, consider yourself absolved.)

Let’s check Google for a definition of “absolution,” okay?


formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment.
synonyms: forgiveness, pardon, exoneration, remission, dispensation, indulgence, clemency,
antonyms: punishment, condemnation

an ecclesiastical declaration of forgiveness of sins.
“the priest administered absolution”

Wow.  That sounds great, doesn’t it?  A formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment. That is EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking I need, as I prepare to return to work after a 10-day vacation.

Why do I need that? Are there sins I need to confess here?

Well, I do have one sin I committed last night before I went to bed. And as I was committing this sin, I was wondering (1) if I could forgive myself and (2) if so, how much time would it take for me to exonerate myself?

Perhaps we can all learn something, if I share this sin here.

Yesterday, our local supermarket had an unusual sale on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

buy 2 get 2 free!

As a result, I got one of these.


(image found here)

Even though I knew better, my jet-lagged brain, body, and soul chose to bring the entire pint of ice cream, with a spoon, into the living room, as I watched TV shows I had recorded during my trip to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Here is the result:



As I was committing this sin last night, I was thinking, “Okay. Okay.  You can stop now. The more you keep going, the more you’re going to have to pay, in the future.”

I did manage to stop — as you can see — but  later than I should have.

During and after the sinning,  I knew I would be dealing with guilt — and other consequences — for some time.

I could not predict the half-life —  nor the full-life — of my absolution process, but I knew it would take some time.

Why wait, though?

I hereby formally release myself from guilt, obligation, and punishment for this sin —  granting forgiveness, pardon, exoneration, remission, dispensation, indulgence, and clemency.

I could keep feeling guilty about it, but … it’s done. Nothing is bringing that ice cream back, at this point.

I also wanted to tell you this: I was thinking about absolution yesterday, even before I committed the Sin of Ice Cream.  On the day before my return to work, I was thinking about my manager Steve’s words:

Ann, you really have a harsh superego, don’t you?

… which means I tend to blame punish, and condemn myself for mistakes and imperfection, especially regarding things that matter to me.

So, as I head back to the hospital where I work, I wish to make the following resolution:

To absolve, forgive, pardon, and otherwise treat myself gently, for inevitable mistakes and imperfection.

Hey!  That felt better than a half-pint of ice cream!

Thanks to Pat, Ben, Jerry, & Steve,  to people who absolve themselves or others as best they can, and to you — of course! — for the full time you spent here, today.

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37 thoughts on “Day 602: Absolution

  1. What a great post this is! Not only are you absolving (did I get that right?) yourself but every other human soul reading this! You’re such a positive force!!! 🙂
    By the way- ice cream is less sinful than milk chocolate! And I’ll be damned to low hells if I was to feel guilty for overindulging in greatness such as ice cream, chocolate and other yumminess! 😀

  2. yeoldefoole

    Thank You! This is very timely!

  3. Great post, Ann. The Lesson here at least in my eyes …. be more kind and gentle with ourselves, embrace we are human after all, and what is done is done. No going back. Try better next time. Now you have an excuse to do some walking to walk off those calories you consumed. There you go! A healthy outcome after all! A Good Morning to you, Ann, thank you for the music as I write this comment to you, and Much Love! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Your eyes see very clearly, Amy (as I can always tell at your blog). Thank you for the positive outlook and the rest of this gracious and helpful comment. Love and hugs back at you.

  4. Definitely a great post — with lots of food for thought.

    And… btw… my theory is…. I may as well eat it all now so I won’t be tempted to sin later! 🙂 Hugs

  5. Love this post – Three cheers for ice cream and ab-soul-ution!! 🙂 🙂 Keep rockin’ on, Ann! 🙂

  6. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Chunky Monkey… Still my favorite… Nice post

    • Thank you! I’ve never tried Chunky Monkey … Perhaps that should have been one of the three other purchases. Great to see you.

  7. I hereby absolve myself of all guilt associated with murdering small animals 😉

  8. I live for the very few times that I get a night without my son (and they don’t happen very often) because at least once a year I try to have an entire pint of ice cream for dinner. 🙂

  9. if there is still ice cream
    in the container
    how can i be guilty? 🙂

  10. Ice cream is THE BEST WAY TO GET OVER JET LAG. I found it to be true 20 years ago and its still works for me. No guilt required.

    I absolve you completely 🙂

    And so today we fast ……Val x

    • Thank you for the absolution, Val. Much appreciated!

      No fasting for me though; I’ve still got that ice cream to finish.

  11. Ann, it is impossible to stop before seeing at least a portion of the bottom of the Ben & Jerry’s tub. That, my friend, is a fact they built into their ice cream making plans. Absolution, therefore, granted by design.

    Sigh. I miss Ben & Jerry’s. They need to incorporate No Sugar Added into their devious schemes. Cherry Garcia, please. Coffee Heath Bar, please? Chunky Monkee, please. Sigh. Am I absolved for such desires?

  12. Uhm, where are the other three cartons?

  13. You are a one-off!

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  15. carlisdm

    I love to absolve myself from things like this 😀 but I´d rather not do the thing that will need my absolution. But once in a while we have to practice “absolution”, just that we know we can still do it, 😛 so let´s bring the ice cream 😀

  16. I’m not a huge fan of ice-cream. But – when I get in my moods for it – I must have & have.
    My fave & one that I can definitely eat in one sitting is: YUM!

    • I’ve never had the pineapple coconut. RoSy. Now I want to try it. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • As a non-ice-cream fan – this was recommended by my lil bro. He said – You will like it because it tastes like a piña colada.

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