Day 536: Progress Report #3

Twice before (here and here), I’ve written a progress report, during these Years of Living Non-judgmentally.

I just re-read those two previous progress posts and — you know what? — they were pretty darn good.

Aha!  One area of progress has appeared in today’s blog post, already:


While I still use the word “bragging” when I compliment myself, I’m feeling easier about accepting positive statements from others and making them about myself.

It’s still a priority for me to send out as many authentic, complimentary messages as possible. I am also making progress balancing my enjoyment of giving out compliments  with sensitivity to other people’s comfort with them.

Yesterday morning, I met somebody new: the mother of a friend of my son, Aaron. When I saw this, in her kitchen


… I complimented her on it.

Also, I bragged to her about my blog.

She and the rest of her family are moving to Michigan. They won’t have a permanent place to live, before they move, so they’re only taking essentials with them, to begin their new life there. She’s been telling her family to “think of it as an indoor camping trip.” I complimented her on that, too.


Observing and interpreting messages from people, etc.

I also see progress in paying attention to all kinds of communication, from people I encounter, and elsewhere.




By being open to more types of communication, I observe others doing the same:



Another area of progress: If I cannot make sense of the communication, I am doing better at letting that go, and moving on.




This continues to be a challenging area for me (and others I observe).  How much to trust, and whom?

Sometimes, I trust too much. For example, I often look at my shoulder bag and notice it’s open:


Why?  Perhaps I’m focusing, too much, on other things.

Yesterday, I trusted somebody new:


That’s Niso, at Brookline Foreign Motors. Niso is also a DJ; “It’s in my blood,” he said. We had an interesting conversation about people being “too dependent upon technology” relating to music AND cars. We talked about the new safety features on new cars that automatically alert drivers about obstacles in their way.  The other day, when Niso was leaving his driveway, he almost hit somebody, when an alarm didn’t go off.  We agreed it’s better to pay attention, some times, the old-fashioned way.

Being like-minded that way, with Niso, helped increase my trust. These items, observed close by, also helped:




I liked what I observed yesterday, at Brookline Foreign Motors.

Being open to beauty, all around.

I’m doing pretty well at that, lately, but I have to confess: this is much easier for me, during the warmer weather.  But I still need to give myself — and beautiful Boston, USA — credit for progress:







Celebrating other people’s progress.

From my whiteboard at work:



Progress reports can really help, don’t you think?

Thanks to Jack’s mother, to Niso, to Brookline and Boston, to Frederick Law Olmsted (for the Emerald Necklace),  to people who do their best with new situations, to creatures who respectfully share space with others, to all those who give themselves credit for any amount of progress, and to you — of course! — for progressing here, today.


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16 thoughts on “Day 536: Progress Report #3

  1. Now this is progress, Ann, since you are in the mood to accept compliments. Of course, I think your vehicle has been following a fast and steady path since I started following the race.

    Your geese in the road picture immediately brought the Beatles’ classic Abbey Road album cover to mind. What would this band’s name be?

  2. Your attitude and your progress report reminds me to compliment, trust, observe, be open to beauty, celebrate other’s beauty — and a whole lot more!

    Thanks for the update, and the inspiration. Hugs In answer to Mark’s question… Canada Goosed

  3. I’m glad that you feel that you’re making progress, especially in recovering your health and getting out to see Boston in the late spring.

    In personal growth or even daily life, I am often not too sure what constitutes progress. Ever since my kids taught me that slowing down and changing direction are both forms of acceleration, I have been uncertain about many things involving direction, speed and velocity. Uncertainty may be a form of gravity, for all I know; and progress may only be measurable in imaginary units. Your articulate musings sketch a more reassuring physics.

    By the way — “If towed call ” made me laugh. That is certainly the number that would come to my mind.

    • That’s what happens to me, these days, whenever I try to think of numbers. My mind does NOT go blank, however, when I read your thoughts here. Instead, it goes lots of wonderful places.

  4. I love that sign: If towed call… (and there’s no number!)

    Progress reports are great because we don’t often sense that we are making progress as we go along but if we look back and have tracked our goals and checked them off as we go merrily along, we can see it and it’s encouraging!
    Diana xo

  5. I love this check in and update Ann.
    In life its all progress because there really is no going back!
    You are doing good … and doing great …

  6. I think you are doing great and I love how you are marking your progress. That makes it more real. thanks for the reminder to do that.

  7. They were pretty darn good!

  8. Gene Phillips

    Yay for progress!

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