Day 528: Transported (random thoughts and shots)

I became aware of a theme of “transported” as I moved through yesterday.

On the way to work, I noticed …







When I got to work, I did a group, where we talked about many things, including modes of transportation.




Then, I was transported, by car, to yet another dental appointment. I was scheduled for my 3-month teeth-cleaning, but I had lost track of that as the reason for the appointment. And, I could not get my teeth cleaned, yesterday, because I hadn’t been pre-medicated with antibiotics. However, I was very glad to be there, because I’ve had a toothache for about a week.

Michel, the dental hygienist there, was glad to see me, too.  She transported me with her kindness and great stories  — including how an adolescent Michel, who did not want braces or glasses but got them both at the same time, proceeded to (1)  lose her glasses and (2) remove her braces with a pair of pliers.

Here’s the not-quite-as-rebellious Michel:


Note that:

  • there are many photos of dogs on the wall, which reminds me of my doctor’s office (although all the photos there are of one dog).
  • Michel (and my dentist, Dr. Luis Del Castillo) carefully explored the cause of my toothache, which turned out to be a chip in a filling.
  • Michel is still assertive, these days. For example, she does not like having her picture taken.

After the dental appointment (and rescheduling the cleaning*) I was transported back to my car, through the Public Gardens:








I went home, to boyfriend Michael and son Aaron.  Soon, I discovered that Aaron had received a lead role in a local production. That was transporting, in a different way.

Later, I saw this being transported:


I remarked to Michael — on our last evening before he leaves, today, for a work-week away from us — that I was surprised anybody needed THAT much of that particular product.

Which reminds me of something else written on my work whiteboard, earlier yesterday:

“There’s never enough.”

Thanks to Michel (and others on my medical/dental team),  to Michael and Aaron, to all those who are transported (or transporting) in any way, to rebels everywhere, to people who are coping and healing as best they can, and to you — of course! — for transporting yourself here, today.

* From now on, I won’t be getting antibiotics intravenously before a teeth cleaning AND the cleanings will be once every four months (instead of three months).  My medical/dental team believes oral antibiotics and this frequency will be enough to prevent any re-occurrence of endocarditis. I find all that transporting, too.

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21 thoughts on “Day 528: Transported (random thoughts and shots)

  1. You live with absolute awareness……BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I so admire your work 😀

    • I am very aware of how beautiful this comment is! Thank you, so much. I am indeed lucky to have you as a reader.

  2. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Nice! That scooter was from California but that sure doesn’t look like California….

    • Really! Until you pointed it out, I didn’t notice the home of the scooter, which made it all the way across the USA. Nicely done and thanks!

  3. I love how you always take time to stop and witness your day — and then share the wonder of it all with us here! Thank you. You transport me to another space! A place of beauty, peace and awe.

    • Thank you for being such a beautiful traveler, Louise. I am so glad whenever you share these experiences with me.

  4. I was not that obstinate to be able to remove braces from my own teeth with pliers, Ann. That is determined. That is rebellious. That is independent. That is something would have had me banned to my bedroom for 45 years, I’m pretty sure. And I never, ever lost my glasses. That would have gotten me 20, out at 10 for good behavior.

    Good news on the teeth cleaning front, antibiotic- and timing-wise. That will make your life easier.

    And Aaron’s lead! That can transport him to a new view on his life. Thanks for all of these perspectives today, Ann.

    • I would have gotten into a world of trouble too, Mark, if I had been as independent, determined, and rebellious as MIchel. Thank you, as always, for making my life easier, with your markedly generous perspectives today.

  5. Yes, I agree with Mark – good news on the teeth cleaning front! I get the impression you lead some pretty awesome groups Anne. What is your official job?
    Diana xo

    • My official job is group and individual pyschotherapist, at a large hospital-based primary care practice, Diana. Thanks for asking, agreeing, and being your generous and kind self.

  6. Lovely photo montage (do I see Boston in these pictures or am I just homesick?) and all nicely tied together with your words. Hope your toothache is better!

    • It is Boston, your old home (dum, dum, dum-da-dum)*.

      Thank you for your kind, lovely, and thoughtful comment.

      * sung to the tune of “Dirty Water.”

  7. That’s a nice way to get to work. And I am groovin on the many meanings of transported here.

  8. I love the gigantic popcorn truck… Maybe they put the corn into the truck unpopped, then look for a heat wave…

    I love that Michel is a self–taught dental worker. She’s got to have confidence in her own abilities if she took pliers to her own teeth.

  9. Gene Phillips

    It is a great thing to be able to transport yourself to work by walking, especially is you engage in heightened awareness. It is even better if your route takes you through parks and past bodies of water.

  10. This brought to mind ways in which I was transported in college, 30 years ago. Most of those transports still aren’t legal, at least where I live in Virginia, so…use your imagination to transport yourself back to a younger, hipper, much skinnier, tie dyed, vacant-eyed Jill.

  11. Pingback: Day 675: Eyes | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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