Day 578: I don’t care

Yesterday, driving home around 9 PM, after a long day at work, my cell phone was in my lap. At one point, my cell phone fell off my lap, and made a sound as it made contact with a surface.  I thought, “Arrgh.  It’s on the floor.  It’s dark. I’m tired. I hope I can find it when I get home.”

After I parked the car, I looked for that friggin’ phone for about ten minutes.  I thought, “Of course.  It disappeared.  Whenever I drop something in my car, I can never find it.”

Then I thought, “I don’t care.”

And I went upstairs to spend time with my boyfriend Michael and my 16-year-old son Aaron.

After I told Michael about my long day at work, I told him about the magically disappearing phone. I asked for his help, in looking for it. I speculated about where the phone might be, as follows:

  • Maybe it fell up.
  • Maybe it’s in a worm hole.
  • Maybe it needs to go away for awhile and come back later.

Michael accompanied me back to the car, this time with a flashlight.  We both spent a long  time thoroughly searching for that friggin’ phone.  As people usually do when looking for something that is NOT where it’s supposed to be, we looked in increasingly absurd places and looked several times in the same place, in the car.

Finally, we gave up.

I said, “Maybe it fell up and out of the car, through the window or the moon roof.”

By the way, the moon was beeeoootiful last night.  It was a just a sliver, but it was large and a really interesting color.

I had planned to take a photo of the moon, to show you today, but I couldn’t find my cell phone.

However, I did take a few photos yesterday, before the phone disappeared on my way home.

IMG_7595 IMG_7596

IMG_7597 IMG_7598 IMG_7601 IMG_7602

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  My lost cell phone, last night. I guess that’s not exactly headline news, but it IS the topic of this post, people!

So Michael said, “Why don’t you use your laptop to find your phone?”  He has experienced me, several times in the past, thinking I’ve lost my phone, and using the Find Your iPhone feature on my laptop to try to locate it.

I may be repeating myself here, but I find it very strange that my iPhone has a find your iPhone app on it. I also may be repeating myself if I tell you that I have gotten very anxious in the past about using the Find Your iPhone feature on my laptop, since I always think I’m going to forget the password I need, and that password is on my iPhone, too.

I don’t care if I’m repeating myself. Also, here’s something new: I wasn’t anxious about any of this last night, at all.

Why?  Because I kept realizing this: Even if my worst-case fears were true, about my iPhone … I don’t care.

I’ll live, even if my phone (1) fell up (2) is in a wormhole or (3) is gone forever.

I did eventually use the Find Your iPhone feature on my laptop and found that the phone had NOT fallen up and out of the car, on my way home. That is, the Find Your iPhone feature told me that my iPhone was in, or near, my car.

Okay, I thought. I’m going to look for it, again, by myself. So I took the flashlight and walked out to the car, with no fear and with the faith that if anybody could find it, that person was me. And, again, I thought, “I don’t care if I don’t find my cell phone.”

I reconstructed the situation and decided to look at the most logical places. I thought about Occam’s Razor, as described by Wikipedia:

It states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.

Actually, that’s not the way I remember Occam’s Razor. In my mind, it’s this: The simplest and most logical solution is usually true. Is that an appropriate interpretation of Occam’s Razor?

If it’s not, I don’t care.

Anyway, after I had returned to the car, alone, with the flashlight, I thought about where I was sitting, where the cell phone was, and the sound it made when it left my lap. I noticed the mats on the floor of the driver’s seat — near the brake, gas pedal, and clutch — and said to myself, “Aha! That cell phone could have snuck between the mats.”

As I lifted up the floor mats, it was with an imminent sense of discovery and relief, because, at that point, I KNEW that the phone was there.

It wasn’t.

I thought, “I don’t care. I know I can find this cell phone.”

A few moments later, I did.  And I thought, I am not touching or moving that cell phone. No way.  I HAVE to get Michael  and Aaron,  and show them where it is.

I went upstairs, thinking, I’m going to make this a guessing game. I’ll tell Michael and Aaron that the cell phone is still there and ask them to hunt for it.  I’ll offer to tell them if they’re “warm” or “cold while they’re looking, if they want.

Hmmm, I thought.  Sometimes they don’t take me up on my guessing games.

