Day 573: Why? Because I thought it was _____.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the death of a woman I work with. Why?  Because I thought it was appropriate, the right thing to do, and healing.

Actually, I could probably use the same answers to the Why? about any post I’ve written here.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep Friday night, so my mind was working strangely, yesterday, when I went for my Saturday morning walk.

I took lots of photos on yesterday’s walk.  Why?  Because I thought it was appropriate, the right thing to do, healing, and fun.

Now, I have a quiz for you, this morning.

Why do I have a quiz for you? What do you think?

Here’s the first part of the quiz:

Immediately after I took one of the following thirty-two pictures, somebody asked me, “Why did you take that photo?”

Which photo do you think that was?

(1)  IMG_7380  (2) IMG_7381

(3)IMG_7382(4) IMG_7384  (5) IMG_7390



(8) IMG_7398  (9)  IMG_7404



(11) IMG_7412  (12) IMG_7415



(14)  IMG_7420 (15) IMG_7421



(18)  IMG_7425  (19) IMG_7427

(20) IMG_7428  (21) IMG_7429



(23) IMG_7431  (24) IMG_7434


(26)  IMG_7438  (27) IMG_7440




IMG_7442(30)  IMG_7443  (31)  IMG_7444


Wow!  I sure took a lot of photos, yesterday. And yet, only once did somebody ask, “Why did you take that photo?”

So …. do you have any guesses about which photo that was?

Okay!  Here’s the second part of the quiz. In response to that question yesterday, I said, “Because I think it’s  _____.”

Granted, that was a very short reply, from me. I hope that didn’t seem rude, to the person who asked. What she didn’t know was this: I was in a rush, to meet my son at the end of his piano lesson.

I’m leaving the last word in my reply blank, so you can guess that, too.

Any questions? Any answers?

Before I end this post, I want to tell you these things:

  • I am curious about any responses you want to share.
  • I’m wondering if anybody is going to guess, correctly, what happened to me, yesterday.
  • That would be difficult to do.
  • Your answers are as good as mine, at this point (I believe).
  • This song came on, while I was walking and taking photos, yesterday.

        (found on YouTube here)

  • “Hearing “Michael from Mountains” reminded me I had committed (in this post) to rewrite the words to “Michael from Boston.”
  • I rewrote the words when I got home, tried to find the guitar part online, and found this, instead.

(found on YouTube here)

Why did I rewrite the words to that song and look for the guitar part online?

Because I thought those were the next steps towards a personal goal: To record myself singing “Michael from Boston.”


Don’t you think you have enough questions to answer, at this point?

Thanks to all my readers, to the person who asked me that question yesterday, to Joni Mitchell, to my boyfriend Michael, to laotsu77 (for posting such a great instrumental back-up for the song and making my life much easier), and  — of course! — to you. Why? Because I thought it was wonderful for you to stop by, today.

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46 thoughts on “Day 573: Why? Because I thought it was _____.

  1. I’ll guess the frog photo was the one questioned….but I’d take it too, because it’s sad.

    • Would that be the frog in photo #1, Melissa? Do you think that toy frog was sad?

      I took that photo because I thought it was funny. Do you think that makes me … insensitive?

      Wow, I’m really in a questioning mood today. I will tell you this: (1) That was NOT the photo that somebody questioned and (2) I am very happy you visited here today (and were brave enough to take the first guess!).

      • that’s the one : )
        it’s funny if you see it as a face plant or a diving fail. My initial reaction was a lost toy, once beloved and now abandoned.
        When I answer your questions I don’t really think about it, I just give you my first reactions. LOL I like to see how far off base my reactions are. I don’t read the other comments first, I just answer. Then I read them…it’s kinda fun.
        : )

      • Your reactions are definitely fun (and illuminating) for me. And they are NEVER off base.

        By the way, that toy is not abandoned. I know the owner, so I can say that for sure.

      • : ) thanks

        yay! he’s not a homeless frog left out in the cold to forage through trash cans looking for food and to drink questionable water from puddles, constantly searching for his home.
        I need to rein in my imagination, huh

      • Please do NOT rein in your imagination, Melissa.

      • LOL I don’t know if I could anyway… it kinda rules the roost over here.

  2. I think the photo someone asked you about is the green sign on the ground, number 22. Why do I think that? Because most people would see it as a ‘sign on the ground’ but you saw something else in it. My second guess would be the starbucks bag with the cookie, number 19. Shrugging. I would have taken both of them, too. (By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog.)

    • I am very pleased to have found your blog and also very pleased with this comment, Mary. I love your guesses, and I’m glad to know you would have taken those two photos, too.

