Day 520: Let Your __ Out

This post is brought to you by the letter


Actually, that’s not true.  I’m just letting my teasing nature out.

It was about time for me to use that “T,” too.

Now, it’s time to turn to the title.  “Let Your __ Out.”  What the $!!?$!! does that mean? Well, the underlines — to indicate a missing word — might recall the special characters of yesterday’s post.  It might, but it doesn’t need to. The past can inform the present, but the current moment has enough, on its own.

I just let my philosophy out, there.

How about if I let out my inspiration for this post?  Would anybody object to that?

I didn’t think so.


I saw all that yesterday.  Here’s a closer look:


See that?

Today’s title gives me room to talk about things I’ve let out recently.

For example, we let our cat Harley out on the porch yesterday, for the first time.


That’s not Harley. It’s Oscar. We’ve let him out, many times before. Here’s Harley, when we first let him out:



There are other things I let out yesterday, including:

  • my feelings,
  • my opinions, and
  • my wishes.

Which all involved letting go of ….


I need to let this post out, because it’s time for me to go to work.

I don’t want to leave you — or my inquisitive nature — out of this post, though.  How would you fill in the blank, in today’s title?

Let your you (and your style) out, dear readers.

Thanks to the Alewife T Station, Fenway Park, people who express themselves, creatures who try new things, those who help others let go of fear, and to you — of course! — for letting me let my me out here, every day.

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26 thoughts on “Day 520: Let Your __ Out

  1. You are so right, as it relates to me. Out of fear, I oftentimes go into “quiet mode” rather than “express my opinion.” I am a work-in-progress on the journey to eliminating fear. Thank you for sharing.

    • I love the term “work-in-progress.” Thank you for that gift, which I shared with several grateful people today.

  2. Thanks Ann for this! I would say…let my Tracy out:-) and it even starts with the letter T. Or true self??!!!!

  3. Let my inner child out (to play) 🙂
    Diana xo

  4. Gene Phillips

    I am thinking, but for the moment, I am not sure anything I am keeping in should be let out.

  5. Let my everyday routines go (for just 10 days or so).

    • As long as you don’t let go of your everyday routine of reading this blog, Mark! Truly, though, if that fits u to a T …. let it all go!

      • My dear wife Karen is about to have time off from work, and I must not bury my nose in WordPress. Too many special things planned, Ann. If I miss a day of commenting … I’ll try not to!

  6. Let any inner fears or anxieties out and up, up, and away!

    • Whoo hooo! Yippee! Yay!!!!!

      I enjoyed letting that out. Thanks for this celebratory, elevating comment.

  7. Love the cats on the porch! I like the one of Harley looking up at the post – I can imagine he’s wondering if he could make the jump!

    • Yes, Kate. Harley ventured, and wondered, but looked before he leaped (and thought better of it) . Thanks for letting out your thoughts here.

  8. Thanks for sharing Ann 🙂

  9. So inspiring today Ann! Thank you for letting your “every bit of wonderful” you out before heading to work 🙂

  10. Hi Ann , these few days have been quite happening in my life , I have let many things out . l was thinking about many of your recent post on fear , anxiety and this post of letting it out.

    As you know I am a great fan of Susan Cain’s work and her idea of Quiet Revolution is simply awesome. I wrote to her about my experience and feelings as an introvert and my request to my teacher for including the topic of Quiet Leadership in his leadership’s course.In response I get an email from Mike Erwin the CEO of quiet revolution . I mean wow , I let my feelings and opinion on the subject out and get a positive response .

    Secondly , I shared his reply with some of my closest friends and family members . Their responses were equally encouraging . All these have left me full of excitement .

    I am feeling anxious now . I am not much of a talker and I replied that I would be honored to talk to him . I am a great supporter and fan of their work . I would definitely feel honored but the thing that is constantly nagging me is that will I be able to talk ? I really dont want to waste his time . I am feeling really nervous and anxious . My anxiety is telling me that I should not have agreed to talk . Here is my fear and anxiety trying to control my actions again . Let’s see what will happen!
    Here , I am following your advice and letting my fear , feelings ,opinion and anxiety out .
    Ann , I know this is again a long comment from me about me but your replies are so awesome and helpful. I couldn’t resist sharing this with you .

    • Thank you for this long, beautiful, and helpful comment, mk. I am so happy that you have been getting responses and encouragement. You deserve all that, and more! I am not surprised you are feeling anxious — you are doing something new and taking risks! Who wouldn’t feel anxious in those situations?

      Also, you, as a quiet person, would naturally be concerned about speaking up. The automatic messages, which will probably occur when you are expressing yourself — whether by speaking or by writing a comment (like here) — will probably involve concern about not being interesting enough or taking up too much space and time.

      I’ve been spending the weekend at a conference where I’ve been in groups with other therapists … and everybody feels vulnerable and scared when speaking up. There is a universal human fear of being rejected when we reveal our true selves. The best we can do is go for it and realize that we will survive. And we’ll discover that we’ll thrive the more we let things out.

      How about this: Whenever you ask yourself the question: Am I wasting this person’s time? Answer yourself this way: NO!!!!! What I have to express is valuable (no matter how I express it or how much I’m feeling fear).

      Before posting this comment, a thought crept in to my head, “Is this comment good enough? Am I saying what I really want to say to mk? Is it too long, too confusing, too rushed (because I’m going back to the conference this morning)? mk expects my comments to be awesome and what if she is disappointed in this one? ”

      And I answered myself: That’s your fear talking. Just post it!!

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