Day 598: Surprises

Today, my son Aaron and I are leaving Edinburgh, Scotland, flying on a couple of airplanes, and returning to our home near Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.

It’s been a wonderful trip. Which was not surprising, considering the wonderful times I had in Edinburgh, the two times I’ve visited before.

I don’t have a lot of time to blog this morning,  so I thought I would leave you with just a photo or two from yesterday’s adventures at the Fringe Festival in this fair city.

That number of photos may not be surprising, since the commitment I made to my readers was to post one photo a day while on my vacation.

I took a lot of photos yesterday, which was one of the best — and surprising — days my son or I have ever experienced, in our 16 and 61 years on this earth, respectively.

What was so great and surprising about yesterday?

For one thing, in an incredible coincidence, we ran into our favorite local comedian from our visit  last year to the Edinburgh Fringe — Tom Joyce — who just happened to be one of only four other people attending a fabulously funny performance of Cynthia Levin a/k/a Linda Lovin.

One of our quests, this year in Edinburgh, was to find Tom again. After searching for him on the internet and in person, we had decided this was an impossible dream. So, yesterday, when I heard Aaron gasp “Oh my gawd!” during Ms. Lovin’s performance yesterday, I realized whom he had spotted, in the first row.

Also appearing at Ms. Lovin’s performance yesterday was my comedy teacher from the 1980s and current Los Angeles comedy star — Ron Lynch.  THAT was not so surprising, since we met the lovely and hilarious Linda when she performed a couple of night’s ago at Ron’s nightly midnight show, here in Edinburgh.

It was also NOT surprising to see Ron there yesterday, since Aaron and I had planned to have dinner with him on our last night Edinburgh.

So, to review, it was no surprise to see Ron.  But it was a huge surprise to see Tom Joyce on our last full day, after Aaron and I had given up hope of finding Tom again (at least this year).

Then, Aaron and I experienced, in rapid succession, more surprises:

  • Tom remembered us from last year, including (1) my blog post about him and (2) the fact that Aaron had red hair then.
  • Ron offered Tom a spot on The Tomorrow Show this week because, Ron said, “I trust their recommendation.”
  • Ron offered my son Aaron, who has been doing open mic comedy in Boston for the past six months, a spot on last night’s Tomorrow show.


IMG_8309 IMG_8321


Thanks to Aaron, Ron, Linda, Cynthia, Tom, and everybody else currently enjoying the extremely excellent city of Edinburgh. And — of course! — thanks to you, for any surprises you might bring or experience, today.

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35 thoughts on “Day 598: Surprises

  1. Nice to read that you had a great time in Scotland. Wish you a good and safe travel home 😀

  2. Have a good journey and get home safely! So glad you enjoyed ?Scotland 😉

  3. What a wonderful surprise to see Aaron in a post on stage! Safe travels home.

  4. Star-making connections the last night at the Fringe! Or lasting friendships and memories at the very least, Ann. It’s enough to turn a young man’s hair back red and a mom’s (special) heart more aflutter! Congratulations on a wonderful trip of growing and sharing, and may you arrive in Boston safe and full of data to post oh-so-many-more photographs!

  5. Brilliant 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I love moments like this when we see the universe at work.
    See you States side!
    Val x

  6. How AWESOME for Aaron to get to perform! How exciting to watch him up there, yes? That is so very cool Ann! I’m just so proud of Aaron and what a treat for both of you!!

  7. lundygirl

    Wow – that is great for your son.

  8. How great for Aaron! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. Travel safely.

  9. Wow! Wow! What memories! Aaron is — !!!!
    I am so glad that I found an internet connection and checked in while on vacation. And am also glad that you’re now home safely.

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  11. Lots of wonderful surprises!
    Have a safe trip back home.

  12. Seriously cool. Like, WOW, man!

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