Day 601: Out of time

If you’re like me — and you try to guess the ending of things based on whatever clues you have — you might be speculating, right now, what this post is going to be about, based on its title.

What could a post titled “Out of time” be about? What would be your guesses, at this point?

I’ll wait, while you think about that.

In the meantime, let’s see if I have any music to offer you, that fits in with “Out of time.”

I know! How about one of the late, great jazz pianist Dave Brubeck‘s compositions  challenging the conventional uses of time in music?

Which one, though? There are so many! I mean, there’s the very popular Take Five, Blue Rondo a la Turkand It’s a Raggy Waltz (which already got its own blog post, here).

I’m choosing Unsquare Dance, written with the odd time signature 7/4 — with seven beats per measure, instead of the usual 4 beats (or also conventional 6 or 8).

(that two-minute YouTube video found here)

Even if you’re somebody who — in usual times —  does not listen to music within a blog post, I recommend you listen to that. It’s quick and nourishing food, for the brain and the heart. I listened to Dave Brubeck a lot when I was growing up, and I think it made me smarter.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes!  Inviting you to speculate about what this post might be about. I think I’ve left enough time for you to think your own thoughts about this, so I shall now introduce what I might guess in response to my own question (assuming I did not know the answers, which I obviously do, but never mind).

What a Post Titled “Out of Time” Could Be About

  • Death. (Eeeek!)
  • Jet lag (after returning home from a trip, say).
  • Bad medical news.
  • A decision to stop doing something (like blogging or work).
  • Dissociation, or another psychological state of disorientation.
  • A discussion about how anxiety (about death or unanticipated losses, for example) can screw up one’s sense of time.
  • Unusual musical compositions, that play with time signatures.
  • Speculations about human experiences of time, in general.
  • Not having enough time to do things you would really love to do, like reading other people’s wonderful blogs, here on WordPress.
  • An invitation to live life to the fullest, since we never know when we are out of time.
  • A way to re-introduce a cool picture somebody took, even though she’s already shown it in a previous post:


  • A way to introduce a rant about holiday merchandising showing up earlier and earlier, all the time. For example, I observed this, yesterday evening, at my local pet supply store:


Halloween in AUGUST ?!?!?!?!?

And don’t get me started about dressing pets up in costumes, because I’m almost out of time, for this post.

Before I stop, however, I would like to reassure my readers about the following: There is nothing bad (e.g., scary medical news) going on in my life right now. It’s all good.

One more thing: Feel free to comment about anything at all, no matter how out of time you are when reading this post.

Thanks to Dave Brubeck, to those who think a lot about time (including blogger extraordinaire Swarn Gill), to creatures everywhere (costumed and uncostumed), and to you — of course! — for being in time with me, here and now.

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25 thoughts on “Day 601: Out of time

  1. There is never a good time for costumes on animals!

    And always time for Dave Brubeck!

  2. You post Brubeck. I listen. Period. He transports me to a happy place.

  3. I loved the Dave Brubeck piece you chose Ann! I always have time for you and hokey spit – you are smart! Is there a subject you know nothing about??
    Diana xo

    • Yes, Diana. I know almost nothing about Philosophy and Geography (although I’ve learned more as the years have gone by). I also suck at Chemistry and Physics.

      I Iove the words you choose here on WordPress!

  4. You are always in sync Ann!
    Val x

  5. Time is on my side, yes it is. Mick thought so.

    Thanks for posting Dave Brubeck’s genius Ann. And your slant on time, too.

    Gotta go. Beautiful Sunday!

  6. I love Dave Brubeck. Unfortunately the video won’t play. It appears YouTube is clamping down on sharing – even though it offers ‘sharing’ and ’embed’ when the videos posted.

    Mark Bialczak gave one of my favorites: “Time is on my side,” by the Rolling Stones.

    How about Alan Parsons Project’s “Time?” Great tune.

    • I’m sorry to hear that the video won’t play for you. I wonder if that’s happening for everybody. I always include a link to take you directly to YouTube, in case there is a problem.

      There is a lot of great music about “time,” and it’s about time that we be able to share music we love!

      Thanks, as always, Judy, for reading and for another helpful comment.

  7. Hubby and I were at Hobby Lobby Friday night and Christmas merchandise out. My husband was appalled. He was even more appalled when I told him they’d been out since July. It makes you feel like you’re “out of time” already for Christmas. I refuse to buy into that. Time is precious and I refuse to believe I’m out of time about anything until God tells me otherwise. God bless.

  8. LOVE the Brubeck, thanks.

  9. Love this post…saw Dave Brubeck live in Seattle a few years ago when we were lucky enough to get a couple of tickets. He is a mesmerizing artist…and Take Five is my favorite, until I listen to another piece 🙂

  10. Since this topic is about time I promised that would draw me in, but I didn’t see too many time issues that attracted my attention. Listening to this excellent music selection though it made me think of how much I appreciate Genesis (the band, not the Bible chapter) because Phil Collins is a master drummer when it comes to unusual beats. He even does part of a song in 16/9 rhythm. So many songs are just 3/4 and 4/4, and yet it’s certainly not how it has to be! I have always wanted to find more about the history of music and how different tempos developed. And also if there was any influence on music by our ability to measure time more accurately, or if perhaps music gave us a rhythm for measuring time. It would be interesting to know more about it.

    • So the time I mention you in the Thank You’s is for a post that actually doesn’t have much about time to attract you! That fits the post, I think. And I am very interested in unusual time signatures, but haven’t thought much about the history of such things. Again, I learn from you, Swarn!

  11. I had the music playing in the background as I read your post & now as I comment.
    Nice beat!
    I saw CHRISTMAS stuff our next to harvest & Halloween stuff at a store back on AUGUST 1st! UGH!
    And – I dress my pooch for all sorts of occasions. LOL

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