Day 539: Waffles

Here’s a post where I decided on the title — without waffling — hours before I started writing it. That’s unusual.

Yesterday, I met my friends Janet and Ray for brunch at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. While sometimes I have trouble making decisions about what to order at a restaurant, I didn’t waffle yesterday. I knew I wanted to order waffles, only available on weekends. I did waffle, a little, about what kind of waffle to get, but — with Janet and Ray’s help — I soon settled on the sweet potato special:


Don’t those deluxe waffles look delicious?  In case you’re waffling on how to respond, my answer is: they were!

Janet and Ray both tried them, and agreed the waffles were wonderful.


Ray and Janet are looking at houses to buy, now that they’ve moved back to Massachusetts, and they told me about a place they definitely want to own. There was no waffling, for either of them, as they shared details about this home:


I don’t know why, in particular, I chose to take a photo of the house’s doorknobs, except (1) I was waffling about other pictures to take and (2) those doorknobs are quite adorable.

We also talked about my blog, and I told them I had been waffling, a little, about quoting Ray yesterday without checking with him first.  I do have concerns about (1) misquoting people  and (2) hurting their feelings. Ray replied, without a hint of waffling in his voice, that I could write whatever I wanted to about him, without any fear whatsoever. Indeed, Ray strongly requested that I misquote him, deliberately.

Here’s a shot of Ray pledging, on his corned beef hash, that he wants me to misquote him in a blog post:


For all you know, I may have done this, already.

After sharing waffles with my fine friends Janet and Ray, I returned home and asked my boyfriend Michael if he would like to accompany me on a walk.

Michael waffled at first, as we discussed the details, but then we came up with a mutual plan.

Our first stop was the cat shelter in Cambridge, where we had gotten our cat Harley, last October. We saw this cat:


… who had a most excellent name:


Waffles’s nervousness reminded me of Harley’s, who — when he was in the shelter — did not budge from his side cubby, kind of like Simba, here:


Michael, yesterday, was non-waffling in his preference for Simba over all the other cats in the shelter, although he liked them all,  including this one:


who had a most excellent name, too:


After we visited with all the shelter cats, we headed out toward some very scenic paths. On our way, we passed by some buildings that appeared in yesterday’s post:


Those kind of look like waffles, don’t they?  I usually waffle about which of those three buildings are shorter — or taller — than the others. It’s really difficult to tell, from most perspectives.

Once Michael and I reached the walking/bicycling paths, we waffled on which path to take first, because there were so many to choose from. It didn’t really matter, because they all were interesting and beautiful:







As I was was taking that last shot, a magnificent blue bird, previously unseen by either of us, took off and flew away. I didn’t waffle for a second, and said, “It’s a blue heron!”   Michael was astonished, and told me he had recently seen a nature show about how elusive these birds are.   I replied I had seen quite a few, recently, in my walks near Boston, although I often waffle about my bird-identification expertise.

I hoped I might have caught that beautiful bird in my shot, but I was truly grateful just to see it.

What about you? If you see something special in that last photo, would you waffle about letting me know?

Besides the heron, Michael and I did see other creatures yesterday, who may have waffled about staying close to humans, but were still pretty easy to capture:


Wait! That’s not a real turtle.  We didn’t see any turtles yesterday,  but we saw this big fish:


… which we think was probably an alewife.  We also saw a large family of ducks. Here’s my best shot of them:


Beyond a shadow of doubt, with or without waffles, I saw some marvelous things yesterday.















Well, it’s time to stop waffling about how to end this post.

Thanks to waffles (and wafflers) everywhere, to Janet and Ray, to homes (no matter what the details), to Michael, to Hope (and all other shelter cats), to Broken Tail Rescue, to the Alewife Brook Reservation, to beautiful birds and other creatures, to people who keep the peace (in any dimension), and a special thanks to you, no matter how much waffling you do.

