Day 600: Scary things

Hey!  I see by my post title that I am blogging for the 600th consecutive day!

Round numbers can seem important, and important things can seem scary, don’t you think?

Yes, this post is going to focus on “scary things.”  However, since I like balance, I’m assuming there will be “unscary things” here,  too.

Shall we get started?

Wait! Something’s missing.  For me, when something is missing, it’s often music.

Friends, bloggers, and country-people, lend me your ears* … for some scary background music.

My first scary-music choice is from The Blair Witch Project, a film that scared the bejeesus out of me.

If The Blair Witch Project isn’t your taste, how about music from The Shining?

(found here on YouTube)

How about “Tubular Bells” from The Exorcist?

One final warning: Those music choices will probably start with advertisements.**

Okay!  Without further ado, choices, or other types of stalling,** I hereby present:

Things That Have Scared Me

(in alphabetical order)

  1. Anger
  2. Babies
  3. Cruelty
  4. Doctors
  5. Expletives
  6. Films
  7. Germs
  8. Hospitals
  9. Injustice
  10. Justice systems
  11. Know-it-alls
  12. Loud noises
  13. Mistakes
  14. Neglect
  15. Onions
  16. Planes
  17. Quitting
  18. Rage
  19. Shame
  20. Technology
  21. Underestimating
  22. Violence
  23. Witches
  24. Xerox machines
  25. Youth-obsessed cultures
  26. Zoos

Things That Have Not Scared Me

(in alphabetical order)

  1. Aging
  2. Babies
  3. Cats
  4. Doctors
  5. Expletives
  6. Foreigners
  7. Giants
  8. Humans
  9. Insecurity
  10. Justice
  11. Knowledge
  12. Love
  13. Movies
  14. Needs
  15. Onions
  16. Public speaking
  17. Quiet
  18. Risk-taking
  19. Spiders
  20. Therapy
  21. Underworlds
  22. Violent weather
  23. Wicked (the musical)
  24. X-rays
  25. Youth
  26. Zoos

What do you think of these scary and unscary things? Don’t be scared of disagreement,** please.

Geesh!  That was scary!  I almost pressed the WordPress** “publish” button without including the image that inspired this whole post, to begin with.

Yesterday, when my bf Michael and I were on our first walk since my return home from Edinburgh, I saw this:



Thanks to Wikipedia**; to those who are scared or unscared by all the things mentioned in this post; to the creative people who score movies (scary and otherwise);  to lists** of scary things on the internet** (including this list); and to you, especially, because you don’t scare me!

*  Spending a week immersed in comedy at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (see here, here, here, here, and here) has definitely had an effect on me. My thought, as I wrote “lend me your ears,” was this: “I’m glad Vincent Van Gogh is not alive to read this.”  Minds can be scary things, can’t they?

**  Another scary thing (that didn’t make the lists).

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39 thoughts on “Day 600: Scary things

  1. You are a bigger person then I, because I don’t like scary movies. I don’t like to frighten myself. Just listening to the music of The Blair Witch Procect, my cats went running. So I just learned they don’t like to be scared either. Have a great weekend, Ann! Love, Amy

    • I am not a bigger person than you, Amy. I don’t like scary movies, either. Since I watched “The Blair Witch Project” and “The Sixth Sense” within a couple of days, back in 1999, and lost sleep for several weeks, I have resolved never to watch a scary movie again. Love and a great weekend to you, also!

      • Yup, that’s what happens. Nightmares. I honestly have never been able to understand people who like to scare themselves for FUN? For FUN??? Get real! There is nothing fun about being terrified. I just don’t get it. I’m glad you no longer watch these kind of things. *gulp* The few I have watched taught me too, NEVER AGAIN. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. I’m with LadyPinkRose. At one point, I decided there was enough evil in the world without rewarding those who would profit by making it into entertainment. Sounds a bit precious when I read that…but the news is scary enough for me.

  3. Hhmmm… no snakes in either list. Yep – they scare the bejeezus our of me!
    Val x

  4. The Shining definitely scary. The Blair Witch project not so much. Mostly because I didn’t find any of the characters sympathetic. I was cheering for the witch to get those dumb kids. Kind of takes the fright away. lol

    • I know a lot of people who did not like and/or were not scared by “The Blair Witch Project.” To me, it didn’t matter whether I found those characters sympathetic. I was totally freaked out by that film, so no more scary movies for me (no matter how much I’m tempted to see a well-made film that gets great reviews).

      Great to see you, Un-scary Swarn!

      • It had all the right elements, and I thought the movie was brilliant from a marketing standpoint. The movie couldn’t have cost more than a few hundred dollars to make. LOL

        It’s hard for a movie to scare me, which is why I really appreciate ones that do like the shining.

      • You and I are very different there, Swarn. It’s easy for a movie to scare me. Luckily, differences don’t scare me!