      Your guesses are not “correct,” but who cares? Certainly not I. I thought your visit was wonderful.

  3. I have no clue Ann and I can’t even remember all your questions on this beautiful, sleepy-headed Sunday morning. 😉
    Did you know Joni Mitchell is a Canadian treasure? ❤ I love her music!
    Diana xo

  4. so many questions
    for each wish answer 🙂

  5. My guess is the photo of the police officer between the two police cars. You took it because you were curious why the cars and he were there.

    And I think you are in a different mood than usual this posting day, Ann. So many photos taken yesterday, and each can have the same reason taken, or different reasons.

    • Your guess about the photo was incorrect, although your guess about my reason for taking it was a good one.

      Your guess about my mood is correct also, Mark. It IS different than usual.

      Do you have a guess about what that mood might be? If not, I shall tell you: It’s more accepting than usual.

  6. My guess is also the police officer and cars. It doesn’ t seem to fit with the other photos.

    • I agree with you that the photo doesn’t seem to fit with the others. However, this was not the photo where somebody asked me why I was taking it.

      And, you are in good company with this guess!

      Thanks for being good company, with this comment, today.

  7. I would say it was the photo of the two people gazing silently (at least that is my perception) over the lake. Their silence emit the feeling of compassion and seems to say both “enjoy what you have in front of you today…even if in silence” and “we are all in this together, so let’s do what we can do make it a good day.” Wish you a great weekend!

    • I love that photo, Randall. I am so pleased that you picked it! It is not the one that somebody asked me about, but that doesn’t matter to me, at all. What matters to me is that you read and commented, which helped make my weekend great!

      • Happy to hear you liked that photo as well (it is a pretty great photo). I think I knew that it wasn’t the one that somebody asked you about (I would have guess the police-officer), but it would have been the one I would have asked you about 🙂
        Cheers, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. This quiz is difficult. Because what is a questionable photo to one person may be interesting to another. I am going to guess the picture of the Dental Building (27) and I’m going to guess the word you used was “interesting”. 🙂

    • Swarn! You recognize how difficult the quiz is AND you choose the correct the photo. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?

      I did not use the word “interesting” but I DID find it interesting.

      You are amazing.

      • Well I am not sure a 1 and 32 chance can ever be considered amazing. lol My first choice was given by someone else and rejected so this was my second choice. It seemed the most mundane. Very often the pictures you take with signs are unique, handmade, or have numbers on them. The sign for Dental Building was rather lackluster, and the house itself didn’t seem very interesting, nor was it a wide enough scope to really take much of the scene in it, so you must have focused on the sign, but the sign just seemed un-Ann-like. 🙂 I also assumed that the person who asked you the question had scene your photos before and thus might have also been looking for the photo that seemed un-Ann-like. Obviously we’re both wrong since you took it for a reason and found it interesting. lol

        And here I thought I would get the word right. I’ll shall let someone figure out that one. lol

      • Assumptions are really interesting to me, actually. I also find interesting the way other people think, which is always different, in many ways, from the way I think.

        For one thing, I think hitting a one in thirty-two chance IS amazing. Especially because the assumptions you made, to make that guess, were incorrect. The person who made the remark to me was a complete stranger, who happened to be waiting for a bus, right outside the dental office.

        But I love what I found out about your assumptions about me, from reading your comment.

        As always, Swarn, I learn from you. Thank you!

      • I hope I didn’t offend you in the assumption I made about you! The truth is I don’t know what interested you in most of the photos you take, but I am starting to get a feel for what photos seem like you! lol

        Well my assumption about the person who saw your photos was simply so that I could justify me picking something that made sense to me as the answer! 🙂 So whether that person was familiar with your photos or not wasn’t that important in me wanting to guess what I did. lol

        A 1/32 chance is a 3% chance. Which I guess doesn’t seem that bad to me. Since I think I’m a 1 in 100 type of guy. lol

      • You did not offend me, Swarn, in the least. I can definitely relate to that hope of not offending people.

        And thanks for saying more about your thought process. It is ALWAYS interesting (and never offending).

        I understand that — just because of my unusual heart — I am a 1 in 60,000 kind of person. (Not that I’m competitive, or anything.)

  9. I liked all the photos, and I suck at quizzes : )

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  11. Dentist … scary?

  12. That Dental building IS interesting. I think it’s something about the framing, and the old timey sign, and the columns, and th

  13. Forgive me for nor joining the quiz, but I am flying by against the clock.

    • Of course I forgive you, Hilary. I am just glad you flew by today. Why? Because I thought it was wonderful.

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