Day 554: Improve the moment

Improve the Moment is one of my favorite skills, from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Much to my amazement, I have NOT used this as a title for a post before.

I am improving the moment, right now, by writing this post with this title.

Actually, that’s one of the main reasons I blog, every day. To improve the moment.

Yesterday, when I returned to my place of employment after the July 4th holiday break, I saw a person I like a lot, at work.  We chatted, for a few moments, about our weekends. I asked her how she was doing.  She spoke about things that made it difficult, for her, to be back at work.

She said, “It was great having fun and connecting with people, over the weekend.”

I replied, “Yes.  Maybe we could try to have  fun and connect more with each other, here. That’s why I stopped, when I saw you.”

Then, as a way of ending the conversation (because we both had so much work to do), I added, “Improving the moment.”

I wasn’t sure if she’d know what I meant.  But, she immediately replied, “That’s a good one.”

It was a good moment.

Here are some recent, pictorial examples of improving the moment:

IMG_6486 IMG_6556



IMG_6716 IMG_6758

IMG_6763 IMG_6770


I’ve often mentioned that I can have trouble making decisions.  So how did I decide which moments to show you, above?

That’s the beauty of it: I could have chosen any.

Thanks to Marsha Linehan (for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), to people at work (and at play), to all those appearing in my photos, to every moment, and to you — of course! — for sharing this moment, here and now.


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21 thoughts on “Day 554: Improve the moment

  1. What a great concept, this Improve the Moment, Ann. At work, though — which is not forefront on my mind — how do we know whose moment is paramount? The workers stop to reflect on a good weekend, and their moment is brighter. The bosses look over the top of glasses at their desks, counting unproductive minutes and planning a talk for improving future moments with less informal chit-chat. After this time away from a collegial workplace, I’ll have to rediscover that balance and know how to Improve the Moment on both ends.

    Thanks, Ann, for allowing me to get a little selfish today!

  2. Love this concept! Very aligned with my post today too!

    May we both enjoy moments that improve every moment all day! Hugs

  3. Gene Phillips

    Some moments are so great, I am blessed simply to exist in them, some are so trying that I can only deal with them by blocking them out for a while, but there are many others (most of them?) that certainly can be improved. I will be more mindful of this. Thank you.

  4. Love this idea Ann! It is always possible ..even if it to savor the moment a bit more 🙂

  5. The best way to improve the moment is to be in the moment – but it’s so much easier said than done!

  6. I’m loving the concept Ann!
    Diana xo

  7. A perfect message! Thank you for sharing

  8. Adopting an attitude of improving moments throughout the day–that’s a lot of improvement to share with those we encounter. 🙂

  9. Lovely pictures. I like that you improved the moment with your sister worker and she got it.

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