Day 527: Support

I observed many different types of support yesterday, including:

  • A primary care doctor, helping a distressed and emotionally overwhelmed patient decide whether to accept available support at a psychiatric facility.
  • A room-full of doctors, nurses, social workers, and other health providers, discussing a moving poem about a patient’s hospital experience.
  • A doctor accompanying an elderly man, as they circled by me several times, gathering information about his reactions to walking.
  • That same doctor informing me that my foot pain was tendon-related, and that it would heal in a week, with Aleve, ice, and this other support I remember witnessing in my childhood:


(image found here)

When I left the doctor, I felt supported and hopeful enough to do some walking, and I observed …


team support,



… different types of walking support,





… things supported in the air,



a kind of vehicular support I’ve been noticing, a lot, around town,



… and a kind of mental health support I always endorse. I stopped and smelled those flowers, on my way.

I need to end this post, now, to take next steps, supporting myself and others I love.

Thanks to all those who offer and accept support. And special thanks to you, for stopping to read this, today.

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24 thoughts on “Day 527: Support

  1. I love how you notice the little things all around us. Truly inspiring. Hope the Doc was right and your foot is better soon!

  2. You give support, you get support, you notice support given and received. Your full day is noted and appreciated, Ann.

  3. I loved the walk with you. Simplistic and perfect how and what you capture, You bring it all to life.

  4. I support this post. Love your heart Ann, I really do!
    Diana xo

  5. Lovely. A good doctor is suppose to make you feel supported.

  6. Reblogged this on A Family Doctor's Reflection and commented:
    I had to post this. As a primary care doctor, i always want my patients to leave knowing they are safe and supported.

  7. What we give we receive.
    Val x

  8. Oh, Ann! So sorry – sounds like you had a serious ankle twist! Glad it is not anything worse and sorry you are in pain! Glad u took careof it and hope the lovely miracles of ice, and foot elevation, help your strained tendons to heal and reduce pain along w the aleve and an ace. I love this post because the stories you report are delivered as observed and i hear in them, your witness to tenderness and humanity in the daily working course of people caring for others. A thought occurred to me that is i am sure, quite obvious to you but it struck me suddenly– that you believe in the inherent goodness of care giving in a setting like a hospital, and that, having spent such incredibly significant amounts of time in them, your own commitment to enhance the humanity in their culture, gives you the ability to observe, with acuity, that humanity, in action. Love you!! CG


    • Thanks and love back at you, Carol. And it struck me, as I read your comment, that you are another ace for me, in the deck of life I’ve been dealt.

  9. Sending you good energy as your foot heals!

  10. Gene Phillips

    It is great to read about all the wonderful, supportive doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in your posts.

  11. I loved this post when I read it yesterday. I tried to leave a comment but WordPress wouldn’t even let me click the “like” button. (That is, I clicked but it only left an unrecognizable avatar, that disappeared almost instantly.)

  12. WordPress does a pretty good job, given all the things we ask it to do. But it does have a personality.

    • Thank you for that kind and accepting perspective. Now, of course, I am curious about the Personality of WordPress.

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