Day 556: Magic Time

I just googled “Magic Time” and discovered that was the wrong name — living in my brain — for this:

Magic Hour refers to the half hour at the beginning and ending of each day as the sun transitions and casts a golden yellow glow. It is light at its most beautiful and photographers will wait to capture it.

(I found that quote at the Magic Hour Foundation.)

Having learned that, I considered changing the title of this post. However, I’d like to show you photographs from many hours, yesterday.

So, “Magic Time” it is!


This is the first photo I took yesterday, when I was stuck in traffic on the way to work. Because of the morning news, I made note of another possible blog post title:

We can only guess at other people’s pain.

Every Wednesday, I work a half day, which includes facilitating a therapy group. Many people showed up for group yesterday. The result, in my mind? Magic time.

Also, I got a magical phone call, yesterday morning, from Tufts Dental School. What was so magical about it?  I had made a wish, earlier in the week, to get my son, Aaron, a necessary dental X-ray on a Wednesday afternoon (when I could be available, to take him).   At first, I was told this was impossible, but yesterday’s phone call said, “Bring your son in, this afternoon!”

Here’s something Aaron and I saw, in the parking garage, before his X-ray:


Aaron observed, “That’s really confusing.  Is that for women?  Or is that telling men they should get in shape for women?”

Sometimes when Aaron asks a question, I’ll say, “I don’t know.”  Yesterday I said, “I think that’s making the blog.”

Before Aaron got his dental X-ray, a woman in the waiting room sneezed, several times. Several of us said, “Bless you!”  She replied, “I never sneeze like this!”  I said, “Maybe you’re allergic to dentists.”  My aside to Aaron, “I think I just channelled my father.”


That’s Gina. She was one of the people who said, “Bless you!”  And, she made the magic X-ray happen. Thank you, Gina!


We saw those characters on the outside wall of the sushi place where we ate, after the X-ray. Can anybody magically transform those Japanese characters into English?

Later, I drove Aaron to his play rehearsal. (I didn’t take photos of that space, yesterday, but other pictures from there make magical appearances  herehere, here, and here.)

Then, during Magic Hour, boyfriend Michael and I took a walk. Here’s what I saw:

IMG_6801   IMG_6805 IMG_6806 IMG_6808 IMG_6809 IMG_6810 IMG_6813 IMG_6814IMG_6820  IMG_6822 IMG_6824  IMG_6827 IMG_6828 IMG_6832 IMG_6835


Thanks to Aaron my son, Aaron my father, and Michael my boyfriend; to people who heal in groups (and elsewhere); to Gina, for helping lots of people yesterday; to those who see (and create) magic, to trees (and other beings) trying their best to stay upright, and to you — of course! — for making time for magic, today.

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24 thoughts on “Day 556: Magic Time

  1. I agree, Ann, your magic stretches way past an your. What a time you had yesterday. (Every day, I think.)

    Your offshoot Aaron is catching the wit and wisdom of your root-tree Aaron, I divine from the two comments you mention here. I cannot sneeze at women being in any shape at all, for themselves, for men, just for being … That car looks a bit silly to me, but I’m not supposed to be judgmental right this second.

    Thank you for finding a golden cat willing to ham it up and associate with a stranger during the special light of Magic Hour. Wow, that’s quite special.

    Thank you again and again and again, Ann.

  2. Magic happens in every hour of every day because your eyes and heart are always open to its presence. And then…. you bring it into my world! thank you.

  3. Love that puddle and sidewalk pic, Ann. This post hit me–magically–on a day that it made most sense for me to read it. So thanks–

    • I am so glad you like that particular pic, Jeff, especially since I wasn’t sure, in the moment, whether to take it or to show it. And I am happy to know this post was a timely one for you.

  4. Yes, there is magic everywhere we look if we will just be aware. I love your magic cats and trees. For me,dusk has always been the magic time of day when the lilac/blue fades into the purple/dark blue, and there is a kind of hush before night blooms.

  5. Such magical photographs Ann.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. Gene Phillips

    The Japanese says something like this: “The source of love and vitality is delicious rice filled with sincerity. Welcome. Genkiya 1.” “Genki,” which is in the inscription as well, means healthiness, vitality, etc. Fun post.

    • Love, vitality, and sincerity are all such great ingredients! Thanks for the translation and for the rest of this delicious comment, Gene.

  7. My first thought when I saw the picture of the tree was ‘tree killers!!’, but then I remembered this is a space for Not judging. And by the end, you took it to a whole other level of meaning. Magic, indeed. 🙂

    • Thanks for this comment, Alarna, which was very important and meaningful to me today. Here’s what I didn’t include in this post: Michael and I spoke to a young girl who came out when we were looking at that tree. She told us the tree was suddenly uprooted by the violent 15-minute storm that blew through on July 3rd. Before she gave us the facts, we were guessing what it all meant, too.

  8. Magical post dear Ann. Wish you a day full of magic! 🙂

  9. Magical cheers to you and yours!

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