Day 566: Must Haves

Today, I’m starting  with something that used to be a Must Have, for my blog posts: a search, on Google Images, for the title.

Here’s what came up, just now, for “Must Haves”:


(image found here)


(image found here)


(image found here)

Breastfeeding Must Haves

(image found here)

pregnancy must-haves

(image found here)


(image found here)


(image found here)

Monday Must Haves May 11

(image found here)

I must have something wrong with me, dear readers. I mean, I’ve had one (or maybe two) of all those Must Haves. So what does that make me?  A Have Not?

What do you think?

Now I’m wondering why I must have stopped visiting Google Images for photos.  Perhaps, because I …

  1. lost track of doing that,
  2. had fears of consequences, for using images that weren’t mine,
  3. felt like I had “been there/done that,”
  4. had better things to do.

I have not one, single, perfect explanation for this notable change in my blog posts.

I will tell you this, though.  While I must have had good reasons for excluding Google Images in my blog posts lately, I have not any regrets for including them here, today.

I must have something else i can show you before I end this post. How about some photos  from yesterday’s walk?

Must-have confession: I forgot to take my must-have photography equipment with me, but boyfriend Michael was there, and generously offered his iPhone instead.

photofrommichael photo 1 (8) photo 2 (8) photo 1 (7)

Ooops! I must have lost track of one of those must-have shots from yesterday. Hold on …

Found it!

photo 2 (9)

Thanks to Michael, my other Must Haves, and to you — of course! — for whatever Must Haves you must have, today.

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43 thoughts on “Day 566: Must Haves

  1. My must have list has changed over the last few years. Today they are: clean air, water, peace, friends, time to write, time to play with my dogs, a charity to volunteer with.

  2. Ann, you are in good company for my must have list is very small. I do not seek instant gratification as this world is so prone to do. Great post and I love your sense of humor. Keep smiling!!! Love, Amy

  3. I must have time enough each day to read the blog of my friend from (near) Boston. Yes, you, Ann.

    I agree with your theme this day. Must-haves change over time, so surely, as we grow older, wiser, and more secure with ourselves.

    I also must have the good sense to appreciate what I already have!

    • I must have your comments to help me know that I’ve communicated what I’ve intended. Thank you for the time, the agreement, the support, the wisdom, the good sense, the appreciation, and more. Yes, you, Mark.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how many ‘must-haves’ – as presented by the advertising industry and the media – are both unnecessary and undesirable.

    • I join with you in amazement, Annabelle. I wonder if advertising and the media will ever cease? Probably not. We’ll do the best we can, I guess, prioritizing what’s important to us. Thanks for this comment, which made me think!

  5. I went to google images to check out “Must Haves” and didn’t find anything that I had to have. In this season of my life — I Must Have love, peace, happiness and joy to fulfill my wish of healthy lifestyle spiritually, emotionally and physically, Thank you for sharing this post.

  6. Like Maria above, my must have list has changed over the years as well. I want to make a difference. I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to have access to clean water and the beautiful untouched areas I have access to today. I want to empower others to make a difference in their communities by following their hearts and living their purpose.
    Diana xo

  7. Ha, great series and list… I do admit #13 is a definite must have for me. It is great that our ‘musts’ change over time ~ I think they get so much simpler as we move forward because we realize how wonderful the simple things are. Cheers!

    • Yay! A comment from a Must-Have WordPresser. So great to see you here, Randall.

      • 🙂 Another long period away (China really tightening its censors recently, even Google was blocked…). Nice to be back!

  8. I enjoy the photos that you take on your outings more than photos that you find on Google (although those often fit very well with your theme). There’s always something just a little quirky about the photos you take and I like noticing that you noticed them. Today’s photos taken on Michael’s camera are particularly quirky and they made me laugh.

    I wonder how many other bloggers borrow your photos and repost them to their blogs?

    • I enjoy, as always, another Must Have comment from you. I am thinking I must have some cool talents if you prefer my images to Google’s AND I make you laugh.

      I wonder: Must I have copyright symbols and other ways to better protect my photos you find so valuable and imagine others borrowing and posting? Probably not.

      • Once you’ve put your photos on your blog, they can be borrowed by any admirer. I don’t think that you could do anything to protect them in a practical way except to deface them by writing “Ann’s blog” overtop them.

        Think of it as releasing them into the wild….

      • I have pretty much let go of my wish to control anything I have have put out there (although I hope that people respect and give credit, as I work hard to do).

        I love the idea of releasing the photos into the wild. I wonder what kind of animals they would be?

  9. I must have HAPPINESS.
    What’s life without that?
    I know – I’m so easy to please.

  10. Google’s “Must Haves” provide excellent examples of how superficial we Americans really are, although a Lego camera is quite cool! LOL! I prefer your photos to the Google ones anyway, Ann. You take very interesting walks. 🙂

  11. My “must have” lists have changed right along with me over the years. These days things like sleep, time, peace & happiness top my list. I love the photos from your walk …. awesome!

  12. One thing that is a must-have for bloggers is my free ebook, 20 Blog Post Must-Haves, which you can get here: 🙂

    • Interesting use of the title and the points of this post, I must say.

      • I know, right?! Funny story. I had set up a Google alert for this some time ago, and forgot about it. Then – boom – today, I get an email that mentioned “blog post” and “must-have.” So I figured I’d stop by and drop off a comment. 🙂

      • Thanks for stopping by and dropping off, Lorraine. Nice to meet you.

      • Sure thing. 🙂 Who knows, maybe I could be of help to someone… and if not me, then my free book. 🙂

        If not, no worries. It’s always nice to meet a new blogger! 😀

  13. Well … must haves… I don’t do that…. except must have a smile, a laugh, be happy. Tese are my must haves.
    I love your own pictures really funny…love that icecream… drawn to scale. 🙂 was it though??? Did you check?

    • Your visits and comments always give me your Must Haves, Ute, so thank you!

      I assume that the ice cream cone is not to scale, based on past experience. However, I really should have checked out that assumption yesterday, because it was National Ice Cream Day. Do you think it’s too late to check?

      • I didn’t know… Ice cream day .. I should have had one…. I think you should go back to the place and check it out….. worth trying… for fun!:-)

  14. I must have an aversion to must haves … 😉
    Aversions and attachments are something I’ll be working on for a while!

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  16. Gene Phillips

    Great photos of wonderfully odd things.

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