Day 579: What’s underneath, Part 2

Four score and four days ago,  I wrote a post titled “What’s underneath.”

I remember having some worry while I was writing that post, because:

  • some people had expressed a wish that I write a review of an Eddie Izzard concert I had attended with my son,
  • I wasn’t sure I could do that concert justice with my amateur reviewing skills, and
  • I was recovering from pneumonia.

Today, my health is much better. So that worry isn’t underneath the surface, right now.

However, I AM having some worry, as I begin this blog post, because:

  • some people expressed a wish yesterday that I reveal the place where my cell phone disappeared in my car and was hiding so effectively that it took  smart, competent, and eager people lots of time to find it and
  • I’m not sure I can do a “good enough” job of granting that request.

However, I promised I would show where my cell phone was hiding, if my readers cared enough to request that.  And, a promise is a promise, people!

Now, why am I uncertain about doing a good enough job, today?

Well, I wonder if I can capture, with my amateur photography skills and other limitations, the excitement of that original, in-the-moment “reveal” when I discovered  where that friggin’ phone was, in my car. I am worried that any reenactment will be WAY underneath the actual experience.

Last night, however, I put aside such worries, concerns, and trepidations, and attempted, with the help of my lovely assistant, Michael, to reenact and recapture the end of that hide-and-seek game with my cell phone, in my car. My plan, last night,  was to put my phone back in its excellent hiding place, and take a picture of it, using Michael’s new phone.

The Pros of last night’s plan?  It was dark, which was an accurate reenactment of  the actual event.  Also, the real perpetrator (my phone) would be returning to the scene of the crime.

The Cons of last night’s plan?  It was dark, and the two phones would NOT cooperate, at all.

What to do?  I wondered.

My lovely assistant, Michael, suggested that I go to Plan B, and take a photo this morning, before publishing today’s post.

The Pros of that plan?  It’s light outside now, so I can probably capture something, even if the result is underneath my hopes and standards. Also (as expressed above),  the real perpetrator would be returning to the scene of the crime.

The Cons of that plan?  I’d have to get ready to leave the house, go out to my car by myself, struggle to put that friggin’ phone back in that friggin’ hiding place, twist around to somehow take a photo that’s good enough, and deal with my own laziness and perfectionism about all that.

Hey!  Maybe I can dig up something from Google Images, this morning, that will do the trick, instead!

Hmmm.  I wonder what search phrase might be above any others, to start? I’ll try this Google Images search first:

Mazda3 underneath steering wheel



(I found that image here)

That’s not perfect, but I guess it’s good enough.

What else do I want to include in this post, underneath that Big Reveal, above?

How about a photo  I WAS able to take successfully, last night?

I want to tell you that underneath all I wrote today, was …




















That is NOT somebody named Joy. That’s my friend, Jeanette, whom I last saw in April, during a shared adventure in  NYC, right before I came down with pneumonia.  Jeanette is visiting Boston, briefly, from a city that lies underneath, in the USA: Philadelphia.

I’m pretty sure I’m right about that, geographically.  Let’s check:


(image found, FINALLY, here)

You would not believe all the trouble I had to go through,  just now, to bring you that good-enough map, above.   At one point, I was asked to prove  I was human!

I guess we never know, for sure, what’s going on, underneath, with anybody else.

Thanks to Mazda, phones (hiding or in plain sight), Jeanette, Michael, people who do their best keeping promises, and to you — of course! — for visiting today, no matter where you are on the map.

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41 thoughts on “Day 579: What’s underneath, Part 2

  1. very revealing!
    and to find
    that underneath
    it all
    is joy 🙂

  2. That is a pretty tricky hiding place, Ann. Even though I didn’t care, I’m glad I know where that phone hid for hours. You’re right. It could have stayed tucked there until the cows roamed the outfield at Fenway Park.

    • Mark and Ann, pardon me for jumping in on your comment Mark, but every time I try to comment on Ann’s posts lately I click posting comment and it looks like it’s working but then nothing – no comment 😦 What’s underneath that do you suppose?
      Diana xo

    • Here’s what’s underneath my reply to you, Mark and Diana: a smile, a laugh, and appreciation.

  3. Wait, your lost phone was trapped under the steering wheel? Are you messing with me? How is that even possible?

    • I am not messing with you, Kate. I can’t help it that my car and my phone were messing with me! If my car or my phone start writing a blog, perhaps they could tell you how it was possible. In the meantime, I keep trying to take photos of where that friggin phone was in my freaking car, but I cannot do it justice.

  4. Yeah, I’d never have looked there either! WOW, you’re phone must have superpowers LOL. Is there an app for that?? ; )

    • I am really glad there is NOT an app for that, Melissa. My phone is difficult enough to handle without superpowers.

  5. All is revealed! Now, about that Eddie Izzard concert……..

  6. Glad you found your phone Ann, I know how disconcerting that can be! 😀
    Diana xo

    • Even more disconcerting was not seeing your comments here! Thank goodness I found the phone AND your comments. Thanks for all your support.

  7. Now that we know where the phone is, I’m curious how it got there.

    • I appreciate your curiosity, Bradley. The phone was in my lap, and when I stopped at a light, it slid forward. I assumed that the phone hit the floor, when I heard a “clunk” noise, but the phone actually slid under the steering wheel, into one of several possible landing areas there. Who knew there were such nooks and crannies hidden underneath a car’s steering wheel? Not I, until two days ago. Now I know.

  8. So glad your day was filled with joy Ann!
    That was quite a curious adventure you had.

  9. I’m relieved that your phone didn’t compromise your car’s steering when it sought a new position as car phone.

    Michael and Aaron were awesome, as always.

    • Thank you for taking on your well-established position as perceptive, funny, thoughtful, and most appreciated reader. As always.

  10. Miranda Stone

    How is that even possible for a phone to hide there? Yikes. My phone just would have been chalked up to a lost cause.

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  12. Just wondering…Does your phone have fingers? 😉
    How the heck did it hang on there?

    • Great question, RoSy. That photo is misleading. There are places for a phone to slide into and hide under the steering wheel. I just could NOT get a good photo of it. You can see my attempt to photograph under my steering wheel and the place my phone was hiding (using a colorful tissue package as a stunt double) in the next post after this one. Hey! Now who’s writing run-on sentences?!

  13. Ha ha, you made me laugh out loud dear Ann.

  14. I forgot to mention that I found the two posts about your cellphone very interesting. Not so much for what it told us about your phone or your car but because of what we learned about the amount of thought, planning and care that you put into writing this blog for us. I feel very well looked after, as a blog reader.

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