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51 thoughts on “Day 539: Waffles

  1. Waffles are indeed wonderful! Waffling – not so much (for me anyway) Are all your walking areas within walking distance Ann? Love that one shot with the water and sky!
    Diana xo

  2. I’m with Diana — gorgeous area you live in.

    I hope that with every step your strength returns!

    I’m not into waffling either — it makes me uncomfortably indecisive! 🙂

    • I tend to waffle about certain things, Louise, like what to order in restaurants. Thank you for your lovely and kind hopes, as always.

    • I also wanted to tell you this, Louise … the areas I visit and show here are often hidden from plain sight. I wonder how many people know about them. Yesterday, I discovered new paths I’d never taken before, even though I live close by.

  3. Janet H

    I’m trying to decide which was your best blog entry EVER, the last blog you wrote about me, or this blog you wrote about me. Just kidding, they’re all great–no waffling there! So much fun seeing you and let’s not waffle about doing it again soon. Pancakes next time, and a challenge to make a blog theme out of that!

    • I think all my best blog entries are the ones about you. I’m not waffling about that, either. I look forward to seeing you and Ray again soon, even if it is my turn to pay for pancakes or whatever the heck other food item I’ll have to make the topic for the next day’s post.

  4. You didn’t go for a swim? 😉

    • Well, Alex, it’s funny you should mention that. There is no swimming there, plus I can’t swim, which came up as a topic during brunch with Janet and Ray. Ray said that once they moved to a new home, he would teach me to swim. I guess it’s never too late to learn new things. Thanks for dropping by!

      • Gene Phillips

        I just saw the headlines yesterday for a piece in our local paper on how many adults are learning to swim. You would be part of a trend.

      • Okay! I love being trendy.

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    What a nice day. A day in your life!

  6. What a big day, Ann. Waffles, shelters, a walk that captured a blue heron and much more.

    Are you and Michael looking for a new cat, perhaps? I am a curious fellow, no waffling about it,

    The blue heron moment, I think I see two other birds that you did catch in flight, unrelated, not in tandem, which I think is an infrequent and tremendous accomplishment. Bravo.

    I agree with the comments above. You have put a light on many deserving walking spots in your beloved Boston, Ann. Bravo to that. And bravissimo to your increased strength and lengthened walks on these paths of life.

    • I value curiosity in others, Mark. I am a non-waffler about that good quality (and other qualities) in you.

      Michael and I are not shopping for a new cat, but we can’t kick the habit of visiting that very familiar shelter. We interact, at least weekly, with the feline denizens as well as the curious humans there, most of whom we observe waffling about whether to adopt and when.

      Thank you for your bravos and bravissimos. I must declare I find them
      most cheering.

  7. What a lovely walk you had! Loved your take on waffles and wafflers. 😀

  8. I wonder if being bolted to the fence prevents that burly cop from pursuing suspects? He looks very effective nevertheless.

    Thank you for teaching me that an alewife is a fish! I didn’t know that.. When I was in Boston last summer I went through that station several times and spent a lot of time trying to imagine t an alewife. I thought that it was a quaint term from the Revolutionary era for a woman who served moonshine out her kitchen door. Or had a sharp tongue.

    I am very fond of fish. And now I will be fond of alewives. (Alewifes?)

    • Thank you for noticing that cop. I was quite impressed by him, even though he was as flat as a pancake.

      I was also very pleased to find out about an alewife being a fish, many years ago. Initially, I pictured an unpleasant biddy. I just googled a definition and the Merriam-Webster site tells me that the first definition IS “a woman who keeps an alehouse.” I also found out that the alewife fish is of the herring family and that the plural is, officially, alewives.

      I am very fond of fish and of your comments.

      • Really? An alewife is a woman who keeps an alehouse? And they named a fish after her?

        I wonder what someone would have to do these days to get a herring to be named after her? Can you imagine a fish called blogwife? Wafflebuddy?

        I think it’s harder now to achieve legacy herring status.

