Day 581: Ann’s Beauty Tips

Step 1.

Consider this:  When you love people, they look beautiful to you.

DSCF0570_face0 DSCF0632_face1   DSCF0547_face1 DSCF0546_face1 DSCF0550_face0 DSCF0565_face1 DSCF0545_face0 DSCF0545_face1  DSCF0572_face0  DSCF0579_face3  DSCF0579_face0 DSCF0580_face0 DSCF0598_face0 DSCF0603_face3  DSCF0652_face1  DSCF0566_face0  DSCF0575 DSCF0650 DSCF0612_face0 DSCF0646DSCF0637 DSCF0553 DSCF0571DSCF0654 DSCF0617 DSCF0632  DSCF0639 DSCF0601 DSCF0625  DSCF0552_face2 DSCF0659_face1 DSCF0661_face1  DSCF0655_face0

It doesn’t matter what they (or anybody else) might think.  To you, they are beautiful.

Step 2.

Do the best you can, letting go of any negative thoughts you have about how you look (including memories of any “bad” pictures you’ve ever taken).

Step 3.

Get in touch with as much self-love, as you can. Also, imagine seeing the world through the eyes of those who may love you.

Step 4.

Look at yourself.


Thanks to all the people I love, including those who appear in — and took —  the photos in this post. Many thanks to you,  for the beauty you bring here today (especially if you have trouble seeing it).

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58 thoughts on “Day 581: Ann’s Beauty Tips

  1. Exactly, Ann. Perfectly said. And illustrated. And beautiful, too, to me, my friend.

  2. Janet H

    Wise advice, especially during bathing suit season. RE: cat photo, the definition of pussy-footing.

  3. Do you remember the old move “The Enchanted Cottage?” With Dorothy McGuire and Robert Young? One of those silver screen movies that brings the theme of this post magically to life!

  4. My first read of your blog, thank you.

  5. Ann, you have a reddish rug that looks very similar to a rug I have in my living room. I always double-take when I see it in one of your pictures!

    Yes how we feel about people changes the way we see them. I once knew a woman whom I thought was gorgeous until her true malicious self came out. Then I thought and saw her as ugly.

    Diana xo

  6. Beautiful post Ann…I’d love the company of these beautiful human beings 🙂
    And here I was expecting advice about wearing glasses and applying orange makeup, wearing bold black stripes and applying white paint to tufts of hair.
    Val x

  7. Miranda Stone

    This is wonderful! Your posts are fantastic–truly inspiring.

  8. So very true.
    I know people who seem more attractive the more I know them & others just the reverse. It’s all from what they give out from within.

  9. These are the best beauty tips I’ve seen for some time.

    • Thank you, Annabelle. Hmmmm. Beauty is multi-kashmillion dollar industry in the USA. I wonder if I might be able to get a piece of that action?

  10. Great post and a reminder to those of us who don’t feel beautiful. It’s harder to see the beauty in others if you don’t see it in yourself.

  11. So your beauty tip is that we should each win the love of as many people as possible? Seems like a good plan, and it may involve a big increase in profit for chocolate companies.

    Once again, I notice that everybody who looks at you smiles at you, Ann. I think that smiles must be delivery systems for affection. Clearly, lots of people love you and lots of people find you beautiful. I find your thoughts beautiful, so I often smile at you, too.

    • Aha! I was ready for this interpretation from you. However, I was NOT the photographer for any of these pictures. So everybody was smiling at somebody else!

      I still accept this comment (even if it was elicited under false pretenses). Thank you for increasing my sense of beauty today.

  12. If I only kept the pictures where I thought I “looked good” then huge gaps of my life would be missing. 🙂

  13. They all look beautiful to me too.

  14. Hi Ann, this is just a test to see if I can comment on your post.

  15. I love this.

  16. Linda Lintz

    Ann,, what a good feeling post!!!Pictures of those you love all together is love+++.
    & Yes it is so true-beuaty is in the eye of the beholder, and those you love are beauty-filled:)

  17. This is an awesome post, Ann! I should read it every morning when I get up. I have such huge problems with this. My self image is sometimes quite horrendous…

    • I am sorry you struggle with this, Melissa. Know that you are not alone.

      You helped my self image with the first two sentences of your comment. THANK YOU.

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  20. Ahhh…I have finally found ANN honest list of beauty tips. Thank you! ♡〜ლ(๑癶ᴗ癶๑)ლ〜♡

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