Day 567: Proofs

Yesterday, as I was taking photos, I thought about a possible plan for a post here: offering a choice of two different music selections.  That’s proof of my interest in the varying needs, tastes and preferences of groups of people.

During my walk, the tune “Proof” by the Pat Metheny Group showed up in my headphones. That was proof, to me, that my  plan was a good and achievable one, because I love another song called “Proof,” also.

Here’s a live version of “Proof,” by Paul Simon, a song that gave me comfort during a difficult time in my life:

(YouTube video found here)

Here’s a live version of “Proof,” by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays which, to me, is more proof that Metheny and Mays were a kick-ass jazz team.

(YouTube video found here)

Choose your preferred Proof, as you please.

Here are some random thoughts and opinions I have about proof, today:

  • If we start out with a premise, we can see proof for our existing beliefs, no matter where we look.
  • If we are open to new perspectives, we might be able to adjust our conclusions as new evidence comes in (although that can be challenging).
  • We seem to need proofs, of many kinds, to make meaning.

I wonder what “proof” means to you?

Here are some photos I took yesterday.  They are all proof of something, aren’t they?

IMG_7180 IMG_7185 IMG_7194 IMG_7195 IMG_7198 IMG_7204 IMG_7205 IMG_7210 IMG_7220

IMG_7222 IMG_7225 IMG_7236IMG_7241 IMG_7243 IMG_7244  IMG_7246 IMG_7247 IMG_7249

For one thing, there’s proof, in those images, that today is trash day in these parts. Also, I see  proof that a local supermarket has interesting taste in cake choices. And, that somebody collects snow globes.

What other proofs might you experience here?

Many thanks to Paul Simon, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, and others who make beautiful sounds; to my neighborhood (including the local supermarket); to all those who wag more and bark less; to human beings who balance proof, meaning, change, and confusion as best they can; to people who offer proof of kindness, creativity, flexibility, and kindness every day;  and to you — of course! — for proof of your humanity, today.

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38 thoughts on “Day 567: Proofs

  1. I love the “Wag More, Bark Less” sign. Is it a bumper sticker? That’s a wonderful message.

    • That IS a bumper sticker, which I saw in the parking lot of the supermarket last night. I agree that it’s a wonderful message. Thanks for the visit, Ronnie!

  2. Proof – the absence of unsufficient evidence … 🙂

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    What a nice walk with you thru your day.. You live in a nice area.. You are blessed…

  4. The cake designer may need you professional help. LOL!

  5. “your”

  6. Ashes to ashes,
    Dust to dust,
    The proof of the pudding,
    Is under the crust.

    This just popped into my mind from an old Charlie Brown book I had when I was little. Linus always trying to prove to everyone that something like the Great Pumpkin exists. lol

    Proof and evidence to me are kind of the same thing and ultimately most people are unaware of human biases and as a result fall prey to them. Most important perhaps being the confirmation bias. Another important question is what constitutes proof or evidence? This is where I find most people disagree. Some people find the Bible as evidence of creation, but then evidence of the Big Bang is as a result faulty or not substantial. In looking for proof we tend to just find things that prove what we already think and are dismissive to potentially important proof of things counter to what we already believe. And even say to be open-minded can go too far, because there are also those that think that every opinion or every proof carries equal weight. Which can be dangerous at times also when there are definite answers to our questions (or at least very good answers). I think it takes a good education to really understand the nature of proofs and evidence. The best I guess we can hope for though is that everybody should start with the notion that they might not know it all. Humility in all situations is a great beginning. 🙂

    • Thank you for all this, Swarn. I have to say I start reading each of your comments with humility, because of the impressiveness of your knowledge and reasoning. And I end that way, too. So I guess I am doing my part!

  7. Gene Phillips

    When the word “proof” comes up, I often think of those lovely proofs we constructed I high school geometry class…so satisfying, but so different from the sorts of “proofs” we deal with in life.

  8. I see a lot of proofs in those photos. Proof that people care, appreciate beauty and nature, have a sense if humor, and are capable of love and creativity.
    Beautiful post and photos.
    : )

  9. Pat Metheny is one of my favorites, although it has been a while since I have listen to him, so what a great surprise to have you bring them to my attention today. Puts me in a perfect mood to carry on 🙂

    • This is more proof of how cool you are, Randall, to me. If you search my posts for “Pat Metheny,” you will find proof of several more gifts.

  10. In my college days, Ann, no foosball table would never be thrown to the curb on garbage day, no matter what shape it might be in. If it were, there would be no proof of it ever having been there five minutes later!

    • I remember foosball from college too, Mark. Thanks for giving me proof that my nostalgic photo was not taken in vain.

  11. Proof: fireproof. Shockproof. Soundproof. Foolproof.

    Proof can be protective.

    • Waterproof. Bulletproof. Childproof. (Although that last one is different — not making something safe FROM children, but safe FOR children.)

      Thanks for making this place safer (and more interesting) every time you comment.

  12. I am resolved to wag more and bark less all day.

  13. 😀 I have some very nice snow globes. Cheers!

  14. Love proof of nature’s beauty! 🙂
    A proof for me that I’m still alive & well…That darn alarm clock going off to wake me up in the am telling me it’s time to get ready for work! LOL

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