Day 585: Ouch!

I woke up in the middle of the night.


My nose AND the right side of my mouth hurt.


Is this caused by the Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machine I recently got? Or  is this a dental problem?  Or both? Or neither?

I can’t tell.


Sometimes I wonder if:

  1.  my undergoing so many surgeries in my life,  starting when I was a kid, and
  2. medical professionals differing so much in their reactions to pain …

… have interfered with my ability to have “normal” pain reactions.

I can’t tell.


Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I have trouble getting back to sleep.


I especially want to have good enough sleep tonight, because I’m seeing my son in “Assassins” the musical, in approximately 16 hours.


And Yay!

I have some ideas about other words and photos to add to this post, later.


I think I’ll be able to fall back asleep now.

I did fall back asleep, but not before I thought of a song to share with you, today — Agua De Beber performed by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66.

(YouTube video found here)

Why Agua de Beber (which means “water to drink”)?  For one thing, that song helped bring me joy, at a time I needed to deal with a lot of pain.

For another thing, Bossa Nova rocks!

Here are some photos I want to show you, before I dance off to work:




Two more photos, for this post:

IMG_7868 IMG_7869

Yay!  That’s a flashy (and non-flashy) view of my California-dwelling friend Lawry, whom I first met in 7th grade. Lawry, along with his family, most recently appeared here in Day  517: What is the theme of this post? Lawry  — who is in Boston for a Law Convention — called me up, last night, at work, and asked if we could have dinner together. I knew that would be okay with bf Michael, who is always engrossed in cleaning our place on Thursday evenings (my late night at work). And it was.

I was so glad I could have a spontaneous dinner with my old friend Lawry.  To repeat, Yay!

Lawry has been a  supporter of this blog, since I started writing. However, when I asked him last night if he’d been reading lately, he shook his head “no.”


He told me he stopped reading when I switched the settings here, forcing  readers to go to this site, if they want to read a full post.

Lawry and I  joked and laughed, last night, about how ONE EXTRA CLICK can seem like too much, when people are very busy with work, family, and other aspects of their lives.

In honor of Lawry and our friendship, today I’m switching that WordPress setting, back. Why?  Because — as I said, earlier in the day, to a patient who was signing up for my group therapy sessions at work — I want to give people as much access, in the easiest ways possible, to helpful connections.

Friendship — and other connections with humanity — is water to drink, for me.

Thanks to my son Aaron, Michael, Lawry, Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66, Antonio Carlos Jobim (for composing Agua De Beber), and to you — of course! — no matter how you made your way here today.

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34 thoughts on “Day 585: Ouch!

  1. I hope the pain goes away and you feel better Ann.
    Looking forward to stepping back in order to move forward with more ease for everyone 🙂
    Val x

  2. Karen

    Great idea Lawry! I think switching back is wonderful. Me…I’m supremely centered on functional….or lazy. Love, Karen your neighbor

  3. Haha — one click makes all the difference! As I always do my best to leave a comment, the click is not such a big deal… except…. now, when I click all I have to do is press like to get to your blog comment box! Coolio! 🙂

    And I love Bossa Nova and Sergio Mendes — your music choice makes me think of my father who was a big fan! 🙂

    so… you’ve made my life easier, given me a smile and inspired me to step back in order to move forward! How cool is that?

    Enjoy Michael’s play — very exciting! Can’t wait for your report back.

    • This comment was painfully cool, Louise, which was a good thing. I really appreciated finding that out about your father.

      And Aaron’s appearance in Assassins was …. AWESOME.

  4. Ouch, I hate that you had pain last night. Here’s hoping you feel better very soon! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. I’m sorry about your pain last night. As much as I love my CPAP, there was a breaking in period so it could be the culprit. I hope it’s something that simple.

  6. Hope the ouch is now gone. Or – at least – hope that you are feeling much better.
    You must be super excited about tonight & seeing your son perform. I’m excited for you. Love when my kids do something exciting. It makes me so happy to see them doing what they enjoy & living life!
    Happy Friday Ann! 🙂

    • My Friday was extraordinarily happy, RoSy. I loved this comment and I loved seeing my son performing like a pro!

  7. I hope some Sergio Mendes bossa nova cures the ouch again, Ann. That’s one great song. Breezy has some nerve treating you that way so early in your relationship. Just saying. Enjoy seeing Aaron in ‘Assasins.’ No pain there, my friend!

    • I’m glad you like the song, Mark. I liked your comment, very much. And, yes, seeing Aaron do such a great job in “Assassins” was the opposite of painful.

  8. I hope that your pain goes away soon and doesn’t bother you during Aaron’s performance. Otherwise you might be tempted to become one of the assassins….

    I wonder if using sensitive tooth toothpaste at this time might help. Perhaps the air blowing is irritating a nerve that runs up to your nose. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to try it for a couple of weeks to see.

    • This comment didn’t hurt at all. I felt very soothed by it. I will try some sensitive tooth toothpaste, as you suggest.

      Tonight was completely painless. Seeing Aaron do so well on stage was just what the doctor ordered.

      • Seeing Aaron on stage helped your nose and mouth? Isn’t it interesting how our bodies are connected to our heart by such fascinating and meandering routes.

  9. OUCH! Now I’m in pain. 😦

    • I am not surprised — with your sensitivity and empathy — that you felt my pain. But the LAST thing I want to do is make anybody uncomfortable. Do you feel my joy, too?

  10. Miranda Stone

    Glad you finally got some sleep! You might want to make an appointment with your dentist just to make sure nothing’s wrong.

  11. Sergio Mendes and Antonio Carlos Jobim in one post — how does it get better ???

    PS… it sounds like your mask is riding up on your face at night… you may need to adjust the straps.

  12. Marcia Dubreuil

    ALRIGHT LAWRY! I too found that new click just one click too many, not because it was a lot of trouble (I will click forever on a site that gives me 40% off and free shipping), but because you can’t MAKE me do something different, Ann, when I was perfectly happy reading you every day the way it was before. Are we like sheep? Well, yes.
    Agua de Beber is such a great song, second only to Carinhoso, by Pixinguinha, as seen on youtube here: (I hope). If not, just look it up yourself, for heaven sake.
    Best of luck to Aaron! There’s NO business like SHOW business…

    • Thanks for the tune and the inimitable Marcia ‘tude. I’m SO glad you’re back with the bloggin’ sheep today, for heaven’s sake!

  13. I hope you are feeling better, and it would be nice if you could figure out the source of those ouches. Thinking of you. 🙂

    • I think it might have to do with the mask for the CPAP machine, Deborah. I will figure it out. Thanks, so much, for your thoughts.

      • CPAP machines are wonderful, but there are lots of little adjustments that make a big difference in the comfort and function of the thing. I hope it is an easy fix.

      • Thanks, Deborah.

  14. amusez798387

    Thanks for inviting me to Assassins! The actors were great especially Aaron who looked calm and confident. Children’s theater what a great idea.

  15. Pingback: Day 629: The Eureka Moment! | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  16. robert87004

    I agree with your friend, extra clicks to read or like take some of the magic away. It feels good to finally have enough time to read you again. I’ll be back. 🙂

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