Day 563: Intuition

I wasn’t sure what to blog about today, so I figured I would follow my intuition.

Recently, I took a mid-day break from my work (as a group psychotherapist at a Boston medical center). The weather was muggy and warm, but I decided to go outside to get lunch.  As usual, I let my intuition guide my way.

IMG_6975 IMG_6976  IMG_6977

IMG_6978 IMG_6980



IMG_6984  IMG_6990 IMG_6993

IMG_7005 IMG_7006

Later in the day, a therapy group followed its intuition to focus on self-love (instead of self-hatred). I suggested imagining an on-and-off switch, somewhere inside, that people could use.  The group suggested that my metaphor was too all-or-nothing, and thought a different kind of lighting control would be better.

IMG_7015 *

I love when others have better intuition than I do.

Right now, my intuition is telling me that somebody needs food.


What does your intuition tell you?

Thanks to all who have intuition, alone and in groups. And thanks to you — of course! — for intuiting ** your way here, today.

* The way I intuitively draw might be confusing. This might help:


(photo found here)

** My intuition told me that “intuiting” might not be a real word. Spell check disagrees.

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32 thoughts on “Day 563: Intuition

  1. My intuition tells me to follow my heart. But, my head says no…

  2. I enjoyed this post so much! Thank you so for inviting us in, Ann. I’m with Rajiv right now, too. The ‘logic’ side of my brain is so damn crippling sometimes! I much prefer the joy of inspiration and creativity 🙂

    Wishing you much peace today ~ Allison

    • It’s always a pleasure to invite in such a wonderful guest, Allison. Thanks for this wise comment and for your kind wish for me.

  3. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I love when I feel my intuition kicking in. Usually when I’m by myself. When I’m at work, it’s a bit harder to manage in a busy group situation. But….I do remember a couple of times that I was thrilled at my professional intuition. I’ve discovered that I need to cast a question to the universe before I enter these collaborative situations, thereby allowing solutions to naturally appear.

    • I am thrilled by the intuition, logic, and insight in this comment. I am very happy that your words appeared here today.

  4. Photo six has me foxed, please tell me what the strange parked ‘seats/machines’ are.

    • I am not sure, Hilary. They looked like some kind of work-out machines to me. Did your intuition give you any guesses?

      • I’m still flummoxed, but if you can detach them and stand in front of them, they might be able to monitor pulse and other things?

      • Well, you’re not alone. I’m flummoxed, too. There was nobody around to ask about them when I walked by and they are long gone now. We might never know, Hilary.

        Or, maybe somebody reading this blog, someday, might tell us!

  5. The idea of a dimmer switch from self-hate to self-love works for me. I’d add another dimmer switch for openness – at one end having me NEED TO KNOW and the other direction being OPEN TO WHAT IS. Doesn’t intuition flourish with the combination of loving ourselves and also not placing too many conditions on happiness?

  6. What are those things in front of St. Joseph Hall? Like a treadmill without a bottom!
    Happy Pre-Friday Ann!

    • You’re not the first person to ask that, Kate — your guess is as good as mine. Thanks for the Thursday visit and wish!

  7. My intuition tells me that it’s a good day to check in with your blog. And, do you know what? My intuition is always right!

  8. It would be wonderful if we could live in the combination by use both soul and brain. I use to use my intuition most of the times. Very good post Ann 😉

  9. My intuition never steers me wrong. Just took me many years to learn to listen to it rather than ignore it. Now it’s the very first thing I pay attention to.

    • I would pay attention to your intuition immediately, too, Jill Foer Hirsch. I guess that’s something else we have in common!

  10. i’m glad you followed your instincts to intuited, Ann. If it’s not a word, let’s make it one, you and I!

  11. My intuition has only failed me twice…
    So- basically – I do what it tells me to do. 😉

  12. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Intuition is something we develop over time based on our life’s experiences. We might often say ‘I have a gut feeling’ – Scientists are beginning to understand that we have a ‘Gut Brain’ that manages some of the most essential processes in the body without our intervention…. except when we eat the wrong foods…. However, trusting ones intuition or gut can have an interesting impact on our experiences.. Very interesting blog.

  13. Gene Phillips

    I love the metal “machines.”

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