Day 592: On her way

I was on my way to my car, after work yesterday, when “On Her Way” by Pat Metheny started playing.

(YouTube video found here)

This squirrel was on her (or his) way somewhere, too.

IMG_7981 IMG_7982 IMG_7983 IMG_7986

If that squirrel were on its way to Edinburgh, Scotland (like my son and I later today) and asking me for directions, I might wonder whether gray squirrels (rather than red or black squirrels) were native there. About 150 days ago (but who’s counting?),  I wrote a post that included squirrels, and learned from my WordPress readers that different places in the world have different colored squirrels. Would a squirrel from Boston, Massachusetts, USA feel at home in the UK?

I’ve been to Edinburgh twice before, and I remember feeling comfortable there. But no way could I speak for any visiting squirrels.

When I was on my way to checking out my blog post about squirrels — to make sure I included all their colors —  I discovered this post (written when I was on my way to returning to work after a long bout with pneumonia), which reminded me to pack this button in my suitcase:


I don’t need to pack the blue jean jacket shown there, because I’m wearing it on the plane today.

I was on my way to showing you more photos from my walk away from work yesterday, but I got distracted by squirrels, buttons, etc. Here are more of yesterday’s shots:

IMG_7987  IMG_7990 IMG_7993 IMG_7995 IMG_8003 IMG_8007 IMG_8009 IMG_8020 IMG_8028 IMG_8029 IMG_8039

And while I might get caught up with one thing on my way through any (neighbor)hood — like that Hood Milk blimp, yesterday, on its way around Fenway Park — I’ll notice other things, too.

IMG_7996 IMG_8002IMG_8010 IMG_8015 IMG_8018  photocah IMG_8033

I know that, in Edinburgh, they use a different word for at least one of those things, above.

When I’m on my way anywhere, I especially notice people.  For example, when I snapped this yesterday


some Red Sox fans saw that, and immediately posed.


Then, the guy on the right gave me a high-five, on my way past him.

Minutes later, I got ANOTHER high-five from this guy, who I usually see at my workplace parking garage (and who appeared in a previous post, here).

IMG_8024 IMG_8025 IMG_8026

I often hear, from others, that people in Boston are not friendly. I don’t find that to be true. Maybe that’s because I’ve lived in Boston my whole life, so I am used to the kind of friendliness here.

Here are a few more things I’ve become used to, on my way:

  • I  may worry about things that could go wrong, especially before I leave on a trip.
  • I may feel some anxiety and even disappointment, when I first arrive at a new location.
  • I get used to new places pretty quickly.
  • I can have fun, even when I haven’t had enough sleep.

I’m on my way to feeling better, right now.

Okay! There are just a few more photos I want to show you this morning, on my way to ending this post.

Actually, at this point, that would be procrastinating.  I’m on my way, to finish packing!

Thanks to Pat Metheny, the good people in Boston, anyone else who contributed to the creation of this post, those who are welcoming everywhere, and to you — of course! — for stopping on your way, today.

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36 thoughts on “Day 592: On her way

  1. Safe travels!!!! Can wait to read and hear all about your trip!!!!!

  2. I love how your eyes celebrate the world in all its colours and beauty and joy! and that squirrel! Love him – or is it a her? Way too cute.

    Have an amazing and incredible journey!

  3. Good morning, Ann. Another great post and I really thank you. Love, Amy

  4. Have a wonderful time 🙂 (journey ;9 )

  5. Bon voyage Ann and Aaron!!! Xoxoxo

  6. Have safe travels! And I’m glad you mentioned that the blimp was for Hood Milk, because I was seriously trying to figure out what Hood was!

    • Well, Kate, it could have just shown you that I was in my ‘hood! Thanks, WordPress neighbor, for visiting my ‘hood here.

  7. The only thing you can’t squirrel away is time, Ann. So busy. Great shots on the day of the big flight. Maybe there will be a No Petrol sign over there. And people will hold their gas, too, because they are friendlier? Safe traveling, my friend. No Boston beans beforehand.

  8. I have travelled and lived throughout the country and I never found Bostonians unfriendly, though the city does seem to have more than its fair share of eccentrics.

    • I would agree, Bradley, and “eccentric” is a label this Bostonian would happily accept. Good to see you here, on your travels.

  9. Lovely post of your hood. Safe travels.
    Have a brilliant time!
    Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks for your cheering and brilliant ways, Val. I am still in my home country, but soon on the way to yours. I am on a plane, waiting to take off form Philadelphia, and I am hearing some beautiful Scottish accents all around me.

  10. Safe travels to you, Ann. Did I put in my order for one Loch Ness monster? thanks.

  11. It feels like the people who say people in other places aren’t as friendly just don’t have the right attitude. I don’t know, it’s probably not just an American thing, but it is sort what I’ve noticed anecdotally in traveling to different countries. It feels like a lot of American’s go traveling and look for things that are like their home and find distaste in things that aren’t. Or rather they show a lack of curiousness about the culture they are visiting and simply complain when things aren’t the way they are used to it. I wonder if that attitude extends to even travelers within the country too. If you go to Boston, you should want to try to understand and appreciate Boston. Otherwise, why are you there? I think if you seek to understand, people respond to you better. It has always been my experience in traveling that most people are ecstatic when you show interest in them and their way of life. I think we should all travel with that curious attitude!

    • I will do my best to keep that curious attitude that you (and I) value. I have to admit I can get cranky my first day traveling (especially when there is a flight delay). It helps, a lot, to connect with others, like my son and my readers. Many thanks, as usual, Swarn.

  12. amusez798387

    love your pictures of squirrel .I use the trash bins to put in the weeds I have a compulsion to pull up in the garden. Love your view of the world through your photos. Did Aaron’s hair return to its real color? At the play I could still see a little red sparkle. He was great and had the best costume. And wonderful voice. I know you will both have a blast in England and hope you leave the Brits with a good impression of crazy Americans,
    Crazy wonderful.

    Buen Viaje,

    • I am also thinking of magic trash bins, Mary, and the healing we’ve witnessed with those. Thank you for your kind and supportive words, as always.

      Aaron’s hair is still brown and he is now clean-shaven. It seems like every time I look at him these days, I am seeing somebody new. I guess not so unusual, when you’re looking at a 16 year old.

  13. I was in Edinburgh last month, the festival was just starting, people everywhere, like one long party! Have a good time…

    • Oh my goodness! I somehow missed this comment when I was on my way, and just noticed it, for the first time, today! Thank you, so much, for your kind comment. Always, Ann

  14. I love that button — want one. 🙂

  15. Say what? People in Boston not friendly?
    When we go there – people offer to help us without us even having to ask. They just see our lost faces or the fact that we’re looking at the T maps. LOL
    Gotta’ love the Red Sox fans photo!

  16. I’m so glad that your gruelling winter with pneumonia gave way to a summer with your son in Scotland.
    The squirrel is clearly glad too.

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