Day 594: Figuring it out

I cannot figure this out. How, in the world, have I NOT written a blog post yet with a title like “Figuring it out”?

I have figured this out. There are way more than 594 interesting things in this world to write about, here.

I cannot figure this out. Why, in the world, would our hotel in Edinburgh have a toilet seat of this particular shape?


My boyfriend Michael, via Skype last night, tried to figure this out, like so: Speculations about the anatomy of the locals.

I have figured this out.  There are a lot of truly interesting shapes to see, in this world of ours (even if square-assed Scots* are not one of them).

I cannot figure this out. Why has our hotel in Edinburgh set such a low data-transfer limit for internet users?

I have figured this out. If you clearly and politely state your needs to somebody who can help you, you will most likely reach a solution. Even though there are inconveniences to using my laptop here — including (1) very slow photo loading, (2) interruptions in Skype and other applications, and (3) needing to use a new username/password every time I exceed the data-transfer limit — I do have unlimited access to the internet here. In other words, the hotel staff will give me as many accounts as I need, every time I ask for them. Therefore, if I practice (1) patience and (2) letting go of expectations, I can show you as many photos as I like AND I can Skype with Michael in Boston every day (even if there are delays along the way). 

I cannot figure this out.  What would possess a human being to spend so much time, energy, and creativity to become this convincing a statue?


I have figured this out. It must pay, well enough, because there are a lot of them here, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I cannot figure this out.  Why is it that whenever I encounter a new situation, one thought is, “I’m afraid I will NOT figure this out!”?

I have figured this out (even if I have trouble holding on to it): I will.

Thanks to the staff at our lovely hotel in Edinburgh,  to people everywhere who use toilets (no matter what the shape of their behinds), to humans who move in all sorts of mysterious ways, and to you — of course! — for figuring things out well enough to join me here, today.

* See Reader Rod’s great comment, below, regarding my lack of logic here.

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32 thoughts on “Day 594: Figuring it out

  1. Square-assed Scots? It unlikely the hotel guests are local – they have homes of their own in the area.

    • I realized, as I was writing this, that there was a logical inconsistency there. Thank you for naming it, Rod. So, if I were to rewrite this post, I should change it to “square-assed tourists in Scotland,” correct? Great to see you here.

  2. I was temporarily assigned to an airborne unit on a NATO exercise in northern Italy. We were housed in an Italian army barracks with a more anatomically-friendly shape.

    The confusion about its use among many of the Americans housed there lead to a conclusion it was to use to wash one’s feet.

    I know, I know! Airborne. What can I say?

  3. tee hee — you’ve got it all figured out! Yeah! — and seriously… that is a real person not a statue? Well go figure! People imitating statues. Now I can’t figure out that one! 🙂

  4. I love that you are figuring it out in Edinburgh 🙂
    No doubt there will be many more strange encounters!

  5. Hello Ann! It sounds like you are taking in all that is unusual as you should if you are at a Fringe festival. I truly think that sometimes hotels just do things like square toilets just to be different, to stand out, to give themselves character. It sticks in your memory and perhaps makes you more likely to book there again. Even though square toilets are a pretty silly reason to stay at a hotel, it is something you are unlikely to forget. lol

    Also when you are really bored, or are not on holidays I think you might be interested in reading my latest blog post if you haven’t already. It’s the kind of food for though I think you like. 🙂

    • Great to see this comment, Swarn, while I am at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with this one-word motto: “Unboring.”

      So, while I was unbored and still on holidays, I did read your latest blog post. Once again, I figured this out: I love reading what you write.

  6. Perhaps those toilets are to facilitate one’s entrance into The Ministry of Magic.

  7. Ann, I think you have the most important things figured out and that’s what really matters!
    Diana xo

  8. As long as the round peg does not fall into the square hole, all is well, as far as I can figure it out, Ann.

    I would also figure that the human statue is the art class they send you to when your work is gauged as kind of stiff for the others.

    Finally, I figure that your hotel staff figured it was easier to give you as many accounts as you need than apply their usual rule of one per guest after you questioned their data limit. I figure it was your tone.

    Have fun tomorrow, my friend!

    • I am having fun tomorrow, my friend, Mark, which is now today, as I am a little behind in replying to my comments (if you will forgive the pun, as I think you might).

      I hope you have figured this out, Mark: every time you make a comment I am very, very grateful.

  9. Funny post. Love Edinburgh. But can I add I can’t figure out why everyone pronounces it, EdinbORO!

  10. I like this trying to figure things out in pieces.
    I’m trying to figure out life & have been going nowhere fast.
    I shall now break it down.
    THANKS! 🙂

  11. You got to keep your kilt straight while setting on the jonnie.. 😀

  12. lundygirl

    We have loads of people as statues in London (UK). The ones to watch out for? Those that suddenly move without any warning! It terrifies you.

  13. I think that the person who has learned to be a statue must be learning a lot about people, all day long.

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