      • Me neither!

  5. 600? Wow. Doctors scare me… I love Tubular Bells!

  6. Congratulations on hitting your 600th post. I think I’m only at 165, but I only post once a week.

    Ann, your musical choices were indeed scary. As far as the movies themselves, the same week that The Blair Witch Project came out so did “Sixth Sense.” I found the latter to be far more disturbing and had nightmares for several weeks as a result.

    A actually found “The Shining” and “The Exorcist” were scarier in book form. Imagination is a wonderful thing. 😉 BTW, YouTube will not allow me to see – or hear – “Tubular Bells” except on YouTube.
    Great choices – all in all.

    • Yes, Judy! If I read your comment correctly, you and I both saw “Blair Witch” and “The Sixth Sense” within the same week, and we both suffered because of that. And, I agree with you that “The Shining” and “The Exorcist” were scarier in book form.

      Personally, I’ve stopped reading AND viewing horror stories. I was able to tolerate them better when I was younger, it seems.

      Thanks for this comment, with all the great information. Wonderful to see you here, as always.

  7. Blogging 600 days in a row scares me more than anything else in your entire post, Ann. That’s a lot of giddy in your yap, dili in your gence, perse in your verance. I’m approaching 10 months of every darn day — Aug. 27! — and some days I open my eyes and say to myself “close ’em.”

    What is that thing in that photo, anyway? Egads!

    And “Tubular Bells” is one hell of a song, is it not?

    • Don’t be afraid of the number, Mark. I’m sure you have as much giddy, dili, and perse in your yap, gence, and verance, respectively, as I do. Time will tell if I am correct about you.

      I do NOT know what that thing is. Egads is an appropriate response, as well as Yikes! Huh? and Eeek!

      My first thought, when seeing it, was that it was a bird that had committed suicide, which I knew was unlikely. I asked Michael to approach it with me and take a closer look. We couldn’t get very close, however, because it was hanging over water.

      My worst fears were that (1) something had been hurt and/or (2) somebody had been cruel. As we tried to figure it out, Michael was as perplexed as I was. However, he did not think that an actual animal was involved. To him, it looked like somebody had put together feathers and hung it there. Of course, that evoked “The Blair Witch Project.”

      So I do not know what that thing is, O Mark of Ten Months. The best I can do, in a case like that, is try to write a good post, share some interesting music, and hope for the best.

      • I, too, hope that it was just a good joke gone horribly bad, Ann. About Blair Witch. I saw it with my sister Dory, and we had to sporadically run out of the theater, in shifts, because the then-breakthrough jerky camera treatments got us both sick to our stomachs! But not at the same time. Odd, we were. (And are.)

      • I don’t find you odd, Mark. What I meant by that, is that I relate to what you say. That means 1 + 1 = 2, which is an even number.

        However, sometimes it’s great to be odd, isn’t it?

      • I’m odd even on my good days, Ann. 🙂

      • Actually, you and your sister are similar, so that would already be 1 + 1 = 2, which is an even number.

        Does this even make sense?

      • Of course it makes sense, Ann. I get it! Nothing odd about it at all.

  8. 600 is very impressive. And very cool double A-Z

  9. I don’t know if this is scary but it’s definitely disgusting: Last night my BF and I slept on the (flat, not tiled) roof of friends in Tel Aviv who had left us their apartment for a night. These friends are strictly against killing cockroaches!! We already saw one or two crawling across the floor and I dared to smash one with my sandal… just couldn’t resist. Later, when I went to the bathroom to take a shower, I suddenly heard strange noises… I followed them until I came to a nest of cockroaches… huge beasts.. coming out of the half-rotten wooden door frame… tens of them…Needless to say that I didn’t take a shower there….

    • Eeeek! If I didn’t already have a good c-word — Cruelty” — in my list, Heila, I would consider changing it to “cockroaches.” Cockroaches have definitely scared me, in the past. Thanks for the visit here, today!

  10. I love scary music and scary movies! I’m not scared of ghosts; my big fear is boredom.

    • I’ve been scared of ghosts AND boredom, Annabelle (although seeing a ghost would be the opposite of boring). I loved that you visited and commented, as always.

  11. amusez798387

    I am always last to post. I saw a skunk 15 feet from me in my back yard. I did not panic but did not want to get skunked. Skunk slunk away and went under the fence.

    • Good for you for not panicking, Mary. And no worries or fears about when you comment here … I’m always so glad whenever you do!

  12. I could tick plenty from both lists. I haven’t seen any of those films. Life’s too short to deliberately go and watch something ‘for pleasure’ that I won’t enjoy, and there are plenty of real life scary things that need attention. I’m guessing the thing in the tree is the remains of a bird, maybe hung there to put off certain birds?

  13. The scariest movie for me – The Exorcist
    The scariest thing on earth & people – Hate & ignorance

    Happy 600! 🙂

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