I don’t care, I thought. I’ll ask them both, anyway.

At first, both of them were reluctant to come out and play this game with me.  I mean, at this point, it was past 11 o’clock at night!

But I must have made the game sound interesting and intriguing enough, because they both came outside and spent a good amount of time, looking for that friggin’ phone. I would say that it became a competition between the two of them. They both refused any hints from me. They seemed to care, enough, to want to find the phone on their own.

Eventually, Michael found it.  He was impressed. Then, Aaron found it, too.

As we all went back inside, I said, “I could have easily never found that phone. It could have still been there, when I sold the car.”

I don’t know if Michael or Aaron understood what I meant or what I was trying to express by saying that.

I don’t  care.

You probably want to see where that friggin’ phone was, don’t you?

How can I take a photo of it, though?  It’s not there any more. And even if I put it in the same amazing place it was, I still can’t take a photo of it, because I take my photos with my iPhone. And even if I did get my other camera, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get that phone back, exactly where it was.  Also, I don’t WANT to put it back there.

Do you care?

If you really do, I promise I shall take a photo of where it was, with my IPhone, before tomorrow’s post.

In the meantime, feel free to guess where it might have been. Hey!  Maybe you can post a picture, in the comments, of where might have been, in another car!

I shall leave you all, today, with a rendition of “I Don’t Care,” by Kevin Meaney, a comedian my son and I really like.

(YouTube video found here)

You might not like Kevin Meaney or that song.  At this point in my life, I don’t care.

Thanks to my boyfriend Michael, my son Aaron, Kevin Meaney, and other people I care about …. including you!

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53 thoughts on “Day 578: I don’t care

  1. Yes, we want to know where the phone had disappeared to- sounds very interesting and intriguing! 🙂 Also- next time try ringing on your phone from another mobile- it makes searching way quicker! 😉

    • My phone has all the sounds turned off, because I don’t want it to disturb people if it rings when I’m at work. But I appreciate your interest and the caring advice!

      • Ah, I see 😀 Tricky so, indeed! I found it cool though that you turned the search into a game 🙂 These are the moments your son will remember when he grows old.. like old-old… He’ll tell his own children then how his mom made him look for an iPhone in a car 😀

      • That’s a wonderful gaze into the future. I love that kind of fortune-telling. Thanks!

  2. A little detachment goes a deliciously long way sometimes!

  3. I’ve had the same experience. It’s amazing how one can lose something for so long in such a small space 🙂 In the end we found it by cunningly calling it. It lit up (it was dark at the time fortunately) and made a noise, revealing its hiding place!
    Of course that would no longer work as my phone is paired with my car, so the car stereo rings rather than the phone. Thanks, modern technology!

    • It is amazing to me how objects can hide from us, so well. Thanks to modern technology and to you, for this cunning comment.

  4. happierheathen

    I guess calling the phone so it would ring and give away its hiding place wasn’t an option? I don’t know anything about iPhones except that I don’t have one, but with my Android’s super duper security app I can make it scream even if it’s in silent mode — the app takes it out of silent mode and turns the volume all the way up, too.

    So, did it land on the floor next to the seat frame, between the frame and the transmission well? That’s where my cat, Miss Autumn, says that her pitty pat sense tells her it was. That or she said she wants a snack. I have trouble with my pitty-pat-speak when it’s so far past my bedtime.

    • Miss Autumn is quite smart in her various communications but, unfortunately, she is incorrect about where the phone landed. She is in very good company, too.

      I am impressed with your control over your Android; my ability to affect my phone pales in comparison.

      Thanks to Miss Autumn, your Android, and you.

  5. I’m very glad it turned up for you but I’m very intrigued as to where it was.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Hugs back at you, David! I will reveal the mysterious hiding place of the phone tomorrow, in an intriguing way (I hope).

  6. I can’t tell you how many times a week either Mr. T or I yell out to the other “Can you call my phone?” I take it as a good sign that sometimes we misplace our phones! Means we aren’t attached to it non-stop!

    Of course, more than once I’ve had to yell at my best friend “The phone slid off the seat and the headset unplugged – so I can’t hear you – but I don’t know where the phone landed – so you have to hang up!”

