Day 517: What is the theme of this post?

I have lots to show & tell you, dear readers — of events, images, thoughts, and feelings of the last several days.

I’m not sure how to characterize these or link them.  However, from my experience of doing therapy groups with very different people gathering together, I know that common themes always emerge.

So let’s see what emerges today, shall we?

After recovering from a month-long bout of pneumonia, I worked many hours last week. During that time, I took some nourishing and rejuvenating breaks from work that I love, and saw the following (in order of appearance):










(Our best guess, as Michael and I puzzled about the use of the above gear for the on-the-go pet: Maybe that’s for dogs getting off of planes.)










That’s a free banana-flavored marshmallow, at Strip-T’s Restaurant in Watertown.

So one possible theme for this post could be … The Best Things in Life Are Free.

And brunch was free, yesterday, with my long-time friend Lawry, his wife Patty, his daughters Leah, Cory and Sarah (who just graduated college and was moving to New York right after brunch), Lawry’s sister Beverly, my ex-sister-in-law Deborah, and my son Aaron.

One theme of the brunch was music. Lawry invited Deborah to brunch because, having heard her wonderful voice, in the 1970’s, on a locally-popular-in-Boston, novelty-radio hit song (written by Howard Letovsky) …

…. Lawry sang this song to his daughters, as they were growing up, in California. At brunch yesterday, Lawry and his daughters sang “Dead Frogs”  the way they remembered it.


That’s Sarah, Cory, and Lawry, right before they  (and Leah) sang “Dead Frogs.” (I didn’t take any photos of the actual performance, in order not to distract.)

After hearing them sing, Deborah said their devotion to the novelty song she had sung, so many years ago, reminded her of the movie Galaxy Quest  — where an entire planet based their civilization on a Star-Trek-type TV show.

Then, Sarah and Lawry gave a brief, pre-Sarah-leaving performance of another beloved song:


As you can see, I took a quick, surreptitious shot of that.

Next, Lawry got his wish to hear Deborah sing all the actual words* of “Dead Frogs,” which my son and I were lucky enough to witness, as the rest of the family said goodbyes to each other.

Here are some photos of her family, as Sarah leaves for her excellent adventure in New York:


(left to right: Patty, Sarah, Lawry, Cory, Leah)






After all the free stuff,  dead frogs, and goodbyes in this post, are people up for a few more images, from yesterday afternoon?

I hope so, because here they are:







So, what do YOU think is the theme of this post?

Whatever it is, thanks to Lawry and his family, to my family (including Deborah, Michael, and my son), to Howard Letovsky, to frogs dead and alive, to those who share music anywhere, to marshmallows, to local teams and radio stations, to Robert Morse (who is singing and dancing in one of the links above), to nature reservations, to people who make connections and meaning as best they can, and to you — of course! — for your visit today.

* The YouTube clip  of “Dead Frogs” in this post doesn’t have all the actual words, either. If you want to hear the full rendition, here‘s a video Mr. Letovsky created of the complete 13-minute opera, with “Dead Frogs” at the very end. If you watch it, that’s Deborah’s voice (but not Deborah).

Want more history for that song?  In the 1970’s, the very popular Boston-based radio station WBCN played that song, a lot. I was a fan.  When I first met Aaron’s father/Deborah’s brother, where we both worked at a local environmental research company, he and I interacted about “Dead Frogs.”  Deborah tells the story this way:

My brother told me that a woman** at work was singing “Dead Frogs” and he said to her, “My sister sings that song.” The woman** replied, “Everybody sings that song.” And my brother said, “No. My sister really sings that song.”

** Which would be me.


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36 thoughts on “Day 517: What is the theme of this post?

  1. Sorry to hear you were so ill. I love the 14th shot.

    • I am doing considerably better, Alex. Thank you for your kindness. That photo is of the lovely Muddy River, near where I work.

  2. The doggie steps are for those dogs that can’t jump into bed with you. Not even joking! 🙂

    • Good to know .. and that makes total sense. I often show my ignorance in these posts, don’t I? Thanks, Kate!

  3. I think the theme of this this is: things that made kanzen sakura happy, thoughtful, impressed, think, enjoy. As usual, your post is full of beauty, interesting items, great photos. Makes my morning cup of coffee a true treat. I had walking pneumonia last summer and it laid me low for about six weeks. I am glad you are up and about and feeling so very much better. Thank you for taking us along on your walks and to brunch! 🙂

  4. Great post and wonderful photos Ann 😀

  5. My theme for your post, Ann:


    And, those doggie steps, as your friend commented above, are most welcome for owners of dogs who have old hips that no longer allow them the spring to go places where they are still most welcome. That happened to our last rescue, the always-to-be-missed Lissa.

    • I think you bring up another theme, there, in your pithy comment, Mark: goodbyes and things we miss. And while I love this comment and your suggested theme, I wonder how you would fit the photo with the two pigs in space into your premise of one-of-a-kind?

      Thank you for another kind visit, my friend.

  6. I love the fullness that you bring today. My cup runneth over with wonderful images, loving relationships and words to ponder1 Thank you Ann

  7. Amazing post and wonderful photographs. Thank you and also Thanks for visitin my blog. You are so nice. I hope and wish you to get well soon. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

    • I am so glad that we discovered each other’s blogs, Nia. Thank you for this wonderful, kind, and loving comment. I look forward to future encounters here.

  8. Gene Phillips

    The miraculous possibilities of the everyday and not so everyday for those of us open to joy, love, and wonder. I am all too familiar with walking pneumonia and a for-a-time mysterious ailment affecting my throat and lungs that finally seems to have been cured. Be well!

  9. This is a wonderfully off-the-wall post, I shall dream of dead frogs in unlikely places.

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  11. Just look at all that green! I’m not used to that, and it’s gorgeous! And I loved being introduced to “Dead Frogs.” Now there’s a comment! Ugh! Lovely friends and a wonderful sense of fun and humor. the photos are all story starters. You have a great eye for the interesting. 🙂

    • No “ugh” about this comment… In my eye, it’s just gorgeous. Thank you for visiting and expressing your wonderful thoughts (which all made me very happy).

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