Day 553: Sail on Sailor

Yesterday, on the last day of the Independence Day weekend, I decided to sail out, alone, for a long walk.

I, personally, find that having a purpose motivates me, for a walk or any other movement forward. The purpose that got me going yesterday was to navigate the long, slow distance to my son’s play rehearsals, in case he ever needs to get there by foot (something he’s expressed interest in doing).

As I started on the journey, this favorite tune came up:

(YouTube video found here)

This seemed timely, since (some of) The Beach Boys had appeared at the Independence Day concert I attended, at the beginning of this weekend (even though they didn’t sing that song).

Let’s see if the lyrics of that song will fit the photos I want to show you, from yesterday.

I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean,

Through restful waters and deep commotion.

Actually, there wasn’t a lot of commotion, on yesterday’s walk. Things were pretty restful … and not just because I had practiced relaxation, the day before.   I encountered very few people, or cars, the whole time.

IMG_6597 IMG_6603  IMG_6616

There was a lot of evidence, though, of previous unsettling:

IMG_6601IMG_6608 IMG_6610 IMG_6628IMG_6744

Often frightened, unenlightened,

Sail on sail on, sailor.

Actually, I wasn’t completely unenlightened, about all those downed tree branches. I assumed this was because of the very intense, 15-minute rain storm from Thursday night (see my experience of that, here).

Without fear, I departed from my charted, intended route …

IMG_6631 IMG_6632


… after I spotted an unfamiliar path, by some water.

I wrest the waters, fight Neptune’s waters.


Okay, so those aren’t Neptune’s waters. It’s a pond, not an ocean. Close enough, though, for me, who loves walking by water.

IMG_6649 IMG_6644

Sail through the sorrows of life’s marauders.

Again, the lyrics were sooooo close!  These shots were from Arlington, MA.  The Marauders is the name of the football team in the next town (Belmont).

Next, I saw a gated area, and I wondered if I should enter.

Unrepenting, often empty.


The gate was unlocked.  I saw no reason not to enter.

The place was completely empty. Deserted.



IMG_6657 IMG_6658  IMG_6659IMG_6662

 Sail on, sail on, sailor.

I headed towards an exit, past boats leaned up against a fence,


and found out I wasn’t supposed to be there.


Caught like a sewer rat?

Thank goodness, I was not.

Bought like a crust of bread, but oh do I wail.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of crusts of bread. No shots of me wailing, either.

But the rest of this worked pretty well, didn’t it?

Now, what to do with the rest of my photos and the rest of the lyrics?  Feel free to read the lyrics here, to see whether the rest of these shots match those words (or perhaps other posts), at all.

IMG_6681 IMG_6690 IMG_6696 IMG_6697  IMG_6705 IMG_6706

IMG_6710     IMG_6738  IMG_6749 IMG_6748 IMG_6743  IMG_6753 IMG_6754

I didn’t meet my original goal for my walk.  I didn’t stumble, tumble, or crumble on my way, but I felt a tiny sting of guilt for following my own interests. I mean, I had a great walk, but I never got the answer to “How long would it take  my son, Aaron, to walk to rehearsals?”

That guilt, however, relented and quickly ended. I cared and I persevered, as I switched purposes, mid-stream.

While I blundered (or at least got momentarily lost, as I wandered),  and I sighed (with a little tiredness) along the way ….  I know my son will NOT have those problems, if he sets sail on that walk.

This was the song that was playing, when I reached home, yesterday.


(I found Joni Mitchell’s “Michael from Mountains” on YouTube here.)

One of these days, I really must follow through on my purposeful goals, about that song:

  • Learn to play the guitar part and
  • Change the title to “Michael from Boston” and rewrite some lyrics, too.

Thanks to all of The Beach Boys, to Joni Mitchell, to son Aaron and boyfriend Michael, to Arlington (and its neighboring towns), to those who weather storms anywhere, and to you — of course! — for sailing here, today.

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22 thoughts on “Day 553: Sail on Sailor

  1. How beautiful. I love going on walks with you — like the sign says, you are never alone. 🙂

    And how lovely that Michael from Mountains was playing as you got home.

    Wishing you a day of wandering walks and purposeful presence where ever you find yourself.

  2. I got a peaceful, easy feeling.

    And so I add the Eagles to your (all of the) Beach Boys and Aaron’s Joni.

    Beautiful walk amid nature’s pruning, mankind’s fencing, a family’s heart on a welcome home sign and your completed mission. (So, very smart Aaron. Let’s figure this out. It took your mom X minutes to walk Y distance on the same path toward your rehearsal location. If the hall is ?Y distance away — you’ll have to plug some of this in for him, Ann — how long will it take you to walk to your rehearsal?)

    I’d love to see the answer in a future post!

    Thanks as always for your great pictures, lyrics-matching and so much more, Ann.

    • And thank you for this — as always — appreciative, helpful, and heart-felt comment, Mark. Aaron is very good in math, so he should have no trouble figuring this all out. I shall keep you posted.

  3. So, geese don’t fly in the US? How does a fence protect the area from geese? Anyway, love the photos and love walking, so you had me hooked at the beginning!
    Diana xo

  4. Absolutely lovely!
    Also, I can’t believe how much more damage you had from the storm on Thursday than we did!

    • I was surprised, too, Sarah, at the damage I saw on my walk, even though — when I got caught in that storm on Thursday — I did note that the forcefulness of wind and rain was quite remarkable. Thank you for your lovely visit and comment.

  5. “The gate was open – I saw no reason not to enter” — Oh, how many times have I been in trouble because of those words!! LOL. Even the other day – the gate was open, I saw no reason not to enter… fortunately, it was my friend that ended up dancing on the bar top and not me, but still! 🙂

    • I have to say those words more often, Kate, especially if it results in more dancing! Thanks for showing me that today.

  6. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    It was fun walking with you. I often take photos as I walk too….the artist in me pushes the lazy me out the door in order to get those shots!

    • I am so glad you took the walk! Thanks for sharing both the artist and the lazy parts of yourself here.

  7. This is a great post !

  8. Ah… But it was a lovely walk…

  9. Gene Phillips

    On a walk, as in life, I think we should be open to possibilities and guided simply by curiosity.

  10. Gene Phillips

    Also, I think your abandonment of your goal shows how much confidence you have in your son to find his path.

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