  7. findingmyinnercourage

    You got me!!!! I found my self reading faster and faster and faster to get to the part of where your cell phone was and you didn’t tell us! Haha! I honestly have no idea. Fresh post!!! : )

  8. Miranda Stone

    I care! I want to see where the phone was. Because my phone was most likely made sometime in the last century, and there is no app that could find it if it gets lost in some weird hidey hole in my car.

    • I will do my best to grant your wish, tomorrow.

      I wonder why auto manufacturers go to such trouble installing all those hidey holes in cars? Very weird.

      And I care, a lot, that you commented, Miranda. Thanks!

  9. Please don’t tell me it feel into your cleavage!!!


    You got me curious … in a very unattached evolved spiritual being kind of way … lol

    Val x

    • Cleavage is an exceptionally bad guess, Val, for lots of reasons. And I’m not surprised that you were able to hold on to your unattached, evolved, spiritual way of being, even in the face of this curious post. Thrilled to see you, as always.

  10. Fun post! I was intrigued because I wondered if it was ever going to be found (figured it would be in the place where all the missing socks go after the dryer). 🙂

    • I will check tomorrow, Randall, to see if there are some socks hanging around in there, too. Always fun to see you !

  11. Argh! It is so frustrating when that happens. I do care! So look forward to finding out where it had disappeared to 🙂

  12. This post was great fun to read. (Much more fun to read than about your search for your phone than it was for you to live through, I’m guessing.) I loved your attempt to find your phone by having confidence in your ability to find it. I also love that that didn’t work. That is so empowering for all of us who don’t find stuff.

    Where was it? I’m curious. Was it someplace obvious like with one of your missing gloves? Was it in the pocket on the door where maps go? Inside a book or something? Or did it fall into someplace tricky, like between your seat cushion and the seat frame?

    I will eagerly await tomorrow’s post. And — just want to add that I’m very glad that you found your phone and still had time to write this amusing story up for us.

    • And I eagerly await your response to that post (as I always do). Thank you for your curious and lovely thoughts, plus your excellent (but wrong) guesses.

  13. Under the seat, flat against the frame, hiding like it was playing a kid’s game, Ann. Or not. I don’t care because you found it. If it was still lost, I would care.

    • And I care, very much, that you still are my loyal, playful, once-every-day reader and replier, Mark. Thanks for your careful comment.

  14. balanced on the brake?
    in a pocket in the door?
    or on the dashboard?

    That was my “find Ann’s phone” haiku, btw.

    • Love the haiku, Jeff.
      All wrong guesses, btw.

    • Find Ann’s Phone Haiku?

      Hai-kuul is that? 🙂

      • Finding it VERY cool, phone-tically.

        And Hai-kuul would be a comment from you, on today’s post?

      • You know, “sitting on my own sofa” is the perfect middle line of a haiku. Maybe we need a “sitting on my own sofa” haiku contest, where people add their own first and last lines? Huh? Ann can be the judge and the winner can win, errrr, something related to sofas? like, a photograph Ann takes of a sofa? Yeah?

      • Haiku contest with
        Sitting on My Own Sofa.
        Great idea from Jeff.

  15. I’m sure there are little imps who hide our stuff, pee themselves laughing while we drive ourselves nuts looking for it, then put it back somewhere we’ve already looked.

  16. Pingback: Da y 579: What’s underneath, Part 2 | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  17. “I don’t care” is kinda my mantra… LOL
    I’d guess that the phone slid off of your lap and fell between your seat and the middle console, wedging itself down my the seat tracks.
    that’s happened to me too many times and I know it clunks on the console on it’s way down.
    : )

    • That has happened to me, too, Melissa, but not this time! I am glad we both have that mantra of “I don’t care” … It sure does come in handy!

  18. I was constructing an entirely different scenario. I thought the phone was in your bag all along and it was something else you heard hitting the deck. Under the pedal?

  19. Bonnie

    enjoyed the trip and post go around 🙂

  20. A familiar story of the “lost” phone search.
    I have checked my purse (I hate purses) & not found it only to find that it was there after using the app & it told me to go back & look again.
    Wow – that was a long run-on sentence…

  21. Under the brake or gas pedal?

    • Excellent guesses, but … no. Under something else (see the next blog post for where it was). Maybe the next time my cell phone escapes on an adventure, it will try under the brake or gas pedal.

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