      • I forgot to mention that the fish alewife is “perhaps alteration of allowes, a kind of shad.”

        However, I think they should definitely name a fish after me. And you, too. I waffle about how we might make this happen.

      • You would like to have a fish named after you, but you waffle about how to make that happen?

        But, Ann, LOTS of fish are named after you already. For example, there’s

        Ann alewife
        Ann algae eater
        Ann anchovy
        Ann Atlantic cod or Ann Atlantic salmon
        and Ann eel

        You might even say that there’s Ann ocean of fish out there.

      • Helpful wisdom from you,again. It all depends upon how you hear things.

        For some reason, this reminds me of lyrics I made up and sang, when I was visiting a Disney World aquarium:

        When the fish has no fins and it wriggles and spins,
        That’s a moray.

        (sung to the tune of “That’s Amore“)

  9. Waffle is such great word! One of my favorite breakfast dishes … and as a verb, its more than meets the eye!
    Waffling gets such a bad wrap …. and I don’t think its all bad. Just like procrastinating! Sometimes we need to figure things out and make up our minds. When there are too many inputs, it can be so hard!
    When we get annoyed with others who waffle, then we haven’t embraced the waffler inside of all of us.
    Waffle on Ann 🙂
    … I’m hungry …
    Val x

    • Val! What a great comment. Wafflers of the world, unite! We just need the space and time to make up our beautiful minds.

  10. Sounds like a great day!

  11. Quite an adventure! Breakfast, fancy doorknobs, cats, long walk in the park – it seems you are getting all kinds of stronger! 🙂 I have bluebirds in my backyard, several houses of them. They may seem elusive, but I have learned, they return to where they originally clutched and they mate and have one or two nestings a season and that they get used to you being about. I whistle a few opening bars of Best Day of My Life and they have gotten used to that and know when they see me and hear that it means…..mealy worms!!!! I put some in a low feeder I have but the older ones, Mr and Mrs Slim, will come and eat from my hand. They are joy – truly bluebirds of happiness. I hope you keep having such great adventures and getting stronger.

    • This is quite the comment! I loved reading about the bluebirds and how you interact with them. There are a lot of best days of your lives going on there.

  12. I feel like you spend all your time doing lovely things! I also feel like I could REALLY go for waffles right now… sweet potato flavored or a new cat friend, either way.

  13. Gene Phillips

    Waffling over which way to go and trying new paths are practices I share. Menus should have just the right number of options, large enough to produce a bit of waffling but short enough to prevent all out panicky indecision.

    • I agree, Gene. When I see large menus, I have to engage the most critical and judgmental part of my brain, and immediately dismiss major categories. Usually, I end up in the pasta section.

      • Gene Phillips

        There is something wonderful about the pasta section of the menu being your port in any storm of gustatory indecision. “Helmswoman, rudder 20 degrees to starboard, make for the pasta! Full sails!”

      • Aye, aye, Sailor Spaghetti!

  14. Ann, if this is you waffling away, please continue to waffle along, because this post made me smile 🙂

  15. Since I have food issues (she says without sounding at all defensive) it’s interesting that I don’t like waffles or pancakes. I think it’s because I don’t like syrup. What I never waffle about, though, is at least one hot waffle and ice cream sandwich every summer, strolling the boardwalk. Lots of powdered sugar that immediately blows all over my clothes. Those are waffles I can get behind!

    • Jill, I just realized that I missed this comment and I didn’t respond to you, way back in June. This also allows me the chance to say, today, that I’ve missed seeing you around here. No waffling, for me, about that either.

  16. I’d have trouble not taking Waffles, the cat home with me. 🙂

  17. Love them waffles…

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  21. Haiyan

    Hi! I found your post while googling cats named Waffles… I’m the one who ended up adopting Waffles! I was volunteering at BTR and just fell in love with him, so I ended up adopting him a week or so after he showed up.

    Here’s a recent pic:

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