Day 544: Themes

I notice themes, in therapy groups I do and elsewhere.

Here’s something I say to people before they join my groups: “No matter who else is in the room with you,  as everybody speaks, shared themes will emerge.”

It might seem like I’m using the cognitive distortion of fortune-telling,  there.  I mean, aren’t I predicting the future?  Will that really happen, every time?

So far, so good. In every session I’ve done, each group identifies a theme they want to explore together, whether it’s family, loss, other people, hope, shame, expressing feelings, sense of self, internalized negative messages, fear of rejection, what helps, what doesn’t help, failure/success, joy, disappointment, accepting positive feedback, self-care, and so on.

Yes, I think about themes, a lot. And I write about them, here at WordPress.

Yesterday, I wrote about the theme of “Reflections.” About a month ago, I wrote a post called “What is the theme of this post?” which reflects my preference for inviting others to notice themes for themselves.

After 543 days, I am finally writing a post titled, simply, “Themes.”

This post is a kind of continuation from yesterday’s post, showing more themes I tend to notice, all around me.

As usual, I’ll show you some photos I’ve recently taken. One more thing: I like creating structure, as a way of leaving room for play, so I’ll make the order alphabetical.



IMG_6355 IMG_6376







IMG_6340 IMG_6391  IMG_6395



IMG_6357 IMG_6384








IMG_6381 IMG_6382  IMG_6348IMG_6389


Signs, signs, signs:


IMG_6393  IMG_6335


Solving Problems:

I had to include this, on my list of themes today, so I could brag about a trivial — but incredibly long-standing — problem I finally solved this week.

For as long as I can remember, this has been hanging around in my office:


Here’s a closer look at it:


It’s a slip of paper that has been stuck in the vent on the ceiling of my office.  When air comes through, it flutters around, but it never lets go. People, when they’ve noticed it, have commented about it, wondering what it might be.

What does it look like, to you?

People who have noticed it have also named the obstacles to removing it. The ceiling of my office is quite high (way taller than any person who has entered my office) and there’s no ladder around.

In the meantime, the paper and the people in my office have been happy to coexist. However, I have been curious about that paper, and have wanted the option of removing it.

Two days ago, after getting a very good night’s sleep at a hospital sleep study, I looked at the problem differently. Using some tools at hand, including ….


… I solved the problem.


I wonder if anyone will notice?

Thanks to those who notice themes,  people in my groups, animals, buildings, coincidences, diagonals, paths, problems and their solutions,  sleep studies, slips of paper, anything or anyone that has contributed to the creation of this post, and — especially — to you, for noticing what you have, today.

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19 thoughts on “Day 544: Themes

  1. Do you think that you will miss that fluttering little shappiro schematic paper come Monday morning, Ann?

    There’s a theme for me. Getting over familiar things when they’re gone from your life.

    Have a good weekend!

    • I don’t think I’ll miss it, Mark. It’s just in a different place, now (misspellings and all). I hope you have a most excellent weekend, too.

  2. What the heck is that paper Ann??
    Diana xo

    • According to Mark, it’s a schematic. Whatever the heck that is. Actually, I assume it’s a drawing of the layout of an office, from many years ago. Whether it’s my office …I’m not sure.

  3. When I went on senior student four-day retreats as an adult leader, it was a given that a theme was inherent in that group. Sure as shootin’, it would appear the second day. It could be drugs, alcohol abuse, divorced parents, child abuse, etc. It seemed that God had brought the group together to express their concerns about that particular theme. Uncanny.

    • It ia uncanny. I often see common themes arise in a matter of minutes. I think there are so many things we share, even if we aren’t aware of it. Thanks so much for your visit today!

  4. Hhhmm … maybe its how universal connectivity shows up …

  5. I, too, am always looking for patterns, and themes, and ways to tie things up in neat little bows. It doesn’t always work, but it helps to make things meaningful 🙂

  6. Gene Phillips

    Yay for diagonals, of which there are so many in your photos, and for curves, and for twisting, winding paths.

  7. I frequently notice themes, too, Ann. I have noticed that when I’m tuned in enough to begin noticing, then before I know it I’m noticing themes and synchronicity everywhere. You’ve encouraged me to slow down a bit–I can tell you that I haven’t been noticing lately! I particularly enjoyed “coincidences” and the “Gs.” You had a very good eye to note that one. 🙂

    • i am very glad you found this post helpful and encouraging. Your comments do the same for me. I guess that’s a kind of synchronicity, too!

    • Also, your comment helped me realize that we can always be more tuned in, which led me to realize I had missed one of the recent coincidences. I am adding another photo to my post, thanks to you, and — gee! — I am very grateful about that.

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